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Bittern class

3 ships

The sloop HMS Enchantress of the Royal Navy.

Technical information

Displacement1190 BRT 
Length266 feet 
Complement125 men 
Armament6 4" AA guns (3x2).
4 .5" AA (1x4).

Enchantress (as designed);
4 4.7" guns. (4x1).
4 .5" AA (1x4). 

Max speed18.75 knots
EnginesGeared turbines, 2 shafts 
Power3300 SHP 
Notes on class 

All ships of the Bittern class

Royal Navy (more on Royal Navy)

HMS Bittern (L 07) Lost on 30 Apr 1940
HMS Enchantress (L 56 / U 56)
HMS Stork (L 81 / U 81)

3 Sloops of the Bittern class. 1 of them was lost.

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Bittern class ships hit by U-boats (1)

12 Nov 1942HMS StorkDamagedU-77

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