Allied Warships

Allied War Losses

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It shows ships destroyed (lost) to all causes during the war.

During the war the Allies (Americans, United Kingdom and Commonwealth, France, Russia, Netherlands, ...) lost more than 1,900 warships to all causes. This listing shows them all.

The Royal Navy Modified Black Swan class sloop HMS Lark. She was lost on 17 Feb 1945.


30 Jun 1941HMAS Waterhen (D 22)DestroyerAdmiralty V & W 
19 Nov 1941HMAS Sydney (D 48)Light cruiserPerth 
27 Nov 1941HMAS Parramatta (L 44 / U 44)SloopGrimsby 


1 Mar 1942HMAS Perth (D 29)Light cruiserPerth 
4 Mar 1942HMAS Yarra (L 77 / U 77)SloopGrimsby 
9 Apr 1942HMAS Vampire (D 68)DestroyerAdmiralty V & W 
16 Jun 1942HMAS Nestor (G 02)DestroyerN 
9 Aug 1942HMAS Canberra (D 33)Heavy cruiserKent 
25 Sep 1942HMAS Voyager (D 31)DestroyerAdmiralty V & W 
1 Dec 1942HMAS Armidale (J 240)MinesweeperBathurst 


7 May 1943HMAS Adele (FY 089)Armed Yacht 
11 Jun 1943HMAS Wallaroo (J 222)MinesweeperBathurst 


14 Aug 1944HMAS ML 430 (ML 430)Motor LaunchFairmile B 
18 Oct 1944HMAS Geelong (J 201)MinesweeperBathurst 
20 Nov 1944HMAS ML 827 (ML 827)Motor LaunchFairmile B 

15 Allied warship losses located.

Losses by navy

Royal Navy (1108)
US Navy (487)
Soviet Navy (138)
French Navy (95)
Royal Dutch Navy (59)
Royal Canadian Navy (31)
Royal Hellenic Navy (26)
Royal Norwegian Navy (23)
Royal Australian Navy (16)
Polish Navy (12)
Royal Indian Navy (12)
Free French Navy (9)
Italian Navy (7)
United States Coast Guard (5)
Brazilian Navy (2)
Royal New Zealand Navy (2)

This page shows all the Allied warships lost during World War Two. The page optionally is divided by navy for more compact listing.

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