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On this site you will find all the German U-boats of both World Wars, their commanding officers and operations including all Allied ships attacked, technological information and much more. You can also browse our large photo gallery and thousands of U-boat books and movies. While hundreds of U-boats were lost some of the boats are preserved as museums today.

We also have a huge section covering the Allied forces and their struggle with the U-boat threat - not to mention the Pacific war. Included there are all the Allied Warships and thousands of Allied Commanding officers from all the major navies (US Navy, Royal Navy, ...) plus technical pages and information on the air forces.

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24 Dec
Happy Holidays!
We wish you and your family have a very Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

2 Oct
U-679 discovered off Estonia
In August 2015 Immi Wallin and her Subzone team discovered the wreck of U-679 off the coast of Estonia. The boat had been sunk by mines and not by depth charges like previously believed.

2 Oct
Ships hit by U-boats crewlist update
Added 819 people on Allied Ships hit by U-boats in WWII. We now have 81,048 people in that database.

31 Jul
Renowned historian Dr. Rohwer passes away
The renowned military historian Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rohwer died on 24 July 2015 at the age of 91. He was the author of over 400 publications, among them the books Chronology of the War at Sea 1939-1945 and Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two.

23 Jul
U-boat commander updates
In a major update Rainer compiled a list of 172 death dates for German U-boat Commanders of WWII. See partial updated list. We also did a few other improvements (estimated/rough date to full date, minor spelling errors for 2 men ...). We often get e-mails asking if a certain commander is still alive today, this should answer some of those. Sadly fewer and fewer are alive today. Of the 268 still with unknown fate the youngest would be 90 years old.

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