Ships hit by U-boats during WWII

Crew lists from ships hit during WWII

Allied Merchant personnel. Service: Canadian Army.

PersonBorn / deadServed on
Abelson, Charles Robert, Canadian Army1918-1942 Caribou +
Amos, Maurice Auguste, Canadian Army1912-1941 Nerissa +
Anson, Lawrence Warton, Canadian Army1912-1941 Nerissa +
Archambault, Victor G., Canadian Army Devis
Arseneau, Daniel, Canadian Army1912-1941 Nerissa +
Ashworth, Victor Lawrence, Canadian Army1920-1941 Nerissa +
Aubin, Etienne Joseph, Canadian Army1917-1941 Nerissa +

Baltus, John Henry, Canadian Army1914-1941 Nerissa +
Barter, George William, Canadian Army-1943 Devis +
Bateman, William Robert, Canadian Army1921-1941 Nerissa +
Bell, Duncan, Canadian Army1900-1941 Nerissa +
Belyea, Graham Stanley, Canadian Army1921-1941 Nerissa +
Belzil, Arthur Romuald, Canadian Army1920-1943 Devis +
Bentley, Owen Newton, Canadian Army1915-1941 Nerissa +
Bilak, John, Canadian Army Nerissa
Boudreau, Joseph, Canadian Army Nerissa
Boulanger, Jean Maurice, Canadian Army1915-1941 Nerissa +
Brookes, Jack, Canadian Army1911-1941 Nerissa +
Brown, George, Canadian Army1922-1941 Nerissa +
Bruce, Vernon G., Canadian Army Nerissa
Buddell, William Frank, Canadian Army1920-1941 Nerissa +
Burness, Kenneth Charles, Canadian Army1894-1941 Nerissa +
Burns, John Anderson, Canadian Army1921-1941 Nerissa +
Butler, H.J., Canadian Army Nerissa

Caldwell, William, Canadian Army1906-1941 Nerissa +
Calvert, George, Canadian Army1912-1941 Nerissa +
Cameron, Robert Laird, Canadian Army1912-1941 Nerissa +
Campbell, Faber Romanus, Canadian Army1921-1941 Nerissa +
Chatwin, George Thomas, Canadian Army1897-1941 Nerissa +
Chisholm, J.V.B., Canadian Army Nerissa
Clarke, Victor, Canadian Army1910-1941 Nerissa +
Cochrane, Cecil Gordon, Canadian Army1916-1942 Caribou +
Cockburn, Lestock Peter, Canadian Army1918 Nerissa
Cockrell, L.P., Canadian Army Nerissa
Coles, Walter Herb, Canadian Army Nerissa
Collins, John Wafer, Canadian Army1914-1941 Nerissa +
Currie, Raymond Victor, Canadian Army Nerissa
Currie, Thomas Aubrey, Canadian Army1915-1942 Caribou +

Davidson, William Alexander, Canadian Army1923-1941 Nerissa +
Denton, Lewis Archer, Canadian Army Nerissa
Diamond, Preston, Canadian Army1903-1942 Caribou +
Doherty, David James, Canadian Army1909-1941 Nerissa +

Edwards, J.R., Canadian Army Nerissa
Edwards, Robert Allan, Canadian Army1922-1941 Nerissa +
Elliot, S., Canadian Army Empire Sailor
Embree, William Hazen, Canadian Army1910-1941 Nerissa +

Falconer, James N., Canadian Army Nerissa
Fawcett, Ronald Thayer, Canadian Army1905-1941 Nerissa +
Fisher, Ivor Franklin, Canadian Army1920-1941 Nerissa +
Fitch, D.C., Canadian Army Nerissa
Francis, Everett Samuel, Canadian Army1921-1942 Caribou +

Gallagher, Conal, Canadian Army Nerissa
Gardner, Douglas Raymond, Canadian Army1915-1941 Nerissa +
Glatt, Harold, Canadian Army1919-1941 Nerissa +

Hamilton, James Sydney, Canadian Army1919-1941 Nerissa +
Harding, Frederick George, Canadian Army1913-1941 Nerissa +
Haritonis, Harold, Canadian Army Nerissa
Harrison, Francis Gordon, Canadian Army1920-1941 Nerissa +
Herrington, George Maxwell, Canadian Army1903-1941 Nerissa +
Hogan, W.L., Canadian Army Nerissa
Holt, J.S., Canadian Army Nerissa

Irvine, Harold Wellington, Canadian Army1919-1941 Nerissa +

Johnstone, Charles James, Canadian Army1904-1941 Nerissa +

Keelan, Gerald Frederick, Canadian Army Nerissa
Kippen, James Wendell, Canadian Army1916-1941 Nerissa +

Leadbetter, John, Canadian Army1908-1941 Nerissa +
Leib, Ernest, Canadian Army1917-1941 Nerissa +
Leng, Calvert William, Canadian Army1915-1941 Nerissa +
Leseize, Henri, Canadian Army1907-1941 Nerissa +
Lock, Stanley Laurence, Canadian Army1921-1941 Nerissa +
Long, Richard Brady, Canadian Army-1941 Nerissa +

MacDonald, Neil Richardson, Canadian Army1916-1941 Nerissa +
MacIntyre, Leo Archisald, Canadian Army1919-1942 Caribou +
Macphee, J.E., Canadian Army Nerissa
Madsen, Clinton Edward, Canadian Army1908-1941 Nerissa +
Mara, John Hugh Francis, Canadian Army Nerissa
Martin, B.A., Canadian Army Nerissa
Maynard, John Robert, Canadian Army1915-1941 Nerissa +
McArthur, G.J., Canadian Army Empire Sailor
McDonald, James Charles Byron, Canadian Army1905-1942 Caribou +
McGovern, Farrell James, Canadian Army1913-1941 Nerissa +
McKay, Wallace Andrew, Canadian Army1915-1941 Nerissa +
McLeod, William John Barry, Canadian Army1908-1941 Nerissa +
Mills, Henry Herbert, Canadian Army1898-1942 Caribou +
Mills, William Robert Neilson, Canadian Army1919-1941 Nerissa +
Mitchell, Thomas Elvin, Canadian Army1921-1941 Nerissa +
Morris, Frederick Earl, Canadian Army1918-1941 Nerissa +
Morrow, George Dixon, Canadian Army1885-1941 Nerissa +
Muir, William Edward, Canadian Army1902-1941 Nerissa +

Nadeau, J.I., Canadian Army Nerissa
Nicholas, Alfred Roland, Canadian Army Nerissa

Ostler, T.R., Canadian Army Empire Sailor

Park, Samuel, Canadian Army1907-1941 Nerissa +
Paul, R.G., Canadian Army Nerissa
Pettit, Howard, Canadian Army1923-1941 Nerissa +
Phillips, Donald Octavius, Canadian Army1916-1941 Nerissa +
Phillips, James Arthur, Canadian Army1923-1941 Nerissa +
Pithart, R.R., Canadian Army Nerissa
Powell, Jack, Canadian Army Nerissa

Robinson, George Louis, Canadian Army1920-1941 Nerissa +
Rose, Lloyd William Alexander, Canadian Army1912-1941 Nerissa +

Saull, J.L., Canadian Army Nerissa
Scanlon, Richard Pirt, Canadian Army1918-1941 Nerissa +
Scharfe, P.E., Canadian Army Nerissa
Shaughnesey, J., Canadian Army1922 Nerissa
Shea, Omar Cornelius, Canadian Army1915-1941 Nerissa +
Shepherd, Laurence Michael, Canadian Army1919-1942 Caribou +
Slater, John Frederick Richard, Canadian Army1917-1941 Nerissa +
Smith, G.C., Canadian Army Nerissa
Starke, Arnold Thomas Francis, Canadian Army1922-1941 Nerissa +
Stojak, Francis, Canadian Army Nerissa
Sullivan, Arthur Adrian, Canadian Army1915-1942 Caribou +
Syvret, Herbert, Canadian Army Nerissa

Taschereau, Ernest, Canadian Army Nerissa
Tillbrook, S.A., Canadian Army Nerissa
Tindall, Everett Walter, Canadian Army1905-1943 St. Essylt +
Tough, William Morgan, Canadian Army1918-1942 Caribou +
Townshend, John Robert, Canadian Army1903-1941 Nerissa +
Trites, James Albert, Canadian Army1909-1941 Nerissa +
Trudel, Jean, Canadian Army1907-1941 Nerissa +
Turner, Clifford Redverse, Canadian Army1920-1941 Nerissa +

Wells, Reginald Lawrence, Canadian Army1910-1941 Nerissa +
Whittaker, Thomas Sidney Edwards, Canadian Army1900-1941 Nerissa +
Whytock, Donald Brown, Canadian Army1910-1943 City of Venice +
Wilkinson, Leslie Angus Cecil, Canadian Army1915-1941 Nerissa +
Wilson, Bill Omar, Canadian Army1917-1941 Nerissa +
Woodworth, R.W., Canadian Army Nerissa

Yeager, David, Canadian Army Nerissa

128 Canadian Army people located. 88 of them died in the war.

(3), A (4036), B (7603), C (6141), D (4218), E (1880), F (2962), G (3984), H (6575), I (571), J (2980), K (3258), L (4259), M (8566), N (2028), O (1575), P (4384), Q (171), R (4138), S (8098), T (3303), U (276), V (1233), W (4878), X (11), Y (462), Z (300), Å (34), Ä (1), Ö (5), Š (3), Ž (1), Ø (70), Þ (7)

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