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Hostile Sea

The U-boat Offensive around the Isle of Man during World War One

By Corkill, Andrian
2013, Adrian Korkill
ISBN 9780954011529
Glossy paperback, 178 pages


From the publisher: This is the story of the events in the seas around the Isle of Man during World War One. In early 1915 Germany declared an unrestricted U-Boat campaign on Allied shipping forcing the British government to censor the British press with regard to all attacks on shipping, a move designed to prevent Germany learning of the true effectiveness of their campaign. As a result of this censorship, which also extended to the newspapers in the Isle of Man, few people today are aware to the extent of the German maritime offensive and the events that unfolded around the Isle of Man in the years between 1915 and 1918. Thirty vessels were sunk and many others narrowly escaped a similar fate after being attacked by U-Boats. Truly shocking was the terrible loss of life with over 400 souls perishing. The events that unfolded around the Isle of Man were a small, but significant part of the overall offensive, which came so very close to starving Britain into submission and winning the war for Germany.

This book will prove invaluable to those interested in local and maritime history, World War One or those investigating a family ancestor involved in the action. The information on wreck sites and how to locate them on the seabed with reliable GPS coordinates also provides the sports diver and boat angler with the premier guide on World War One shipwrecks around the Isle of Man.

You can order it through http://www.hostilesea.com.