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Re: XI-B Revisited - New
Posted by: Rainer Bruns ()
Date: April 29, 2004 10:20AM

Hi All,
You did not think that I would stay away from this subject whenever it is raised, did you? :-))
The websites cited are only a rehash of previously published Trident material. This time only in a less legible form - not pleasing my aging eyes.
Years back, I discussed at length with Ed Michaud this matter, in which he conceeded the sidescan pictures not to be 100 percent conclusive. The problem with their "research"
was their conclusion, that they had an XIb BEFORE they had proof. They have been trying to proove it ever since without any new evidence.
Ed's statement that the USN meanwhile removed the wreck, while he was battling his claim in court, might be true or might not. Either way there is no proof offered, nor is it mentioned in the rehash above. I am not even going to comment on the intel/conspiracy aspect of this story. My only interest for the time being is the identity of the wreck - and boys and girls, it ain't a type XIb!
Cheers, RB

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