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    • 19:05 - Happy New Year!
      Happy New Year from us here at uboat.net! Hopefully lots of updates and changes coming this year :).


    13 November

    • 20:14 - Server outage
      The server farm we're on had a problem yesterday (Saturday) and the machine has been acting strangely since. We're looking into the problem and the site might act oddly (or disappear from time to time) until we solve this. Edit: We seem to have solved this.

    7 September

    • 20:12 - U-576 wreck footage off Cape Hatteras
      Check out this amazing footage of the wreck of U-576, lost with all hands in 1942 off Cape Hatteras on her 5th war patrol.

    25 August 4 August 26 July

    • 22:42 - Big site changes coming up
      Having completed my studies I can now concentrate back on the site in a stronger way. Very soon the server will be completely rebuilt to serve the site even better. The site will also be made more mobile friendly since lot of our visitors are on mobile devices. Just to name a few things :)

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    24 December

    • 11:37 - Happy Holidays!
      We wish you and your family have a very Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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