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27 November

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U-boat Shipyard report

Ordered (0) Laid down (3) Launched (4) Commissioned (3)
No U-boat orders on this date1937: U-41
1941: U-192
1944: U-2364
1941: U-605, U-606
1943: U-321
1944: U-3021
1940: U-150
1941: U-598
1944: U-3512
These are commissioned boats. For more see our Shipyard pages.

Allied Ships hit on this date

 U-boatCommanderName of shipTonsCountryConvoy
 U-48SchultzeGustaf E. Reuter 6,336   sw
 U-103SchützeGlenmoor 4,393   brOB-248
 U-104JürstCharles F. Meyer (d)10,516   brHX-87
 U-104JürstDiplomat 8,240   brHX-88
 U-95SchreiberIrene Maria 1,862   brOB-248
 U-559HeidtmannHMAS Parramatta (L 44) 1,060   au
 U-176DierksenPolydorus 5,922   nlON-145
 U-178IbbekenJeremiah Wadsworth 7,176   am
 U-508StaatsClan Macfadyen 6,191   br
* Unless otherwise noted the ships listed here were sunk. (d) = damaged

See all Allied ships hit by U-boats during WWII.

Attacks on this day


U-764. Aircraft attack, aircraft shot down:
British Wellington bomber HF153 (172 Sqn RAF/O, pilot P/O T.B. Wilkin)

2122hrs, W of Lisbon: While escorting combined convoys SL-140/MKS-31 from its base on the Azores, the Wellington made a Leigh Light attack and was hit by flak after making an initial strafing run. Its subsequent crash was witnessed by U-262 and U-238 which picked up two survivors, F/S Nicolas J. Martin and Sgt Thomas B. Semple. The other five aircrew were lost. Sgt Semple was the radio operator, and later convinced the Germans during his interrogation that Allied aircraft were able to passively locate U-boats by homing in on their radar detection devices. This deception led to the order to U-boats to turn off their Naxos detectors.



U-877. While outbound with surface escorts the boat was attacked by Beaufighters from RAF Sqdn 489. The two depth charges that were dropped caused minor damage, but during the crash dive the boat lost her radar antenna - not a good thing at the start of a patrol. U-877 continued as ordered nonetheless. (Blair, vol 2, page 650)

U-boats lost

1944: U-479 +

51 men died when this U-boat was lost. There were no survivors.
U-boats marked with + were lost with all hands.

- For more information on U-boat losses check out our Fates section.

U-boat Men Lost or Wounded

There were no men lost from U-boats on this date, 27 November.

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Personnel Information

The following men were born on this day:
Fritz Parduhn (1918), Horst Rendtel (1916).

The following men died on this day:
Friedrich-Wilhelm Sons (1944), Jürgen Wattenberg (1995).

See the entire U-boat commander listing showing all U-boat commanders.
We might include more officers (Allied and Axis) at a later date.

U-boat departures and arrivals on 27 November

This section shows the U-boat departures and arrivals from bases on this day of the year. Current country names shown with harbour names. Boats entering port display days at sea during that patrol.


From Kiel, Germany: U-21, U-56


From Lorient, France: U-99

U-boats entering base:
To Kiel, Germany: U-137 (4 days)
To Lorient, France: U-100 (21 days)


From Kiel, Germany: U-131 (lost 21 days later), U-584

U-boats entering base:
To Kirkenes U-578 (9 days)
To Lorient, France: U-85 (43 days)


U-boats entering base:
To La Pallice U-613 (37 days)


From Kiel, Germany: U-471, U-981
From Penang, Malaysia: U-178


U-boats entering base:
To Bergen, Norway: U-1009 (2 days)
To Horten, Norway: U-869 (5 days)

U-boats at sea on 27 November

Boats entering port on this day are not counted, but boats departing for patrol are. (+) indicates the boat was lost during this patrol.


U-21, U-26, U-28, U-29, U-31, U-35 (+), U-38, U-41, U-43, U-47, U-48, U-49, U-53, U-56.
14 boats at sea.


U-29, U-43, U-47, U-52, U-65, U-93, U-94, U-95, U-99, U-101, U-103, U-104 (+), U-123, U-138, U-140.
15 boats at sea.


U-43, U-67, U-68, U-69, U-81, U-95 (+), U-96, U-98, U-105, U-124, U-126, U-129, U-131 (+), U-201, U-205, U-331, U-332, U-372, U-375, U-402, U-431, U-434 (+), U-451, U-453, U-557, U-558, U-559, U-562, U-565, U-572, U-574 (+), U-575, U-584, U-652, U-752, UA.
36 boats at sea.


U-9, U-24, U-43, U-67, U-68, U-77, U-81, U-83, U-84, U-86, U-91, U-92, U-103, U-105, U-106, U-118, U-124, U-126, U-128, U-129, U-130, U-134, U-135, U-154, U-155, U-159, U-160, U-161, U-163, U-172, U-174, U-176, U-177, U-178, U-181, U-183, U-185, U-209, U-211, U-212, U-217, U-221, U-224, U-254 (+), U-262, U-263, U-264, U-332, U-334, U-354, U-373, U-375, U-376, U-378, U-383, U-405, U-439, U-445, U-454, U-455, U-460, U-461, U-462, U-465, U-504, U-505, U-508, U-510, U-511, U-513, U-515, U-518, U-519, U-521, U-522, U-524, U-552, U-553, U-561, U-562, U-564, U-565, U-566, U-569, U-586, U-592, U-600, U-601, U-603, U-604, U-606, U-608, U-610, U-611 (+), U-615, U-617, U-618, U-623, U-624, U-625, U-653, U-657, U-663, U-752, U-753, U-758, UD-3.
107 boats at sea.


U-19, U-20, U-68, U-86 (+), U-92, U-103, U-107, U-129, U-154, U-155, U-170, U-172 (+), U-178, U-190, U-193, U-212, U-214, U-218, U-219, U-223, U-228, U-230, U-238, U-262, U-269, U-277, U-307, U-311, U-333, U-354, U-358, U-360, U-387, U-391 (+), U-407, U-415, U-421, U-424, U-426, U-445, U-453, U-471, U-488, U-510, U-515, U-516, U-518, U-530, U-537, U-541, U-542 (+), U-543, U-544 (+), U-552, U-575, U-586, U-593, U-608, U-616, U-618, U-625, U-629, U-636, U-653, U-667, U-672, U-709, U-713, U-714, U-734, U-741, U-761, U-764, U-801, U-843, U-850 (+), U-962, U-963, U-967, U-969, U-976, U-981.
82 boats at sea.


U-170, U-181, U-195, U-219, U-286, U-293, U-295, U-296, U-297 (+), U-299, U-300, U-310, U-313, U-315, U-318, U-322 (+), U-365 (+), U-387 (+), U-396, U-400 (+), U-475, U-481, U-486, U-510, U-637, U-650, U-668, U-679 (+), U-680, U-772 (+), U-775, U-806, U-862, U-870, U-877 (+), U-958, U-965, U-978, U-979, U-991, U-997, U-1003, U-1053, U-1163, U-1202, U-1209 (+), U-1221, U-1223, U-1227, U-1228, U-1230, U-1231, U-1232.
53 boats at sea.

General Events on 27 November


U-96 rendezvoused with the German tanker and support ship Vessel at 22.03 hrs in the port of Vigo, NW Spain. The boat sailed again at 04.00 hrs.

In the Mediterranean, U-557 saw an enemy submarine periscope and heard her engines, but no attacks occurred.

U-652 received supplies from a support ship in the port of Cadiz during the night.


U-608 ran out of fuel when a storm delayed a refuelling rendezvous. The boat drifted until she was able take on enough fuel from U-521 to reach the milch cow boat U-460 as planned.


U-238 rescued two pilots from a Wellington bomber from 172 Sqdn RAF which had been shot down by U-764.


U-530 was scuttled north-east of Cape Cod, USA, during a US Navy exercise.


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