Allied Warships

Wartime service histories

Below are all Allied Warships that have full wartime service history shown. These histories include patrols, maps and so on.

Name of shipNavyTypeClass
USS Iowa (BB 61) US NavyBattleshipIowa
HMS Prince of Wales (53) Royal NavyBattleshipKing George V
HNMS Tromp Royal Dutch NavyLight cruiserTromp
HMS Amphion (P 439) Royal NavySubmarineA
 HMS Astute (P 447) Royal NavySubmarineA
Apogon (SS-308) US NavySubmarineBalao
Archerfish (SS-311) US NavySubmarineBalao
Aspro (SS-309) US NavySubmarineBalao
Atule (SS-403) US NavySubmarineBalao
Balao (SS-285) US NavySubmarineBalao
Bang (SS-385) US NavySubmarineBalao
Barbel (SS-316) US NavySubmarineBalao
Barbero (SS-317) US NavySubmarineBalao
Batfish (SS-310) US NavySubmarineBalao
Baya (SS-318) US NavySubmarineBalao
Becuna (SS-319) US NavySubmarineBalao
Bergall (SS-320) US NavySubmarineBalao
Besugo (SS-321) US NavySubmarineBalao
Billfish (SS-286) US NavySubmarineBalao
Blackfin (SS-322) US NavySubmarineBalao
Blenny (SS-324) US NavySubmarineBalao
Blower (SS-325) US NavySubmarineBalao
Blueback (SS-326) US NavySubmarineBalao
Boarfish (SS-327) US NavySubmarineBalao
Bowfin (SS-287) US NavySubmarineBalao
Brill (SS-330) US NavySubmarineBalao
Bugara (SS-331) US NavySubmarineBalao
Bullhead (SS-332) US NavySubmarineBalao
Bumper (SS-333) US NavySubmarineBalao
 Cabezon (SS-334) US NavySubmarineBalao
Cabrilla (SS-288) US NavySubmarineBalao
Caiman (SS-323) US NavySubmarineBalao
Capelin (SS-289) US NavySubmarineBalao
Capitaine (SS-336) US NavySubmarineBalao
 Carbonero (SS-337) US NavySubmarineBalao
 Carp (SS-338) US NavySubmarineBalao
Catfish (SS-339) US NavySubmarineBalao
Charr (SS-328) US NavySubmarineBalao
 Chivo (SS-341) US NavySubmarineBalao
 Chopper (SS-342) US NavySubmarineBalao
 Chub (SS-329) US NavySubmarineBalao
Cisco (SS-290) US NavySubmarineBalao
Clamagore (SS-343) US NavySubmarineBalao
 Cobbler (SS-344) US NavySubmarineBalao
 Cochino (SS-345) US NavySubmarineBalao
Corporal (SS-346) US NavySubmarineBalao
Crevalle (SS-291) US NavySubmarineBalao
 Cubera (SS-347) US NavySubmarineBalao
Cusk (SS-348) US NavySubmarineBalao
 Dentuda (SS-335) US NavySubmarineBalao
 Diodon (SS-349) US NavySubmarineBalao
 Dogfish (SS-350) US NavySubmarineBalao
 Entemedor (SS-340) US NavySubmarineBalao
Greenfish (SS-351) US NavySubmarineBalao
Halfbeak (SS-352) US NavySubmarineBalao
Ling (SS-297) US NavySubmarineBalao
Menhaden (SS-377) US NavySubmarineBalao
Roncador (SS-301) US NavySubmarineBalao
Sabalo (SS-302) US NavySubmarineBalao
Dorado (SS-248) US NavySubmarineGato
HNMS K VII Royal Dutch NavySubmarineK V
HNMS K IX (N 39) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineK VIII
HNMS K VIII Royal Dutch NavySubmarineK VIII
HNMS K X Royal Dutch NavySubmarineK VIII
HNMS K XI (N 53) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineK XI
HNMS K XII (N 61) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineK XI
HNMS K XIII Royal Dutch NavySubmarineK XI
HNMS K XIV (N 22) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineK XIV
HNMS K XV (N 24) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineK XIV
 HNMS K XVI Royal Dutch NavySubmarineK XIV
HNMS K XVII Royal Dutch NavySubmarineK XIV
HNMS K XVIII Royal Dutch NavySubmarineK XIV
HMS Oberon (N 21) Royal NavySubmarineO
 HMS Odin (N 84) Royal NavySubmarineO
HMS Olympus (N 35) Royal NavySubmarineO
 HMS Orpheus (i) (N 46) Royal NavySubmarineO
HMS Osiris (N 67) Royal NavySubmarineO
 HMS Oswald (N 58) Royal NavySubmarineO
 HMS Otus (N 92) Royal NavySubmarineO
 HMS Otway (N 51) Royal NavySubmarineO
HMS Oxley (55 P) Royal NavySubmarineO
HNMS O 12 Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 12
HNMS O 13 (N 13) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 12
HNMS O 14 (N 14 / P 14) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 12
HNMS O 15 (N 15 / P 15) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 12
HNMS O 16 Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 16
HNMS O 19 (N 54) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 19
HNMS O 20 Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 19
HNMS O 21 (P 21) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 21
HNMS O 22 (P 22) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 21
HNMS O 23 (P 23) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 21
HNMS O 24 (P 24) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 21
 HNMS O 7 Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 7
 HNMS O 8 Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 8
HNMS O 10 (P 10) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 9
HNMS O 11 Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 9
HNMS O 9 (P 09) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineO 9
 HMS Pandora (N 42) Royal NavySubmarineP
 HMS Parthian (N 75) Royal NavySubmarineP
 HMS Perseus (i) (N 36) Royal NavySubmarineP
HMS Phoenix (N 96) Royal NavySubmarineP
HMS Proteus (N 29) Royal NavySubmarineP
 HMS P 611 (P 611) Royal NavySubmarineP 611
 HMS P 612 (P 612) Royal NavySubmarineP 611
HMS Cachalot (N 83) Royal NavySubmarinePorpoise
 HMS Grampus (N 56) Royal NavySubmarinePorpoise
 HMS Narwhal (N 45) Royal NavySubmarinePorpoise
 HMS Porpoise (N 14) Royal NavySubmarinePorpoise
 HMS Rorqual (N 74) Royal NavySubmarinePorpoise
 HMS Seal (37 M) Royal NavySubmarinePorpoise
 HMS Rainbow (N 16) Royal NavySubmarineR
 HMS Regulus (i) (N 88) Royal NavySubmarineR
 HMS Rover (N 62) Royal NavySubmarineR
 HMS P 511 (P 511) Royal NavySubmarineR-1
 HMS P 514 (P 514) Royal NavySubmarineR-1
 R-1 (SS-78) US NavySubmarineR-1
 R-10 (SS-87) US NavySubmarineR-1
 R-11 (SS-88) US NavySubmarineR-1
 R-13 (SS-90) US NavySubmarineR-1
 R-14 (SS-91) US NavySubmarineR-1
 R-2 (SS-79) US NavySubmarineR-1
 R-20 (SS-97) US NavySubmarineR-1
 R-3 (SS-80) US NavySubmarineR-1
 R-4 (SS-81) US NavySubmarineR-1
 HMS P 222 (P 222) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Safari (P 211) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Saga (P 257) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sahib (P 212) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Salmon (N 65) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sanguine (P 266) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Saracen (P 247) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Satyr (P 214) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sceptre (P 215) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Scorcher (P 258) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Scotsman (P 243) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Scythian (P 237) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sea Devil (P 244) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sea Nymph (P 223) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sea Rover (P 218) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sea Scout (P 253) Royal NavySubmarineS
HMS Seadog (P 216) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Seahorse (98 S) Royal NavySubmarineS
HMS Seawolf (N 47) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Selene (P 254) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Seneschal (P 255) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sentinel (P 256) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Seraph (P 219) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Shakespeare (P 221) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Shalimar (P 242) Royal NavySubmarineS
HMS Shark (i) (N 54) Royal NavySubmarineS
HMS Sibyl (P 217) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sickle (P 224) Royal NavySubmarineS
HMS Sidon (P 259) Royal NavySubmarineS
HMS Simoom (P 225) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sirdar (P 226) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sleuth (P 261) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Snapper (N 39) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Solent (P 262) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Spark (P 236) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Spearfish (N 69) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Spearhead (P 263) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Spirit (P 245) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Spiteful (P 227) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Splendid (P 228) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sportsman (P 229) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Springer (P 264) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Spur (P 265) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Starfish (19 S) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Statesman (P 246) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sterlet (N 22) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Stoic (P 231) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Stonehenge (P 232) Royal NavySubmarineS
HMS Storm (P 233) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Stratagem (P 234) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Strongbow (P 235) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Stubborn (P 238) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sturdy (ii) (P 248) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sturgeon (N 73) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Stygian (P 249) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Subtle (P 251) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Sunfish (N 81) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Supreme (P 252) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Surf (P 239) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Swordfish (N 61) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HMS Syrtis (P 241) Royal NavySubmarineS
 HNMS Zeehond (N 73) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineS
Seadragon (SS-194) US NavySubmarineSargo
Sealion (i) (SS-195) US NavySubmarineSargo
Swordfish (SS-193) US NavySubmarineSargo
 HMS P 311 (P 311) Royal NavySubmarineT
HMS Tabard (P 342) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Taciturn (P 334) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tactician (P 314) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Taku (N 38) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Talent (i) (P 322) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Talent (iii) (P 337) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Talisman (N 78) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tally-Ho (P 317) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tantalus (P 318) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tantivy (P 319) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tapir (P 335) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tarn (P 336) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tarpon (N 17) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Taurus (P 339) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Telemachus (P 321) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tempest (N 86) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Templar (P 316) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Teredo (P 338) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Terrapin (P 323) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tetrarch (N 77) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Thermopylae (P 355) Royal NavySubmarineT
HMS Thistle (N 24) Royal NavySubmarineT
HMS Thorn (N 11) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Thorough (P 324) Royal NavySubmarineT
HMS Thrasher (N 37) Royal NavySubmarineT
HMS Thule (P 325) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Thunderbolt (N 25) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tigris (N 63) Royal NavySubmarineT
HNMS Tijgerhaai (P 336) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tiptoe (P 332) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tireless (P 327) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Token (P 328) Royal NavySubmarineT
HMS Torbay (N 79) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Totem (P 352) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tradewind (P 329) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Traveller (N 48) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Trenchant (P 331) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Trespasser (P 312) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Triad (N 53) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tribune (N 76) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Trident (N 52) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Triton (N 15) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Triumph (i) (N 18) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Trooper (N 91) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Truant (N 68) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Truculent (P 315) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Trump (P 333) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Truncheon (P 353) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Trusty (N 45) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tudor (P 326) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Tuna (N 94) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Turbulent (N 98) Royal NavySubmarineT
 HMS Turpin (P 354) Royal NavySubmarineT
HNMS Zwaardvisch (P 322) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineT
HMS Graph (P 715) Royal NavySubmarineType VIIC
 HNMS Dolfijn (P 47) Royal Dutch NavySubmarineU
 HMS P 32 (P 32) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS P 33 (P 33) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS P 36 (P 36) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS P 38 (P 38) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS P 39 (P 39) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS P 48 (P 48) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HNoMS Ula (P 66) Royal Norwegian NavySubmarineU
 HMS Ultimatum (P 34) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Ultor (P 53) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Umbra (P 35) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Umpire (N 82) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Una (N 87) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Unbeaten (N 93) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Unbending (P 37) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Unbroken (P 42) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Undaunted (i) (N 55) Royal NavySubmarineU
HMS Undine (i) (N 48) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Union (N 56) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Unique (N 95) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Unison (P 43) Royal NavySubmarineU
HMS United (P 44) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Unity (N 66) Royal NavySubmarineU
HMS Unrivalled (P 45) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Unruffled (P 46) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Unseen (P 51) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Unshaken (P 54) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Untamed (P 58) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Upholder (N 99) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Upright (N 89) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Uproar (P 31) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HNoMS Uredd (P 41) Royal Norwegian NavySubmarineU
 HMS Urge (N 17) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Ursula (N 59) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Usk (i) (N 65) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Uther (P 62) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Utmost (N 19) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Vandal (P 64) Royal NavySubmarineU
 HMS Varangian (P 61) Royal NavySubmarineU

284 ships have full wartime service histories.

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