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Balao class

120 ships

The submarine USS Queenfish of the US Navy.

Technical information

Displacement1526 / 2414 BRT 
Length312 feet 
Complement6 + 60 men 
ArmamentTen 21" torpedo tubes, six forward, four aft, 24 torpedoes.
one 4"/50 deck gun.
one 40mm gun.
two .50 cal. machine guns. 
Max speed20.25 / 8.75 kts knots (surfaced/submerged)
EnginesDiesel / Electric 2 shafts 
Power5400 / 2740  (surfaced/submerged)
Notes on classThis class saw extensive service in the Pacific in the war, along with their siblings the Gato-class boats they served as the backbone of the US Submarine Service. 

All ships of the Balao class

US Navy (more on US Navy)

Apogon (SS-308)
Archerfish (SS-311)
Aspro (SS-309)
Atule (SS-403)
Balao (SS-285)
Bang (SS-385)
Barbel (SS-316) Lost on 4 Feb 1945
Barbero (SS-317)
Batfish (SS-310)
Baya (SS-318)
Becuna (SS-319)
Bergall (SS-320)
Besugo (SS-321)
Billfish (SS-286)
Blackfin (SS-322)
Blenny (SS-324)
Blower (SS-325)
Blueback (SS-326)
Boarfish (SS-327)
Bowfin (SS-287)
Brill (SS-330)
Bugara (SS-331)
Bullhead (SS-332) Lost on 6 Aug 1945
Bumper (SS-333)
Burrfish (SS-312)
Cabezon (SS-334)
Cabrilla (SS-288)
Caiman (SS-323)
Capelin (SS-289) Lost on 23 Nov 1943
Capitaine (SS-336)
Carbonero (SS-337)
Carp (SS-338)
Catfish (SS-339)
Charr (SS-328)
Chivo (SS-341)
Chopper (SS-342)
Chub (SS-329)
Cisco (SS-290) Lost on 28 Sep 1943
Clamagore (SS-343)
Cobbler (SS-344)
Cochino (SS-345) Lost on 26 Aug 1949
Corporal (SS-346)
Crevalle (SS-291)
Cubera (SS-347)
Cusk (SS-348)
Dentuda (SS-335)
Devilfish (SS-292)
Diodon (SS-349)
Dogfish (SS-350)
Dragonet (SS-293)
Entemedor (SS-340)
Escolar (SS-294) Lost on Oct 1944
Greenfish (SS-351)
Hackleback (SS-295)
Halfbeak (SS-352)
Hardhead (SS-365)
Hawkbill (SS-366)
Icefish (SS-367)
Jallao (SS-368)
Kete (SS-369) Lost on 20 Mar 1945
Kraken (SS-370)
Lagarto (SS-371) Lost on 3 May 1945
Lamprey (SS-372)
Lancetfish (SS-296)
Ling (SS-297)
Lionfish (SS-298)
Lizardfish (SS-373)
Loggerhead (SS-374)
Macabi (SS-375)
Manta (SS-299)
Mapiro (SS-376)
Menhaden (SS-377)
Mero (SS-378)
Moray (SS-300)
Pampanito (SS-383)
Parche (SS-384)
Perch (ii) (SS-313)
Picuda (SS-382)
Pilotfish (SS-386)
Pintado (SS-387)
Pipefish (SS-388)
Piper (SS-409)
Piranha (SS-389)
Plaice (SS-390)
Pomfret (SS-391)
Queenfish (SS-393)
Razorback (SS-394)
Redfish (SS-395)
Roncador (SS-301)
Ronquil (SS-396)
Sabalo (SS-302)
Sablefish (SS-303)
Sand Lance (SS-381)
Scabbardfish (SS-397)
Sea Cat (SS-399)
Sea Devil (SS-400)
Sea Dog (SS-401)
Sea Fox (SS-402)
Sea Owl (SS-405)
Sea Poacher (SS-406)
Sea Robin (SS-407)
Seahorse (SS-304)
Sealion (ii) (SS-315)
Segundo (SS-398)
Sennet (SS-408)
Shark (ii) (SS-314) Lost on 24 Oct 1944
Skate (SS-305)
Spadefish (SS-411)
Spikefish (SS-404)
Spot (SS-413)
Springer (SS-414)
Sterlet (SS-392)
Stickleback (SS-415) Lost on 28 May 1958
Tang (SS-306) Lost on 24 Oct 1944
Threadfin (SS-410)
Tilefish (SS-307)
Tiru (SS-416)
Trepang (SS-412)
Trumpetfish (SS-425)
Tusk (SS-426)

120 Submarines of the Balao class. 11 of them were lost.

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Fleet Submarines of World War Two

Walkowiak, Thomas F.

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Fleet Submarines of World War Two, Walkowiak, Thomas F., 1988
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