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22 December

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This page is our compilation of data from several different databases. All data shown here is dynamic, but is accurate according to the information we have right now. Although content is still being added daily, more than 75% of the launched and commissioned data is already in place, so this section is almost complete.

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The Shipyard Report

Laid down (26)

1913: Battleship Revenge (06)

1933: Submarine Tarpon (175) - Submarine ShCh-122 - Submarine ShCh-124

1938: Minelayer M 2 (M 34)

1941: Submarine chaser SC-630 (SC-630)

1942: Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-135 (LCI(L)-135) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-135 (LCI(L)-135) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-136 (LCI(L)-136) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-280 (LCI(L)-280) - Submarine Sturdy (ii) (P 248) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-135 (LCI(L)-135) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-136 (LCI(L)-136) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-280 (LCI(L)-280) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-326 (LCI(L)-326) - Patrol craft PCS-1423 (PCS-1423)

1943: Cutter Chautaqua (WPG 41) - Landing craft tank LCT 950 (LCT 950) - Landing craft tank LCT 951 (LCT 951) - Tank landing ship LST 982 (LST 982) - Tank landing ship LST 983 (LST 983) - Destroyer Escort Maurice J. Manuel (DE 351) - Destroyer Purdy (DD 734) - Escort carrier Thetis Bay (CVE 90)

1944: Tank landing ship LST 1045 (LST 1045) - Tank landing ship LST 1060 (LST 1060)

Launched (38)

1937: Minesweeper Franklin (J 84)

1941: Minesweeper Algerine (J 213) - ASW Trawler Inkpen (T 225) - Landing Craft Tank LCT 156 (LCT 156) - Motor minesweeper MMS 114 (J 614) - Submarine Grunion (216) - Minesweeper YMS-58 (YMS-58)

1942: Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-263 (LCI(L)-263) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-264 (LCI(L)-264) - Landing Craft Tank LCT 618 (LCT 618) - Tank landing ship LST 428 (LST 428) - Salvage vessel Salviking - Destroyer Vigilant (R 93) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-264 (LCI(L)-264) - Landing craft tank LCT 397 (LCT 397) - Tank landing ship LST 428 (LST 428) - Motor torpedo boat PT 243 - Motor torpedo boat PT 244 - Motor torpedo boat PT 245

1943: Minesweeper Courier (J 349) - Frigate Hotham (K 583) - Destroyer Escort Dale W. Peterson (DE 337) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-525 (LCI(L)-525) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-526 (LCI(L)-526) - Patrol craft PC-1220 (PC-1220) - Motor torpedo boat PT 465 - Escort carrier Savo Island (CVE 78)

1944: Landing craft support LCS(L)-70 (LCS(L)-70) - Landing craft support LCS(L)-92 (LCS(L)-92) - Landing craft tank LCT 1390 (LCT 1390) - Medium landing ship LSM 288 (LSM 288) - Medium landing ship LSM 340 (LSM 340) - Medium landing ship LSM 453 (LSM 453) - Medium landing ship LSM 454 (LSM 454) - Tank landing ship LST 1115 (LST 1115) - Tank landing ship LST 972 (LST 972)

1945: Destroyer Epperson (DD 719) - Destroyer Ozbourn (DD 846)

Commissioned (47)

1914: Battleship Queen Elizabeth (00)

1916: Torpedo boat Giuseppe Sirtori

1917: MS Trawler Doon (T 35)

1919: Minesweeper Warbler (ARS 11)

1927: Destroyer Euro

1932: Submarine Archimede - Sloop Milford (L 51 / U 51)

1934: Submarine La Sibylle - Destroyer Fearless (H 67)

1941: Boom Defence Vessel Karangi (Z 216) - Motor minesweeper MMS 83 (J 583) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 60 (MTB 60) - MS Trawler Othello (T 76) - Destroyer Hambleton (DD 455)

1942: Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-111 (LCI(L)-111) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-112 (LCI(L)-112) - Landing Craft Tank LCT 613 (LCT 613) - Motor Gun Boat MGB 643 (MGB 643) - Frigate Ness (K 219) - Rescue Tug Oriana (W 117) - Destroyer Foote (ii) (DD 511) - Tank landing ship LST 355 (LST 355) - Tank landing ship LST 356 (LST 356) - Corvette Might (PG-94) - Motor torpedo boat PT 168

1943: Corvette Norsyd (K 520) - Minesweeper Elfreda (J 402) - Escort Carrier Empire Maccallum (MN) - Frigate Rowley (K 560) - Escort Carrier Ruler (D 72) - Motor minesweeper Walcheren (FY 1022) - Oiler Aucilla (AO 56) - Tank landing ship LST 291 (LST 291) - Seaplane tender Onslow (AVP 48)

1944: Harbour Defence Motor Launch HDML 1361 (ML 1361) - Frigate Loch Scavaig (K 648) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 393 (MTB 393) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 794 (MTB 794) - Destroyer Zentih (R 95) - Landing craft support LCS(L)-87 (LCS(L)-87) - Medium landing ship LSM 125 (LSM 125) - Medium landing ship LSM 336 (LSM 336) - Tank landing ship LST 875 (LST 875) - Tank landing ship LST 897 (LST 897) - Light cruiser Oklahoma City (CL 91) - Destroyer Southerland (DD 743) - Destroyer Escort Sutton (DE 771)


Laid down means that the ship's construction was officially started by laying down the keel (often just a single steel beam but could also mean the first of many pre-fabricated sections).

Launched means that the ship was launched from its shipyard, it then began its fitting out period (installation of smaller systems, weapons etc.) - in many yards the ships were launched very complete and needed little work afterwards.

Commissioned is when the navy takes the ship officially over and gives command of it to its new captain.

War Losses on 22 December (4)

1939: MS Trawler Dromio

1940: Destroyer Hyperion (H 97)

1943: Barrage / Gate vessel BV 42

1946: Motor Fishing Vessel MFV 1503 (MFV 1503)

More information on Allied Warships losses.

General Events on 22 December


Submarine HMS Perseus (i): HMS Perseus (Lt.Cdr. P.J.H. Bartlett, RN) conducted exercises off Singapore together with HMS Tenedos (Lt.Cdr. J.O'B. Milner-Barry, RN).

Submarine HMS Grampus: HMS Grampus (Lt.Cdr. C.A. Rowe, RN) ended her 3rd war patrol at Singapore.


Submarine HNMS O 14: HrMs O 14 (Lt.Cdr. H. Tichelman, RNN) arrived at Dundee for a refit. During this refit she received a new battery.

Submarine HMS Pandora: HMS Pandora (Lt.Cdr. J.W. Linton, RN) arrived at Port Said.

Submarine HMS Triumph (i): HMS Triumph (Lt.Cdr. W.J.W. Woods, RN) ended her 8th war patrol at Gibraltar.

Submarine RHS Papanikolis: Papanikolis (Lt.Cdr. Iatridis) sank the Italian sailing vessel Antonietta by ramming about 30 nautical miles east of Brindisi, Puglia, Italy in position 40°40'N, 18°40'E.


Submarine USS Permit: USS Permit (Lt.Cdr. A.M. Hurst) left Manila for her second war patrol. Once again she was ordered to patrol west of Luzon.

Submarine USS Porpoise: After a refit at Olongapo in the Philippines was completed USS Porpoise (Lt.Cdr. Joseph Anthony Callaghan) left base on 22 December 1941 for her first war patrol, and was to patrol the Lingayen Gulf and in the South China Sea off French Indo-China as well.

Submarine HMS Unbeaten: HMS Unbeaten (Lt.Cdr. E.A. Woodward, RN) ended her 15th war patrol (14th in the Mediterranean) at Malta.

Submarine HMS Proteus: HMS Proteus (Lt.Cdr. P.S. Francis, RN) departed Alexandria for her 10th war patrol (9th in the Mediterranean). She was ordered to patrol off the west coast of Greece.

Submarine HMS Thunderbolt: HMS Thunderbolt (Lt.Cdr. C.B. Crouch, DSO, RN) departed from Alexandria for her 10th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol of the West coast of Greece. For the daily positions of HMS Thunderbolt during this patrol see the map below. HMS Thunderbolt 10th war patrolclick here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Torbay: HMS Torbay (Lt.Cdr. A.C.C. Miers, DSO, RN) sank the Greek caique Maria / Kalamos 185 (45 GRT) with gunfire off Cape Methoni. Later that day the folbot was launched again to attack shipping inside Navarin Bay. Once again the attempt fails. After recovering the Folbot party Lt.Cdr. Miers decided to try to torpedo the target from outside the harbour. (All times are zone -2) 1020 hours - While trying to attack the Italian destroyers Strale and Scirocco that had left Navarin Bay a schooner was seen to come down the Methoni Channel. The attack on the destroyers failed due to a sudden change of course by both destroyers. Lt.Cdr. Miers decided to close the schooner to engage it with gunfire but had to wait till the destroyers were out of sight. 1040 hours - Surfaced in position 176° Pylos Light 5.5 nautical miles and sank the schooner with gunfire. 1044 hours - Dived and resumed patrol. 2215 hours - Launched the folbot again to attack shipping inside Navarin Bay. Due to the very calm weather it proved impossible to approach the target without being spotted. The folbot was recovered around 0240 hours the next day.

Submarine HMS Thorn: 0655 hours to 0804 hours (zone -2) - HMS Thorn (Lt.Cdr. R.G. Norfolk, RN) was in position 114°, 12 nautical miles from Cape Drepano when she was depth-charged by two torpedo-boats, one of them similar to Albatros. Five depth-charges were dropped singly, the first was a small depth charge but very close. These torpedo boats belonged to a convoy made up of the Italian merchants Citta di Alessandria (2498 GRT, built 1930), Citta di Agrigento (2480 GRT, built 1930) and Citta di Savona (2500 GRT, built 1930) escorted by the armed merchant cruiser Brioni (1987 GRT, built 1931), the torpedo-boats Lupo, Sirio and Lira and the submarine chaser Drache.

Submarine HMS Uproar: HMS P 31 (Lt. B. Kershaw, RN) ended her 6th war patrol (3rd in the Mediterranean) at Malta.

Submarine HMS P 38: HMS P 38 (Lt. R.J. Hemingway, DSC, RN) ended her 3rd war patrol at Portsmouth.

Submarine USS S-38: USS S-38 (Lt. W.G. Chapple) torpedoed and sank the Japanese transport ship Hayo Maru (5446 GRT, built 1921) in Lingayen Gulf in position 16°00'N, 120°00'E.

Submarine USSR ShCh-403: While on patrol in the Porsangenfjord near Honningsvaag, Norway in position 70°50'N, 26°00'E, at 1818 hours, ShCh-403 fires two torpedoes against ' what is identified as ' a merchant of 10000 GRT and an auxiliary patrol vessel. All torpedoes fired missed their targets. The ship attacked was in fact the small Norwegian merchant Ingøy (327 GRT, offsite link).

Rescue Tug HMS Jaunty: Left Scapa Flow with other British warships to take part in Operation Anklet, the British Commando raid on the Lofoten (northern Norway).


Submarine HNMS K XII: HrMs K XII (Lt.Cdr. T. Brunsting, RNN) is put on the slip at Fremantle.

Submarine HNMS O 23: HrMs O 23 (Lt.Cdr. A.M. Valkenburg, RNN) was docked at Colombo.

Submarine HNMS O 15: HrMs O 15 (Lt. A.J. Schouwenaar, RNN) conducted A/S exercises with HMS Relentless (Lt.Cdr. R.A. Fell, RN) and HMCS Iroquois (Cdr. W.B.L. Holms, RCN).

Submarine USS Greenling: USS Greenling (Lt.Cdr. H.C. Bruton) torpedoed and sank the Japanese Patrol Boat No.35 about 70 nautical miles north-north-east of Kieta, Bougainville in position 05°05'S, 156°04'E.

Submarine USS Trigger: USS Trigger (Lt.Cdr. R.S. Benson) torpedoed and damaged the Japanese merchant cargo ship Yoshu Maru 5711 GRT) south of the entrance to Tokyo Bay, Japan in position 34°52'N, 139°49'E. Also the Japanese merchant cargo ship Teifuku Maru (5198 GRT, former German merchant R.C. Rickmers) hits a mine laid by USS Trigger 2 days ago, and sank about 5 nautical miles north-east of Inubosaki, Japan in position 35°45'N, 140°55'E. I've seen lots of different data on the ships sunk or damaged by USS Trigger in late December 1942 / early January 1943, if the data listed here is not correct in your opinion please submit a user submitted entry.

Submarine HMS Saracen: HMS P 247 (Lt. M.G.R. Lumby, DSC, RN) sighted twice a U-Boat at 2048 hours and 2322 hours. It was the Italian submarine Argento who initially believed the British submarine to be her sister boat Corallo and hesitated to attack. P 247 failed to gain an attacking position.

Submarine HMS Sportsman: HMS P 229 (Lt. R. Gatehouse, DSC, RN) shifted from her builders yard to Sheerness.

Submarine HMS Taku: HMS Taku (Lt. A.J.W. Pitt, RN) heavily damaged the Greek caique (in German service) Niki (150 GRT) with gunfire in the Potidea Channel in position 40°13'N, 23°19'E. (All times are zone -3) 1200 hours - A two-masted caique of about 150 tons was seen leaving the canal. Closed to attack. 1257 hours - Surfaced 1800 yards on the port quarter and opened direct fire. The second shot hit and the occupants jumped overboard (these included German soldiers). 21 rounds were fired for 15 hits. The caique was now on fire. 1303 hours - Dived and withdrew to the South-West. According to German sources Niki was damaged and abandoned, of the 10 German soldiers on board 2 were killed and the other 8 wounded. The wreck was later found drifting and was towed to Salonica.

Submarine HMS United: HMS P 44 (Lt. J.C.Y. Roxburgh, DSC, RN) attacked an escorted enemy merchant vessel with two torpedoes about 20 nautical miles north-west of Marettimo Island. No hits were obtained. (All times are zone -1) 21 December 1942 2326 hours - Sighted smoke bearing 080°. 2353 hours - Identified one merchant vessel escorted by one destroyer 240°. 2357 hours - Dived in position 38°19'N, 11°49'E. This was about 6 nautical miles ahead of the convoy. After diving the enemy's smoke could still be seen through the periscope. 22 December 1942 0015 hours - The merchant vessel was seen to be a medium-seized one of about 4000 tons. One destroyer was 1500 yards ahead and another destroyer was now seen to be astern. Also four E-boats were part of the screen. Enemy course was 240°, speed 7 knots. 0038 hours - When about to fire the last two remaining torpedoes in position from a range of 2000 yards the destroyer that was ahead of the merchant vessel suddenly turned towards and speeded up. She had detected P 44 on her Asdics. P 44 went deep and prepared to fire by asdics. When the order fire was given this was not heard as the destroyer dropped one depth charge right overhead at the same time. The depth charge exploded very close. The two torpedoes were then fired but 14 seconds to late so they missed. Both destroyers then hunted P 44. They dropped 14 depth charges but these were not close.


Submarine USS Seawolf: USS Seawolf (Lt.Cdr. R.L. Gross) departed from Pearl Harbor for her 12th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol in the East China Sea.

Submarine USS Gurnard: USS Gurnard (Lt.Cdr. C.H. Andrews) torpedoed and damaged the cargo ship Haferland go, ex German Havelland (6334 GRT) east of Kashinosaki, Japan in position 33°30'N, 135°57'E. The damaged ship never returns to active service.

Submarine USS Pogy: USS Pogy (Lt.Cdr. R.M. Metcalf) ended her 4th war patrol at Midway.

Submarine HMS Una: HMS Una (T/L. P.S. Thirsk, RNR) arrived at Stornoway to participate in A/S exercises.

Submarine HMS Satyr: HMS Satyr (Lt. T.S. Weston, RN) departed Lerwick for Dundee.

Submarine HMS Sceptre: HMS Sceptre (Lt. I.S. McIntosh, MBE, DSC, RN) departed Holy Loch for Lerwick. She made the passage together with HMS Sea Nymph (Lt. J.P.H. Oakley, DSC, RN). They were escorted by HMS Sardonyx (T/A/Lt.Cdr. E. Playne, RNVR).

Submarine HMS Sea Rover: HMS Sea Rover (Lt. J.P. Angell, RN) departed Gibraltar for Beirut. She makes part of the passage with convoy KMS-35.

Submarine HMS Seraph: HMS Seraph (Lt. N.L.A. Jewell, OBE, RN) departed Falmouth for Portland. She was escorted by FFL Chasseur 41.

Submarine HMS Sea Nymph: HMS Sea Nymph (Lt. J.P.H. Oakley, DSC, RN) departed Holy Loch for Lerwick. She made the passage together with HMS Sceptre (Lt. I.S. McIntosh, MBE, DSC, RN). They were escorted by HMS Sardonyx (T/A/Lt.Cdr. E. Playne, RNVR).

Submarine HMS Syrtis: HMS Syrtis (Lt M.H. Jupp, DSC, RN) departed Lerwick for her 5th war patrol. She was ordered to provide cover for convoy operations to Russia (JW 55 / RA 55). Later in this patrol she was to perform an anti-Uboat patrol. For the daily positions of HMS Satyr during this passage see the map below. HMS Syrtis 5th war patrol click here for bigger map


Submarine USS Swordfish: USS Swordfish (Lt.Cdr. K.E. Montrose) left Pearl Harbor for her 13th war patrol. She was to patrol of Nansei Shoto. On 26 December 1944 she topped off with fuel at Midway. On 2 January 1945, she was ordered to patrol clear of the Nansei Shoto area until completion of scheduled air strikes. She acknowledged receipt of these orders on 3 January. No further communication was received from the submarine. On 15 February, after repeated attempts to contact her by radio had failed, she was reported as presumed lost, the victim of unknown causes.

Submarine USS Silversides: USS Silversides (Lt.Cdr. J.C. Nichols) departed from Midway for her 12th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol in the East China Sea.

Submarine USS Bream: USS Bream (Lt.Cdr. James Lowell Page McCallum) refuels at Exmouth Gulf.

Submarine USS Flasher: USS Flasher (Lt.Cdr. G.W. Grider) torpedoed and sank the Japanese fleet tanker Omurosan Maru (9204 GRT) and the Japanese merchant tankers Otowasan Maru (9204 GRT) and Arita Maru (10238 GRT) in the South China Sea about 250 nautical miles north of Camranh Bay, French Indochina in position 15°07'N, 109°05'E.

Submarine USS Tilefish: USS Tilefish (Lt.Cdr. R.M. Keithly) torpedoed and sank the Japanese torpedo boat Chidori (758 tons, offsite link) south-west of Omaezaki, Japan in position 34°30'N, 138°02'E.

Submarine HMS Seadog: HMS Seadog (Lt. E.A. Hobson, DSC, RN) departed Malta for Port Said.

Submarine HMS Statesman: HMS Statesman (Lt. R.G.P. Bulkeley, RN) conducted exercises off Trincomalee.

Submarine HMS Sturdy (ii): HMS Sturdy (Lt. W.St.G. Anderson, DSC, RNR) is put on the slipway at Fremantle. She was put back in the water late on the same day.

Submarine HMS Sea Scout: HMS Sea Scout (Lt. J.W. Kelly, RN) conducted exercises off Trincomalee.

Submarine HMS Sleuth: HMS Sleuth (Lt. K.H. Martin, RN) departed Loch Ewe for Holy Loch.

Submarine HMS Truculent: HMS Truculent (Lt. E.C. Croswell, DSC, RN) arrived in Delaware Bay, she now proceeds up river towards Philadelphia.

Submarine HMS Tudor: HMS Tudor (Lt. S.A. Porter, DSC, RN) sank a sailing vessel with gunfire of the west coast of Burma in position 13°42'N, 98°05'E. (All times are zone -6,5) 1508 hours - Sighted a two mast schooner that was Northbound. Closed it while dived to attack it with gunfire. The vessel was tacking the coast and just before Tudor was about to surface it anchored off the coast and lowered it sails. She was of similar built to a Chinese timber tongkang. 1608 hours - Surfaced in position 13°42'N, 98°05'E and opened fire with the 4"gun, range 1300 yards. After hitting with the 3rd round paused to allow the crew to abandon ship, which they did not do. As Lt. Porter did not want to wait in this exposed position (shallow water) the shelling now continued until the vessel blew up with a very satisfactory explosion. The vessel was of about 70 tons and was probably carrying cased petrol judging by the flame and the smoke. 11 Rounds in all were fired for 5 hits. 1613 hours - Dived and retired from the scene.

Submarine HMS Terrapin: HMS Terrapin (Lt. R.H.H. Brunner, RN) sank the Japanese Sakura Maru (according to the Chinese survivors) with gunfire in position 03°49'S, 100°42'E. (All times are zone -6.5) 1230 hours - In position 03°51'N, 100°41'E sighted a ship bearing 330°. This ship was reported earlier by HMS Trenchant. Range was about 5 nautical miles. 1300 hours - Started a torpedo attack but this soon had to be abandoned due to the erratic course of the target. 1347 hours - Signalled Trenchant on SST of the intention to surface and attack with the deck gun. Shortly afterwards surfaced and attacked with the deck gun as intended. During the battle machine gun fire from the enemy wounded two men of Terrapins gun crew. 1405 hours - The target sank, after 45 rounds, in position 03°49'N, 100°42'E. Three Chinese survivors were rescued, the Japanese declined to be picked up. Trenchant now closed on the surface and transferred her doctor to treat the wounded. The Chinese survivors identified the ship as Sakura Maru but no details of this ship are known

Submarine HMS Ultimatum: HMS Ultimatum (Lt. W.H. Kett, DSC, RNR) arrived at Sheerness.

Submarine HMS Unswerving: HMS Unswerving (T/Lt. M.D. Tattersall, RNVR) arrived at Alexandria. She was now assigned to training duties.

Submarine USSR L-21: The German merchant Eberhard (749 GRT) hits a mine and sank in position 54°51'N, 17°59'E. The mine was possibly laid on 23 November 1944 by the Russian submarine L-21. Also on this day, L-21 engages a so far unidentified enemy merchant with gunfire 16 nautical miles north of Br?sterort.

Submarine USSR S-4: S-4 attacks a auxiliary patrol vessel with torpedoes off Pillau. All torpedoes fired missed their target.

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