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28 February

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This page is our compilation of data from several different databases. All data shown here is dynamic, but is accurate according to the information we have right now. Although content is still being added daily, more than 75% of the launched and commissioned data is already in place, so this section is almost complete.

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The Shipyard Report

Laid down (32)

1931: Large destroyer Chevalier Paul

1935: Destroyer Chaudiere (H 99) - Destroyer Hereward (H 93) - Destroyer Hero (H 99)

1940: Corvette Arvida (K 113) - Corvette Dahlia (K 59)

1941: Corvette Kitchener (K 225) - Escort destroyer Brissenden (L 79) - Corvette Potentilla (K 214) - Corvette Potentilla (K 214) - Minesweeper Lorikeet (AMc-49) - Motor torpedo boat PT 29

1942: Destroyer Escort Brennan (DE 13) - Destroyer Escort Doherty (DE 14) - Patrol craft PC-600 (PC-600)

1943: Tank landing ship LST 79 (LST 79) - Tank landing ship LST 79 (LST 79) - Destroyer Escort Peterson (DE 152)

1944: Submarine Artemis (P 449) - Landing Craft Tank LCT 1101 (LCT 1101) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-581 (LCI(L)-581) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-745 (LCI(L)-745) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-746 (LCI(L)-746) - Landing craft tank LCT 1012 (LCT 1012) - Landing craft tank LCT 736 (LCT 736) - Medium landing ship LSM 233 (LSM 233) - Medium landing ship LSM 311 (LSM 311) - Tank landing ship LST 562 (LST 562) - Tank landing ship LST 695 (LST 695) - Tank landing ship LST 911 (LST 911) - Motor torpedo boat PT 424

1945: Destroyer Eversole (ii) (DD 789)

Launched (46)

1903: Armed Yacht Lady Vagrant (FY 016)

1914: MS Trawler Lord Darling (FY 1774)

1918: Destroyer Vidette (D 48)

1919: Destroyer Osmond Ingram (AVD 9) - Fleet tug Sunnadin (AT 28)

1929: ASW Trawler Kingston Jacinth (4.45)

1931: Submarine L-1

1940: Battleship Duke of York (17) - Destroyer Depot Ship Tyne (F 24)

1941: Corvette Woodruff (K 53)

1942: Minesweeper BYMS 2021 (J 821) - Destroyer Quadrant (G 11) - Minesweeper Fidelity (AM 96) - Patrol craft PC-487 (PC-487) - Minesweeper YMS-26 (YMS-26)

1943: Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 368 (MTB 368) - Destroyer Bullard (DD 660) - Oiler Cossatot (AO 77) - Destroyer Escort Hill (DE 141) - Destroyer Kidd (DD 661) - Tank landing ship LST 171 (LST 171) - Light fleet carrier Monterey (CVL 26) - Patrol craft PC-1261 (PC-1261) - Submarine Ray (271) - Submarine chaser SC-1310 (SC-1310) - Destroyer Thorn (DD 647) - Destroyer Turner (ii) (DD 648) - Minesweeper YMS-224 (YMS-224) - Motor Torpedo Boat TKA 228

1944: Landing Craft Tank LCT 7045 (LCT 7045) - Minesweeper Sylvia (J 382) - Destroyer Zealous (R 39) - Aircraft Carrier Bennington (CV 20) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-565 (LCI(L)-565) - Landing craft tank LCT 1009 (LCT 1009) - Landing craft tank LCT 672 (LCT 672) - Landing craft tank LCT 784 (LCT 784) - Landing craft tank LCT 989 (LCT 989) - Destroyer Escort Leland E. Thomas (DE 420) - Tank landing ship LST 600 (LST 600) - Tank landing ship LST 687 (LST 687) - Submarine Sea Devil (400)

1945: Destroyer Sluys (R 60) - Dock landing ship Colonial (LSD 18) - Landing craft support LCS(L)-78 (LCS(L)-78) - Medium landing ship LSM 436 (LSM 436)

Commissioned (45)

1920: Destroyer Mason (DD 191)

1936: Submarine Narwhal (N 45)

1939: Boom Defence Vessel Kookaburra

1940: MS Trawler Whitethorn (T 127)

1941: Minesweeper Goulburn (J 167) - Escort destroyer Eridge (L 68) - Escort destroyer Liddesdale (L 100) - Corvette Marigold (K 87) - Destroyer Depot Ship Tyne (F 24) - Escort destroyer Whaddon (L 45)

1942: Submarine Depot Ship Adamant (F 64) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 313 (MTB 313) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 314 (MTB 314) - MS Trawler Sir Galahad (T 226) - Net tender Keokuk (AN 5) - Anti-aircraft cruiser San Juan (CL 54)

1943: Motor minesweeper MMS 1009 (FY 1009) - Motor minesweeper MMS 267 (J 767) - Motor minesweeper MMS 285 (J 785) - Torpedo boat Aliseo - Tank landing ship LST 161 (LST 161)

1944: Corvette Hespeler (K 489) - Frigate Teme (K 458) - Landing Craft Tank LCT 926 (LCT 926) - Minesweeper Change (AM 159) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-422 (LCI(L)-422) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-562 (LCI(L)-562) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-737 (LCI(L)-737) - Tank landing ship LST 520 (LST 520) - Tank landing ship LST 541 (LST 541) - Destroyer Escort Martin H. Ray (DE 338) - Destroyer Moale (DD 693) - Patrol craft PCS-1460 (PCS-1460) - Minesweeper Vigilance (AM 324) - Minesweeper YMS-324 (YMS-324)

1945: Submarine Carp (338) - Destroyer Escort Joseph E. Connolly (DE 450) - Landing craft support LCS(L)-103 (LCS(L)-103) - Medium landing ship LSM 432 (LSM 432) - Medium landing ship LSM 459 (LSM 459) - Medium landing ship LSM 460 (LSM 460) - Tank landing ship LST 1109 (LST 1109) - Tank landing ship LST 1126 (LST 1126) - Minesweeper Reform (AM 286)

1946: Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 527 (MTB 527)


Laid down means that the ship's construction was officially started by laying down the keel (often just a single steel beam but could also mean the first of many pre-fabricated sections).

Launched means that the ship was launched from its shipyard, it then began its fitting out period (installation of smaller systems, weapons etc.) - in many yards the ships were launched very complete and needed little work afterwards.

Commissioned is when the navy takes the ship officially over and gives command of it to its new captain.

War Losses on 28 February (5)

1941: Motor Anti-Submarine Boat MA/SB 3 (MA/SB 3)

1942: Light cruiser De Ruyter - Destroyer Jacob Jones (i) (DD 130)

1943: Motor Gun Boat MGB 79 (MGB 79)

1944: Submarine M-108

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General Events on 28 February


Submarine HNMS O 15: HrMs O 15 (Lt. H.M.L.F.E. van Oostrom Soede, RNN) was docked at Willemstad, Curacao, Dutch West Indies.

Submarine HMS Perseus (i): HMS Perseus (Lt.Cdr. P.J.H. Bartlett, RN) conducted exercises off Singapore together with HMS Stronghold (Lt.Cdr. R. Alexander, RN).

Submarine HMS Proteus: HMS Proteus (Lt.Cdr. R.T. Gordon-Duff, RN) conducted exercises off Hong Kong with and HMS Liverpool (Capt. P.A. Read, RN).

Submarine HMS Regent: HMS Regent (Lt.Cdr. H.C. Browne, RN) departed Singapore for exercises.

Submarine HMS Porpoise: HMS Porpoise (Cdr. P.Q. Roberts, RN) conducted exercises off Portmouth.

Submarine HMS Grampus: HMS Grampus (Lt.Cdr. G.H. Nowell, RN) departed Singapore for several days of exercises off Malacca.

Submarine HMS Triton: HMS Triton (Lt.Cdr. E.F. Pizey, RN) tries to intercept the German blockade breaker Wangoni (7848 GRT, built 1921) between Lister and Kristiansand, Norway in approximate position 57°52'N, 07°07'E. The Wangoni manages to escape. 1430 hours - Sighted a merchant vessel thought to be Wangoni approaching from Lister. The vessel passed Triad at 1500 hours keeping well inside territorial waters. The vessel was now positively identified as Wangoni. She was painted light gray and had taken no steps to disguise herself. Triton continued to shadow Wangoni but she kept close inshore in territorial waters. Triton's speed was not sufficient to overtake her and eventually the chase had to be abandoned.

Submarine HMS Trident: HMS Trident (Lt.Cdr. A.G.L. Seale, RN) departed from Rosyth for her 5th war patrol. She is to patrol off Lister, Norway to intercept the returning German tanker Altmark. For the daily positions of HMS Trident during this patrol see the map below. HMS Trident 5th war patrolclick here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Triad: HMS Triad (Lt.Cdr. E.R.J. Oddie, RN) is docked at Rosyth.


Submarine HMS Utmost: At 1930 hours, HMS Utmost (Lt.Cdr. R.D. Cayley, RN) surfaced in position 35°59'N, 10°34'E (Gulf of Hammamet) and carried out the special mission. This was the first of five missions that Utmost would undertake in Tunisia. Although no official report appears to have survived, there is little doubt that Utmost brought back the lawyer André Mounier with two radio transmitters. The previous month, Mounier had sailed from Tunisia in the sailing vessel Pescadou and reached Malta. He offered his services and those of Commandant Jean Breuillac to organize a resistance network in Tunisia. They were later provided with limpets to sabotage Italian vessels engaged in the phosphate traffic. Upon completion of the special operation she patrolled off the Gulf of Hammamet, although targets were sighted on 2 March they were too far to attack.


Submarine HNMS K XIV: HrMs K XIV (Lt.Cdr. P.A. Mulock van der Vlies Bik, RNN) was ordered to patrol off the Sunda Stait but to proceed to Tandjong Priok (now Batavia) first to fuel and take on board provisions. In the evening K XIV was en-route to Tandjong Priok as ordered when a signal was received about Japanese landings to the east of the place. Course was then set towards Eretan Bay.

Submarine HNMS K XV: During the night of 28 February / 1 March, HrMs K XV (Lt.Cdr. Baron C.W.T. van Boetzelaer, RNN), makes a short call at Tandjong Priok (now Batavia) to take on board fuel. After fuelling course was set towards Bantam Bay to attack the Japanese invasion force.

Submarine HNMS K XI: HrMs K XI (Lt.Cdr. A.H. Deketh, RNN) is undocked.

Submarine HNMS K VIII: HrMs K VIII (Lt.Cdr. M.A.J. Derksema, RNN) is ordered to patrol to the North-West of Surabaya. Despite much serious defects K VIII remained on patrol.

Submarine HNMS K X: HrMs K X (Lt.Cdr. P.G. de Back, RNN) departed Surabaya to patrol off the North Coast of Java near Lasem. During the late afternoon and evening K X is twice detected by Japanese destroyers and depth charged and shelled. Some damage was inflicted on the submarine but the material state of K X was very bad and several leaks occured making depth control very difficult.

Submarine USS Sculpin: USS Sculpin (Lt.Cdr. L.H. Chappell) ended her second war patrol at Exmouth Bay, Australia. After making repairs she continued on to Fremantle.

Submarine HMS Trusty: HMS Trusty (Lt.Cdr. W.D.A. King, DSO, DSC, RN) is detected by a Japanese aircraft North of Batavia, Netherlands East Indies in position 05°45'S, 106°44'E. While diving she is machine gunned.

Submarine HMS Unique: HMS Unique (Lt. A.F. Collett, DSC, RN) was undocked.

Submarine HMS Ultimatum: HMS P 34 (Lt. P.R.H. Harrison, DSC, RN) ended her 8th war patrol (7th in the Mediterranean) at Malta.

Submarine HMS Umbra: HMS P 35 (Lt. S.L.C. Maydon, RN) attacked a medium seized merchant vessel with two torpedoes about 10 nautical miles South-East of Catania, Sicily in position 37°22'N, 15°16'E. No hits were obtained. [The target has not yet been identified.] (All times are zone -2) 0917 hours - Sighted smoke bearing 190°. Set course to intercept. 1012 hours - In position 37°22'N, 15°16'E fired two torpedoes at a 2000 - 3000 tons merchant vessel. Range was 3800 yards. A loud explosion was heard and the torpedoes were not heard to run anymore. The target made a dense cloud of black funnel smoke and made for Catania at increased speed.

Submarine HMS Unbending: HMS P 37 (Lt. H. Winter, RN) ended her 2nd war patrol at Dundee.

Submarine USS S-38: USS S-38 (Lt.Cdr. H.G. Munson) picks up 54 survivors from the British destroyer HMS Electra. On 1 March the survivors were transferred to a surface ship in Madoera Strait. S-38 then continues her patrol.

Destroyer ORP Piorun: The convoy Piorun is escorting was caught by a strong storm. The Polish ship suffered no damage.

Patrol craft USS PE-56: USS PE-56 picks up the survivors from the American destroyer USS Jacob Jones (DD 130) which had been sunk by German U-boat U-578 earlier that day off Cape May.


Submarine USS Plunger: While on her 5th war patrol USS Plunger (Lt.Cdr. Raymond Henry Bass) torpedoed and damaged the Japanese fleet tanker Iro (14050 GRT, built 1922, offsite link) about 130 nautical miles west of Jaluit in position 06°09'N, 167°18'E.

Submarine USS Pompano: USS Pompano (Lt.Cdr. W.M. Thomas) ended her fourth war patrol at Midway.

Submarine USS Flying Fish: USS Flying Fish (Lt.Cdr. G.R. Donaho) ended her 4th war patrol at Pearl Harbor.

Submarine USS Whale: USS Whale (Lt.Cdr. A.C. Burrows) left base for her 3th war patrol. She was to patrol between the Mariana Islands and Japan.

Submarine HMS Splendid: HMS Splendid (Lt. I.L.M. McGeogh, RN) ended her 6th war patrol (5th in the Mediterranean) at Algiers.

Submarine HMS Tribune: HMS Tribune (Lt. S.A. Porter, RN) departed from Algiers for Gibraltar for some repairs that could not be done at Algiers. For the daily positions of HMS Tribune during this passage see the map below. HMS Tribune passage Algiers - Gibraltar and backclick here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Torbay: HMS Torbay (Lt. R.J. Clutterbuck, RN) torpedoed and sank the Italian merchant Ischia (5101 GRT, built 1907) off Portofino, Italy. (All times are zone -1) 1220 hours - Heard H.E. to the North and sighted a merchant vessel of about 5000 ton approach. The vessel was painted grey and had a gun on the poop. She was steering 290° to pass close to Portofino. Range was 16000 yards. An attack was started. 1255 hours - Fired two torpedoes at the ship (one other torpedo was fired in error) from 1000 yards. Both torpedoes hit the target that sunk. Torbay retired from the scene.

Submarine HMS United: During the evening HMS United (Lt. J.C.Y. Roxburgh, DSC, RN) landed a folbot with two of COPP III's party off Gela, Sicily for an inspection of the beach. They succesfully did so and returned later the same evening.

Submarine HMS Universal: HMS Universal (Lt. C. Gordon, RN) conducted exercises off Blyth.

Submarine USS S-28: USS S-28 (Lt. J.D. Crowley) ended her 5th war patrol at Dutch Harbour.


Destroyer USS Laffey (ii): USS Laffey (Cdr. Frederick Julian Becton) departed from Washington to undergo her shakedown training at Bermuda.

Submarine HNMS K XV: HrMs K XV (Lt.Cdr. Baron C.W.T. van Boetzelaer, RNN) ended her 6th war patrol at Fremantle.

Submarine HNMS Zwaardvisch: HrMs Zwaardvisch (Lt.Cdr. H.A.W. Goossens) departed from Lerwick for her 1st war patrol. She is to perform a work-up patrol in the Norwegian Sea. The nature of her patrol is an anti U-boat patrol. For HrMs Zwaardvisch daily positions during this patrol see the map below. HrMs Zwaardvisch 1st war patrolclick here for bigger map

Submarine USS Pollack: After an overhaul USS Pollack (Lt.Cdr. B.E. Lewellen) leaves Pearl Harbor for her 9th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol in the Bonin Islands area.

Submarine USS Balao: USS Balao (Lt.Cdr. C.C. Cole) torpedoed and sank the Japanese army cargo ship Akiura Maru (6803 GRT) and troop transport Shoho Maru (2723 GRT) about 90 nautical miles north-west of Manokwari, New Guinea in position 00°06'N, 132°53'E.

Submarine USS Bowfin: USS Bowfin (Cdr. W.T. Griffith) departed from Fremantle on her 4th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol in the Celebes Sea area.

Submarine USS Crevalle: USS Crevalle (Lt.Cdr. Henry Glass Munson) ended her 2nd war patrol at Fremantle.

Submarine USS Sand Lance: USS Sand Lance (Lt.Cdr. M.E. Garrison) torpedoed and sank the Japanese troop transport Kaiko Maru (3548 GRT) east of Musashi Wan, Paramushiro, Kuril Islands in position 50°20'N, 155°26'E. Sand Lance herself is damaged when she runs aground off Paramushiro. Also her attack periscope is damaged by drift ice.

Submarine HMS Ursula: HMS Ursula (Lt. A.G. Davies, RN) was docked again at Kames Bay.

Submarine HMS Sceptre: HMS Sceptre (Lt. I.S. McIntosh, MBE, DSC, RN) arrived at Lerwick. Later the same day she departed for her 6th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol of Kya, Norway. For the daily and attack positions of HMS Sceptre during this patrol see the map below. HMS Sceptre 6th war patrol click here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Stoic: HMS Stoic (Lt. P.B. Marriot, DSO, RN) arrived at Trincomalee.

Submarine HMS Storm: At 1557 hours (zone -6.5) HMS Storm (T/Lt. E.P. Young, DSC, RNVR) spotted a Japanese submarine in position 06°27'N, 93°55'E. She was however unable to attack. The submarine in question was most likely the Japanese I-165 (offsite link) that had departed Penang for a patrol in the Indian Ocean the day before.

Submarine HMS Stubborn: HMS Stubborn (Lt. A.A. Duff, DSC, RN) is undocked.

Submarine HMS Stygian: HMS Stygian (Lt. A.G. Chandler, RNR) arrived at Holy Loch to begin a period of trials and training.

Submarine HMS Taurus: HMS Taurus (Lt.Cdr. M.R.G. Wingfield, DSO, DSC and Bar, RN) arrived at Trincomalee.

Submarine HMS Templar: HMS Templar (Lt. D.J. Beckley, DSO, RN) arrived at Trincomalee.

Submarine HMS Thorough: HMS Thorough (Lt.Cdr. J.G. Hopkins, RN) departed from her builders yard at Barrow for Holy Loch.

Submarine HMS United: HMS United (Lt. N.R. Wood, RN) conducted exercises off Plymouth.

Submarine HMS Unswerving: During 28 February and 1 March 1944 HMS Unswerving (T/Lt. M.D. Tattersall, RNVR) conducted exercises off Gibraltar. These included night exercises.

Submarine USSR M-62: M-62 fires two torpedoes against a German barge in position 46°01'N, 31°31'E. Both torpedoes missed their target.


Corvette HMCS Moosejaw: HMCS Moosejaw (T/Lt. A. Harvey, RCNR) picks up 6 survivors from the British merchant Norfolk Coast that was torpedoed and sunk by German U-boat U-1302 south-west of Strumble Head in position 51°58'N, 05°25'W.

Submarine HNMS O 24: HrMs O 24 (Lt.Cdr. P.J.S. de Jong, RNN) departed Malta for Port Said.

Submarine HNMS O 15: HrMs O 15 (Lt. R.W. van Lynden, RNN) and HrMs Zeehond (Lt. S.H. de Boer, RNN) both conducted exercises of Dundee. They made pratice attacks on each other.

Submarine USS Tilefish: USS Tilefish (Lt.Cdr. W.F. Schlech, Jr.) sank a small Japanese vessel with gunfire off the Ryukyu Islands in position 29°04'N, 129°39'E.

Submarine USS Toro: USS Toro (Cdr. J.D. Grant) departed from Key West bound for the Panama Canal Zone for further training.

Submarine HMS Seadog: In the evening the search for the last 3 airmen was abandoned and course was set to return to the patrol area.

Submarine HMS Stygian: HMS Stygian (Lt. G.S.C. Clarabut, DSO, RN) was put on the slipway at Fremantle.

Submarine HMS Subtle: HMS Subtle (Lt. B.J.B. Andrew, DSC, RN) conducted exercises off Trincomalee.

Submarine HMS Sea Scout: HMS Sea Scout (Lt. J.W. Kelly, RN) sank two sailing vessels in the Malacca Strait. One with gunfire and the other one with demolition charges. (All times are zone -6.5) 0730 hours - Sighted sail ahead. Closed and investigated a small Chinese junk. Her cargo was mainly soap. The crew were put into their sampan and the junk was sunk with gunfire in position 06°08'N, 99°25'E. 0948 hours - Sighted a sail bearing 115°. 1003 hours - Dived for aircraft. 1107 hours - Surfaced in position 06°01'N, 99°33'E. Closed and boarded a junk. Put the crew into their sampan and sank the junk with demolition charges.

Submarine HMS Telemachus: HMS Telemachus (Cdr. W.D.A. King, DSO and Bar, DSC, RN) arrived at Exmouth Gulf to top off with fuel. She departed from the next day.

Submarine HMS Thorough: HMS Thorough (Lt. A.G. Chandler, RNR) sank two sailing vessels with demolition charges of the west coast of Siam. (All times are zone -6.5) 1310 hours - In position 10°14'N, 98°24'E sighted a large junk bearing 353°, distance 7 nautical miles. The junk was Southbound. Closed at speed. 1340 hours - Opened fire with the 4" gun. After 3 rounds the sails were lowered and the crew were seen to abandon ship in their sampan. Closed the sampan and removed its mast and one of the crew. 1345 hours - Went alongside the junk. Removed the ships papers and a small puppy and placed demolition charges. 1400 hours - The junk blew up and foundered in position 10°22'N, 98°24'E. This was a 50 tons junk that was operating under Japanese control. 1405 hours - Proceeded North to close another 50 tons junk which had already lowered sails. The crew had abandoned ship in their sampan. Took one member of the crew for interrogation. 1505 hours - Proceeded alongside the junk. Removed the ships papers and placed demolition charges. 1520 hours - The junk blew up and foundered in position 10°51'N, 98°24'E. This junk was also Southbound and under Japanese control.

Submarine HMS Taciturn: HMS Taciturn (Lt.Cdr. E.T. Stanley, DSO, DSC, RN) arrived at Gibraltar.

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