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26 October

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This page is our compilation of data from several different databases. All data shown here is dynamic, but is accurate according to the information we have right now. Although content is still being added daily, more than 75% of the launched and commissioned data is already in place, so this section is almost complete.

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The Shipyard Report

Laid down (50)

1912: Battleship Oklahoma (BB 37)

1915: Monitor Terror (I 03)

1918: Submarine Jastrzab (P 551) - Submarine S-25 (130)

1937: Light cruiser Dido (37)

1939: Corvette Anemone (K 48) - Corvette Campanula (K 18) - Corvette Crocus (K 49) - Corvette Honeysuckle (K 27) - Seaplane tender Barnegat (AVP 10)

1940: MS Trawler Hildasay (T 173)

1942: Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-127 (LCI(L)-127) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-262 (LCI(L)-262) - Minesweeper BYMS 2149 (J 949) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-262 (LCI(L)-262) - Landing Craft Tank LCT 615 (LCT 615) - Submarine Thorough (P 324) - Minesweeper Lance (AM 257) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-127 (LCI(L)-127) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-225 (LCI(L)-225) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-262 (LCI(L)-262) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-344 (LCI(L)-344) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-39 (LCI(L)-39) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-40 (LCI(L)-40) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-88 (LCI(L)-88) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-89 (LCI(L)-89) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-90 (LCI(L)-90) - Landing craft tank LCT 171 (LCT 171) - Tank landing ship LST 470 (LST 470) - Patrol craft PC-1222 (PC-1222) - Salvage vessel Preserver (ARS 8) - Motor torpedo boat PT 225 - Motor torpedo boat PT 243 - Light fleet carrier San Jacinto (CVL 30) - Salvage vessel Shackle (ARS 9) - Light cruiser Vicksburg (CL 86) - Minesweeper YMS-149 (YMS-149) - Minesweeper YMS-307 (YMS-307)

1943: Destroyer Croziers (R 27) - Submarine Thermopylae (P 355) - Minesweeper Inflict (AM 251) - Landing craft tank LCT 594 (LCT 594) - Patrol craft PC-822 (PC-822) - Motor torpedo boat PT 418

1944: Tank landing ship LST 3512 (LST 3512) - MS Trawler Trodday (T 431) - Oiler Allagash (AO 97) - Landing craft support LCS(L)-117 (LCS(L)-117) - Medium landing ship LSM 347 (LSM 347) - Motor torpedo boat PT 590

Launched (37)

1901: MS Trawler Loch Rannock (FY 779)

1916: MS Trawler Powis Castle (FY 874) - Minesweeper RD 6

1918: Submarine P 552 (P 552) - Destroyer Wallace (L 64) - Submarine R-4 (81) - Submarine S-1 (105)

1935: Light cruiser Montcalm

1938: Destroyer Epee

1941: Motor minesweeper MMS 127 (J 627) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 322 (MTB 322)

1942: Minesweeper Chamois (J 28) - Minesweeper Chance (J 340) - Tug Energy (W 101) - ASW Trawler Lancer (T 335) - Landing Craft Tank LCT 548 (LCT 548) - Tank landing ship LST 363 (LST 363) - Tank landing ship LST 364 (LST 364) - Rescue Tug Saucy (ii) (W 131) - MS Trawler Sir Kay (T 241) - Submarine Templar (P 316) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-27 (LCI(L)-27) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-28 (LCI(L)-28) - Landing craft tank LCT 493 (LCT 493) - Tank landing ship LST 363 (LST 363) - Tank landing ship LST 364 (LST 364) - Tank landing ship LST 458 (LST 458) - Minesweeper YMS-200 (YMS-200)

1943: Landing Craft Tank LCT 1065 (LCT 1065) - Minesweeper Recruit (J 298) - Landing craft tank LCT 592 (LCT 592)

1944: Repair Ship Mull of Galloway (F 26) - Landing craft support LCS(L)-114 (LCS(L)-114) - Landing craft tank LCT 1397 (LCT 1397) - Landing craft tank LCT 1456 (LCT 1456) - Landing craft tank LCT 1457 (LCT 1457)

1945: Landing Craft Tank LCT 4003 (LCT 4003)

Commissioned (46)

1918: Submarine R-20 (97)

1919: Patrol craft PE-56 (PE-56)

1921: Cutter Haida (WPG 45)

1936: Submarine O 16

1939: Destroyer Kashmir (F 12) - Minelayer M 1 (M 19)

1940: Motor Launch ML 117 (ML 117) - Submarine Thunderbolt (N 25)

1942: Minesweeper Esquimalt (J 272) - Motor Launch ML 086 (ML 086) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-162 (LCI(L)-162) - Landing craft tank LCT 298 (LCT 298) - Landing craft tank LCT 316 (LCT 316) - Patrol craft PC-591 (PC-591) - Patrol craft PC-611 (PC-611) - Patrol craft PC-626 (PC-626) - Submarine chaser SC-661 (SC-661)

1943: Corvette Frontenac (K 335) - Minesweeper BYMS 2264 (J 1064) - Minesweeper Tattoo (J 374) - Destroyer Escort Menges (DE 320) - Motor torpedo boat PT 298 - Motor torpedo boat PT 299 - Motor torpedo boat PT 555 - Submarine Rock (274)

1944: Corvette Lachute (K 440) - Tank landing ship LST 280 (LST 280) - Motor Torpedo Boat S 9 (MTB 428) - Submarine Brill (330) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-882 (LCI(L)-882) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-883 (LCI(L)-883) - Landing craft support LCS(L)-109 (LCS(L)-109) - Landing craft support LCS(L)-42 (LCS(L)-42) - Medium landing ship LSM 230 (LSM 230) - Medium landing ship LSM 244 (LSM 244) - Tank landing ship LST 649 (LST 649) - Tank landing ship LST 798 (LST 798) - Tank landing ship LST 885 (LST 885) - Minesweeper YMS-413 (YMS-413)

1945: Destroyer Napier (G 97) - Motor torpedo boat PT 796 - Destroyer Richard B. Anderson (DD 786)

1946: Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 522 (MTB 522) - Destroyer Nerissa (G 65) - Destroyer Robert H. McCard (DD 822)

1949: Submarine Grampus (ii) (523)


Laid down means that the ship's construction was officially started by laying down the keel (often just a single steel beam but could also mean the first of many pre-fabricated sections).

Launched means that the ship was launched from its shipyard, it then began its fitting out period (installation of smaller systems, weapons etc.) - in many yards the ships were launched very complete and needed little work afterwards.

Commissioned is when the navy takes the ship officially over and gives command of it to its new captain.

War Losses on 26 October (6)

1942: Destroyer Porter (i) (DD 356) - Submarine ShCh-308

1943: Motor Launch ML 579 (ML 579) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 669 (MTB 669) - Tug Tien Hsing

1944: Corvette Rose (K 102)

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General Events on 26 October


Submarine HMS Narwhal: HMS Narwhal (Lt.Cdr. E.R.J. Oddie, RN) conducted exercises off Portland.


Submarine HMS Ursula: At 1630 hours (zone -1), in position 46°38'N, 10°20'W, HMS Ursula (Lt. A.J. Mackenzie, RN) was at periscope depth when a submarine was observed suddenly at a distance of only 100 yards. Ursula surfaced for gun action but the weather was too rough to man the gun and the submarine disappeared from view. This was either the Italian Maggiore Barraca or Alpino Bagnolini sailing out for a patrol. Neither reported this encounter.

Destroyer ORP Burza: Burza (Lt.Cdr. Pitulko) was ordered to rescue survivors from the British troop ship Empress of Britain which had been heavily damaged by bombs. The Polish destroyer picked up 254 men.

Destroyer ORP Blyskawica: Blyskawica collided with a freighter. There were no casualties, but the destroyer had to be repaired.


Submarine HMS Proteus: HMS Proteus (Lt.Cdr. P.S. Francis, RN) departed Alexandria for her 8th war patrol (7th in the Mediterranean). She was ordered to patrol in the Aegean, Gulf of Athens area.

Submarine HMS Rorqual: HMS Rorqual (Lt. L.W. Napier, RN) ended her 19th war patrol (16th in the Mediterranean) at Gibraltar.

Submarine HMS Tetrarch: HMS Tetrarch (Lt.Cdr. G.H. Greenway, RN) departed Malta for Gibraltar. She was to proceed to the U.S.A. for refit, via Gibraltar and the U.K.

Submarine HMS Utmost: At 0245 hours HMS Utmost (Lt. J.D. Martin, RN) completed her special operation in the Gulf of Hammamet. This was probably to land stores for the remnants of the Breuillac resistance network. After sabotaging a couple of Italian ships, one of the saboteurs was captured and talked. Mounier had been forced to flee to Malta but was killed on his return trip when his plane (a captured Heinkel 115) crashed. The folbot sank as it was returning but the crew managed to swim to the submarine.

Submarine USSR M-35: M-35 attacks a group of barges with gunfire off Sulina, Romania. The German barge SF 25 (140 GRT) is sunk and the German barge SF 36 (140 GRT) is heavily damaged and driven ashore.

Destroyer ORP Garland: The Polish destroyers Piorun and Garland reach Halifax, Canada with the convoy they are escorting.

Destroyer ORP Piorun: The Polish destroyers Piorun and Garland reach Halifax, Canada with the convoy they are escorting.


Submarine USS Trout: USS Trout (Lt.Cdr. L.P. Ramage) departed from Brisbane for her 6th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol in the Solomons Islands area.

Submarine USS Sculpin: USS Sculpin (Lt.Cdr. L.H. Chappell) ended her 5th war patrol at Brisbane.

Submarine USS Snapper: USS Snapper (Lt.Cdr. H.E. Baker) ended her 4th and yet another unproductive war patrol at Fremantle. Two more unproductive war patrols followed before Snapper was overhauled.

Submarine USS Sunfish: With her trials and initial training completed USS Sunfish (Lt.Cdr. R.W. Peterson) departed from San Francisco bound for Pearl Harbor.

Submarine HMS Parthian: HMS Parthian (Lt.Cdr. D. St. Clair-Ford, RN) departed Beirut for Malta. This was her 5th storage trip.

Submarine HMS Sahib: HMS P 212 (Lt. J.H. Bromage, DSC, RN) ended her 4th war patrol (3rd in the Mediterranean) at Malta. She was swept in by the British minesweeper HMS Hebe (Lt.Cdr. G. Mowatt, RD, RNR).

Submarine HMS Taku: HMS Taku (Lt. A.J.W. Pitt, RN) torpedoed and sank the Italian tanker Arca (2238 GRT) south-west of Chios, Greece in position 38°04'N, 25°27'E. (All times are zone -3) 0740 hours - In position 38°04'N, 25°27'E sighted escort vessel (This was the Italian destroyer Quintino Sella) through the periscope. 0750 hours - Sighted the tanker well inshore of the escort and difficult to distinguish against the land. 0804 hours - Fired four torpedoes from 4000 yards. Went to 70 feet. 3min28sec after firing the first torpedo heard one explosion. Followed by two more explosions thought to be depth charges. 0814 hours - Came to periscope depth and saw that the tanker had been hit forward and that the foremast had fallen. She was down by the bows. Her boats were away and the escort vessel had gone off to the South. Started to get in position to put a 2nd torpedo into the target if needed. 0839 hours - While at 50 feet heard breaking up noises and on return to periscope depth it was noted that she indeed had sunk. 0846 hours - An aircraft arrived at the scene so went to 70 feet. Set course to the East to clear the area.

Submarine HMS Traveller: HMS Traveller (Lt. M.B. St. John, RN) ended her 4th war patrol at Port Said. She is almost immediately put into dry-dock.

Submarine USS S-31: USS S-31 (Lt. R.F. Sellars) torpedoed and sank the Japanese transport ship Keizan Maru (2864 BRT) off Paramushiro, Kurils in position 50°10'N, 155°36'E.

Submarine USS S-35: USS S-35 (Lt. H.S. Monroe) departed from Dutch Harbour for her 4th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol between the Kuriles and the western Aleutians.

Submarine USSR ShCh-207: Shch-207 fires two torpedoes against the German auxiliary submarine chaser UJ 116/Xanten west of Sulina, Romania in position 45°02'N, 30°28'E. Both torpedoes missed their target.

Submarine USSR ShCh-307: ShCh-307 torpedoed and sank the Finnish merchant Betty H. (2478 GRT) south of Aland in position 59°54'N, 19°45'E.

Submarine USSR ShCh-406: While operating north of Danzig Bay, ShCh-406 torpedoed and sank the fishing vessel Mercator (119 GRT).

Aircraft carrier USS Enterprise: Japanese carrier Shokaku was heavily damaged by planes from Enterprise (six bomb hits). Enterprise was attacked too. She was hit by three bombs, but avoided 25 torpedoed (!) 26 of attacking airplanes were shot down due to heavy and accurate AA gunfire from Enterprise and South Dakota battleship.

Destroyer HMS Decoy: HMS Decoy (Lt.Cdr. G.I.M. Balfour, RN) picks up 16 survivors from the American merchant Steel Navigator that was torpedoed and sunk on 19 October 1942 by German U-boat U-610 in the North Atlantic in position 49°45'N, 31°20'W.


Submarine HNMS O 15: HrMs O 15 (Lt.Cdr. A.J. Schouwenaar, RNN) was undocked.

Submarine USS Pogy: USS Pogy (Lt.Cdr. G.H. Wales) ended her 3rd war patrol at Pearl Harbor.

Submarine USS Bowfin: Lt.Cdr. Walter Thomas Griffith takes over the command of USS Bowfin from Cdr. Joseph Harris Willingham.

Submarine HMS Sibyl: HMS Sibyl (Lt. E.J.D. Turner, DSO, DSC, RN) departed Malta for Beirut. For the daily positions of HMS Sibyl during this passage see the map below. HMS Sibyl passage Malta - Beirut click here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Sea Rover: HMS Sea Rover (Lt. J.P. Angell, RN) arrived at Holy Loch.

Submarine HMS Shakespeare: HMS Shakespeare (Lt. M.F.R. Ainslie, DSO, DSC, RN) sank the Greek sailing vessel SYR 404 / Aghios Konstantinos (22 GRT) in position 38°06'N, 25°22'E. (All times are zone -3) 1720 hours - Sighted a large two-masted caique bound for Khios. Decided to remain dived in the hope of bigger prey. If nothing came we could then surface and chase the caique. 1940 hours - Surfaced and proceeded to intercept the caique. 2055 hours - Sank the caique with gunfire.

Submarine HMS Sportsman: HMS Sportsman (Lt. R. Gatehouse, DSC, RN) departed Malta for Beirut. For the daily positions of HMS Sportsman during this passage see the map below. HMS Sportsman passage Malta - Beirut click here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Tactician: From 26 to 28 October 1943 HMS Tactician (Lt.Cdr. A.F. Collett, DSC, RN) carries out special operation MISSIVE I. [so far no details about the operation, the first appears to have been a reconnaissance of the NW coast of Pulo Langkawi, the second may have been a contact with a sampan but it is just a guess].

Submarine HMS Tally-Ho: HMS Tally-Ho (Lt.Cdr. L.W.A. Bennington, DSO, DSC, RN) departed from Colombo for her 4th war patrol (1st in the far east). She was ordered to patrol in the Malacca Straits. For the daily and attack positions of HMS Tally-Ho during this patrol see the map below. HMS Tally-Ho 4th war patrolclick here for bigger map


Destroyer USS Lowry: USS Lowry departed from San Pedro, California bound for Pearl Harbor.

Submarine USS Drum: USS Drum (Lt.Cdr. M.H. Rindskopf) torpedoed and damaged the Japanese transport Tatsura Maru (6420 GRT) in position 19°00'N, 120°45'E, and sank the Japanese merchant passenger/cargo ship Taisho Maru (6886 GRT) and cargo ship Taihaku Maru (6061 GRT) north of Luzon in position 19°21'N, 120°50'E.

Submarine USS Redfin: USS Redfin (Lt.Cdr. M.H. Austin) departed from Fremantle for her 5th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol in the South China Sea.

Submarine USS Rock: USS Rock (Cdr. J.J. Flachsenhar) torpedoed and sank the Japanese merchant tanker Takasago Maru No.7 (834 GRT) near Balabac Strait in position 10°18'N, 117°47'E.

Submarine USS Barbero: USS Barbero (Lt.Cdr. I.S. Hartman) departed from Fremantle for her 2nd war patrol. She was ordered to patrol in the South China Sea.

Submarine USS Icefish: USS Icefish (Cdr. R.W. Peterson) torpedoed and sank the Japanese merchant cargo ship Taiyo Maru (4168 GRT) in the South China Sea west of Luzon Strait in position 19°04'N, 120°36'E.

Submarine HMS Satyr: HMS Satyr (Lt. T.S. Weston, DSO, DSC, RN) arrived at Lerwick She departed later the same day for her 13th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol off South-West, Norway. For the daily positions of HMS Satyr during this patrol see the map below. HMS Satyr 13th war patrol click here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Shalimar: HMS Shalimar (Lt. W.G. Meeke, DSC, MBE, RN) was depth charged while trying to attack an escorted merchant vessel that was leaving Port Blair. No damage was done to Shalimar but the attack had to be broken off. (All times are zone -6.5) 1528 hours - Sighted a small merchant ship of about 700 tons leaving Port Blair bearing 265°. Range was 6000 yards. She was escorted by a motor launch. A submarine chaser was laying stopped about one mile to the North. 1539 hours - Range was now 3500 yards. The motor launch was weaving in front of the ship while the chaser remained stopped to the Northward. Enemy course was 095°. Started attack. 1546 hours - Range was now 1100 yards. 1548 hours - Range was now 650 yards and Lt. Meeke was about to fire torpedoes when the ship suddenly altered towards and dropped four depth charges. The attack was immediately broken off and Shalimar went deep to 300 feet. In all seven explosions thought to be depth charges were heard but none were very close. 1627 hours - No more HE could be heard. 1700 hours - Returned to periscope depth. Nothing in sight.

Submarine HMS Spirit: HMS Spirit (Lt. A.A. Catlow, RN) conducted exercises off Trincomalee.

Submarine HMS Sea Scout: HMS Sea Scout (Lt. J.W. Kelly, RN) arrived at Gibraltar.

Submarine HMS Thrasher: HMS Thrasher (Lt.Cdr. M.F.R. Ainslie, DSO, DSC, RN) arrived at Gibraltar.

Submarine HMS Trusty: HMS Trusty (Lt. J.P. Fyfe, RN) arrived at Dundee.

Submarine HMS Tantivy: HMS Tantivy (Lt. H.S. May, RN) damaged a coaster off Sangean Island in position 08°15'S, 119°10'E. (All times are zone -8) 0608 hours - Sighted a coaster steering north-west from Banta Island, range 12000 yards. Closed at 14 knots. The coaster was seen to alter course to the west to pass through the channel between Sangean Island and Naru Point. Tantivy kept dead astern of the coaster with the rising sun behind them 0713 hours - It was decided to fire two torpedoes against the target. In position 08°16'S, 119°09'5"E fired tube 5. This torpedo immediately turned hard to starboard and passed close under the stern. Went to full speed to get out of the way as soon as possible. After 15 minutes turned our attention to the coaster again 0737 hours - In position 08°15'S, 119°10'E fired a torpedo from no.7 tube. This torpedo also malfunctioned and exploded 300 yards away. This also made the coaster decide that Tantivy was up to no good. He opened fire with a 12 pounder gun and two heavy machine guns. Fire was quite accurately. Tantivy made off at full speed but after about a minute turned towards now opening fire with her deck gun. 20 rounds were fired with four with (with two on the waterline) before ammunition ran out. The Oerlikon also jammed at the same moment. The coaster ran towards the shore and beached herself on Sangean Island. Her stern had settled down. The action had to be broken off until the Oerlikon was repaired as the coaster was still firing with their guns. The barrel of the Oerlikon had to be replaced 0847 hours - Dived for an aircraft. It was now decided to return to Fremantle as we were out of ammunition for the deck gun and the torpedoes proved to be unreliable. Set course for Lombok Strait 1712 hours - Surfaced and completed changing the barrel of the Oerlikon.

Submarine HMS Ultimatum: HMS Ultimatum (Lt. W.H. Kett, DSC, RNR) conducted exercises off Portsmouth.

Submarine USSR D-2 / Narodovolyets: At 1254 hours D-2 fires two torpedoes at what is identified as 'a merchant of 5000+ GRT' 8 miles west of Pape, Latvia. The torpedoes however missed their target.

Submarine USSR L-3: At 1011 hours L-3 fires two torpedoes at what is identified as a auxiliary patrol vessel 6 nautical miles north-west of Polangen, Lithuania. The torpedoes miss their (so far unidentified) target.

Frigate HMS Manners: The Norwegian corvette Rose was rammed and sunk in the North Atlantic in position 45°50'N, 40°15'W by the British frigate HMS Manners


Submarine HMS Trident: HMS Trident (Lt. A.R. Profit, DSC, RN) arrived at Portsmouth.

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