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19 April

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This page is our compilation of data from several different databases. All data shown here is dynamic, but is accurate according to the information we have right now. Although content is still being added daily, more than 75% of the launched and commissioned data is already in place, so this section is almost complete.

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The Shipyard Report

Laid down (35)

1917: Submarine H 31 (N 31)

1929: Minesweeper C

1933: Submarine M-7

1936: Submarine Alagi

1939: Light cruiser Scylla (98)

1940: Minesweeper Ballarat (J 184)

1941: Minesweeper Shippigan (J 212) - Destroyer Velite - Submarine chaser SC-532 (SC-532)

1942: Minesweeper YMS-208 (YMS-208)

1943: Frigate Balfour (K 464) - Landing Craft Tank LCT 665 (LCT 665) - Landing Craft Tank LCT 679 (LCT 679) - Seaplane tender Barataria (AVP 33) - Destroyer Marshall (DD 676) - Destroyer Escort Rhodes (DE 384) - Destroyer Escort Richey (DE 385) - Submarine chaser SC-1287 (SC-1287) - Submarine chaser SC-1480 (SC-1480) - Escort carrier Solomons (CVE 67)

1944: Minesweeper Marvel (J 443) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-1000 (LCI(L)-1000) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-1002 (LCI(L)-1002) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-615 (LCI(L)-615) - Landing craft tank LCT 1052 (LCT 1052) - Landing craft tank LCT 1053 (LCT 1053) - Landing craft tank LCT 1054 (LCT 1054) - Landing craft tank LCT 1075 (LCT 1075) - Landing craft tank LCT 692 (LCT 692) - Landing craft tank LCT 761 (LCT 761) - Medium landing ship LSM 240 (LSM 240) - Tank landing ship LST 631 (LST 631) - Motor torpedo boat PT 482

1945: High speed transport Francovich (APD 116) - Motor torpedo boat PT 621

Launched (44)

1909: Battleship Sao Paulo

1917: MS Trawler Ouse (T 80)

1919: Destroyer Beverley (H 64) - Light cruiser Diomede (D 92) - Destroyer Branch (DD 197) - Destroyer tender Denebola (AD 12)

1921: Cutter Haida (WPG 45) - Cutter Tampa (WPG 48)

1923: Armed Merchant Cruiser Maloja (F 26)

1928: Large destroyer Guepard

1929: Minesweeper A

1932: Sloop Falmouth (L 34 / U 34)

1933: Submarine ShCh-102

1939: Minesweeper La Capricieuse - Minesweeper La Moqueuse - Light cruiser Bonaventure (31)

1940: Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 274 (MTB 274) - Motor torpedo boat PT 4

1941: Oiler Kennebec (AO 36) - Minesweeper Lorikeet (AMc-49)

1942: Minesweeper Tumult (AM 127) - Minesweeper YMS-106 (YMS-106)

1943: Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 291 (MTB 291) - Landing Craft Tank LCT 712 (LCT 712) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 291 (MTB 291) - Heavy cruiser Canberra (CA 70) - Minesweeper Devasator (AM 318) - Escort carrier Liscome Bay (CVE 56) - Tank landing ship LST 28 (LST 28) - Patrol craft PC-1138 (PC-1138) - Patrol craft PC-1263 (PC-1263) - Motor torpedo boat PT 335 - Submarine chaser SC-1272 (SC-1272) - Submarine chaser SC-1329 (SC-1329) - Submarine chaser SC-1330 (SC-1330)

1944: Minesweeper Jaseur (J 428) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-597 (LCI(L)-597) - Landing craft tank LCT 1049 (LCT 1049) - Landing craft tank LCT 746 (LCT 746) - Landing craft tank LCT 747 (LCT 747) - Landing craft tank LCT 829 (LCT 829) - Tank landing ship LST 743 (LST 743) - Patrol craft PC-1564 (PC-1564)

1945: Motor torpedo boat PT 659

Commissioned (40)

1921: Destroyer Paul Jones (DD 230)

1924: Light cruiser Trenton (CL 11)

1927: Patrol vessel Morris (WPC 147) - Patrol vessel Nemaha (WPC 148)

1935: Destroyer Monaghan (DD 354)

1939: Boom defence vessel Barcroft (Z 22)

1940: MS Trawler Hickory (T 116) - River gunboat Mosquito (T 94) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 67 (MTB 67) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 68 (MTB 68)

1941: Motor minesweeper MMS 2 (J 502) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 273 (MTB 273) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 274 (MTB 274)

1942: Minesweeper YMS-5 (YMS-5)

1943: Rescue Tug Advantage (W 133) - Minesweeper BYMS 2210 (J 1010) - Harbour Defence Motor Launch HDML 1302 (ML 1302) - Motor minesweeper MMS 277 (J 777) - Motor minesweeper MMS 286 (J 786) - Tank landing ship LST 17 (LST 17) - Tank landing ship LST 479 (LST 479) - Motor torpedo boat PT 236 - Submarine chaser SC-1325 (SC-1325) - Submarine chaser SC-729 (SC-729) - Minesweeper YMS-327 (YMS-327)

1944: Motor Launch ML 827 (ML 827) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-675 (LCI(L)-675) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-965 (LCI(L)-965) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-966 (LCI(L)-966) - Tank landing ship LST 552 (LST 552) - Patrol craft PC-1221 (PC-1221) - Patrol craft PCS-1446 (PCS-1446) - Destroyer Escort Stafford (DE 411)

1945: Harbour Defence Motor Launch HDML 1452 (ML 1452) - Motor Launch ML 881 (ML 881) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 5022 (MTB 5022) - MS Trawler Tocogay (T 451) - Motor torpedo boat PT 591

1946: Cutter Winona (WPG 65) - Submarine Sarda (488)


Laid down means that the ship's construction was officially started by laying down the keel (often just a single steel beam but could also mean the first of many pre-fabricated sections).

Launched means that the ship was launched from its shipyard, it then began its fitting out period (installation of smaller systems, weapons etc.) - in many yards the ships were launched very complete and needed little work afterwards.

Commissioned is when the navy takes the ship officially over and gives command of it to its new captain.

War Losses on 19 April (0)

No allied warships were lost in action on this date.

More information on Allied Warships losses.

General Events on 19 April


Light cruiser HMS Enterprise: HMS Enterprise (Capt. J.C. Annesley, DSO, RN) was fired upon by U 65 but the torpedoes missed.

Submarine HMS Triton: HMS Triton (Lt.Cdr. E.F. Pizey, RN) left dock.

Submarine HMS Triad: HMS Triad (Lt.Cdr. E.R.J. Oddie, RN) fires four torpedoes against a German convoy in the Skagerrak south of the Oslofjord in position 58°18'N, 10°49'E. All torpedoes fired however missed their target. 0445 hours - Sighted ' what was thought to be the German depot ship Tsingtao escorted by four A/S trawlers. Started attack. 0459 hours - In position 58°18'N, 10°49'E fired four torpedoes from 9000 yards. All missed. The targets were actually M 581/Nautilus escorting Moltekefels (7862 GRT, built 1940), Hanau (5892 GRT, built 1921) and Porto Alegre (6105 GRT, built 1936) that were returning to Germany.

Destroyer ORP Burza: The Polish destroyers Burza, Grom and Blyskawica left Scapa Flow and head to Narvik. During a storm Burza was damaged by high waves and forced to return.

Destroyer ORP Grom: The Polish destroyers Burza, Grom and Blyskawica left Scapa Flow and head to Narvik. During a storm Burza was damaged by high waves and forced to return.

Destroyer ORP Blyskawica: The Polish destroyers Burza, Grom and Blyskawica left Scapa Flow and head to Narvik. During a storm Burza was damaged by high waves and forced to return.


Submarine HNMS O 14: HrMs O 14 (Lt.Cdr. G. Quint, RNN(R)) departs Dundee to assist in A/S exercises off Methil.

Submarine HMS Talisman: At 1718 hours (time zone +3) HMS Talisman (Lt. M. Willmott, RN) parted company with convoy SC-28 in position 53°34'N, 38°28'W and set course back towards Halifax.

Submarine HMS Usk (i): HMS Usk (Lt. G.P. Darling, RN) departed Malta for her 6th war patrol (2nd in the Mediterranean). She was ordered to patrol off Marettimo Island. Usk had been repairing at Malta for nearly two months after being damaged by a near miss during an air raid.

Submarine FR Minerve: Minerve (Lt. P.M. Sonneville) fires two torpedoes against the Norwegian tanker (in German control) Tiger (3941 GRT, offsite link) north-west of Egersund, Norway in position 58°42'N, 05°34'E. Both torpedoes missed their target.


Destroyer USS Broome: USS Broome picks up 27 survivors from the American merchant Alcoa Guide that was torpedoed and sunk on the April 17th by German U-boat U-123 some 300 miles east of Cape Hatteras in position 35°34'N, 70°08'W.

Submarine USS Gar: USS Gar (Lt.Cdr. D. McGregor) departed Pearl Harbor for her 2nd war patrol. She was ordered to patrol off the Marshall Islands.

Submarine USS Pike: USS Pike (Lt.Cdr. W.A. New) leaves Fremantle for her 4th war patrol. She was to patrol north of the Palau Islands and off Wake Island.

Submarine HMS Una: HMS Una (Lt. C.P. Norman, RN) departed Malta for her 8th war patrol (6th in the Mediterranean). She was ordered to patrol off the East coast of Tunisia and west of Tripoli. The patrol was uneventful. For the daily positions of HMS Una during this patrol see the map below. HMS Una 8th war patrol click here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Thorn: HMS Thorn (Lt.Cdr. R.G. Norfolk, RN) arrived at Alexandria.

Submarine HMS Thrasher: HMS Thrasher (Lt. H.S. Mackenzie, RN) attacked the German barge F 184 with gunfire west of Derna, Libya in position 32°53'N, 22°23'E. Return fire forced Thrasher to break off the attack. (All times are zone -3) 0633 hours - Dived / 1408 hours - In position 32°53'N, 22°23'E sighted one eastbound motor lighter bearing 220°, distant 2 nautical miles 1416 hours - Surfaced and engaged with the deck gun from 2000 yards. Fired 37 rounds for only one possible hit 1422 hours - Machine gun fire from the target and heavier gunfire from shore forced Lt. Mackenzie to break off the action and dive 2107 hours - Surfaced and proceeded towards Alexandria.

Submarine HMS Umbra: HMS P 35 (Lt. S.L.C. Maydon, RN) torpedoed and sank the Italian merchant Assunta De Gregori (4219 GRT, built 1914) about 20 nautical miles East-South-East of Mahdia, Tunisia in position 35°23'N, 11°23'E. (All times are zone -1 or -2) 1550 hours - Sighted a merchant ship approaching from the Southward. Altered course to intercept. 1557 hours - Sighted a Spica class torpedo boat escorting the merchant vessel of about 4000 to 5000 tons. Also two aircraft were patrolling the area. Started attack. 1643 hours - In position 35°23'N, 11°23'E fired two torpedoes at the merchant vessel from 1100 yards. Both torpedoes hit the target. The torpedo boat dropped only 2 depth charges which caused no damage to P 35. 1730 hours - Returned to periscope depth. Saw the torpedo boat laying stopped to pick up the survivors of the merchant ship.

Submarine USSR ShCh-401: ShCh-401 tries to attack a German convoy of the Tanafjord. The attack on the tanker Forbach (7999 GRT) fails due to the escorting German minesweepers M 154 and M 251.


Submarine USS Tautog: USS Tautog (Lt.Cdr W.B. Sieglaff) returns to Fremantle.

Submarine USS Seawolf: USS Seawolf (Lt.Cdr. R.L. Gross) torpedoed sank Japanese depot ship Banshu Maru No.5 (389 GRT) off the Bonin Islands in position 26°15'N, 139°35'E.

Submarine USS Haddock: USS Haddock (Lt.Cdr. R.M. Davenport) ended her 4th war patrol at Pearl Harbor.

Submarine USS Scamp: USS Scamp (Lt.Cdr. W.G. Ebert) departed from Pearl Harbor for her 2nd war patrol. She was ordered to patrol off the Bismarck Archipelago.

Submarine USS Scorpion: USS Scorpion (Lt.Cdr. W.N. Wylie) lays mines s off Kashima Nada, Japan.

Submarine HMS Safari: HMS Safari (Cdr. B. Bryant, DSO, DSC, RN) is undocked.

Submarine HMS Saracen: HMS Saracen (Lt. M.G.R. Lumby, DSO, DSC, RN) intercepts and Italian convoy and torpedoed and sank the Italian passenger/cargo ship Francesco Crispi (7600 GRT, built 1926) about 18 nautical miles west of Elba island, Italy in position 42°46'N, 09°42'E. (All times are zone -1) 1250 hours - Heard HE bearing 080°. 1258 hours - Sighted an enemy convoy made up of one Armed Merchant Cruiser, one two-funnel liner, one merhant ship and one three-funnel destroyer. Enemy course was 220°, speed 9 knots, range 12000 yards. Started attack on the liner. 1317 hours - The convoy altered course towards. 1325 hours - In position 42°46'N, 09°42'E fires six torpedoes from 5000 yards. The liner and the merchant ship were both targeted as they formed one continues line. Four explosions were heard which are thought to be torpedoes hitting both targets. During the next three-quarters of an hour 46 depth charges were dropped which did no damage. 1448 hours - Returned to periscope depth. The destroyer and the AMC were just visible to the East. In the position of the attack a ship was seen to be sinking. The Francesco Crispi was in convoy with the italian merchant Rossini (2424 GRT, built 1928). They were escorted by the Italian Armed Merchant Cruiser Caralis and the Italian torpedo boat Giuseppe La Masa.

Submarine HMS Tuna: HMS Tuna (Lt. D.S.R. Martin, RN) ended her 18th war patrol at Lerwick. She departed from later that day for Holy Loch.

Submarine HMS Unrivalled: HMS Unrivalled (Lt. H.B. Turner, RN) sank the Italian merchant Mostaganem (1942 GRT) west of Sicily in position 38°11'N, 11°44'E.

Submarine HMS Unrivalled: HMS Unrivalled (Lt. H.B. Turner, RN) sank the Italian tanker Bivona (1646 GRT) west of Sicily in position 38°22'N, 12°36'E.

Submarine USSR ShCh-422: At 1710 hours, ShCh-422 attacked a German convoy off the Batsfjord. Four torpedoes were fired against the German merchant Markobrunner (8140 GRT) but these all missed.


Destroyer USS Walke (ii): USS Walke arrived at Norfolk.

Submarine HNMS K XV: HrMs K XV (Lt.Cdr. Baron C.W.T. van Boetzelaer, RNN) landed a reconnaissance party to the East of Sorong, New Guinea. The were to be picked up again on the 21th but they did not show up.

Submarine HNMS O 15: HrMs O 15 (Lt. J.B.M.J. Maas, RNN) departed Dundee for Scapa Flow. She made the passage together with HMS Sunfish (Lt. H.J. Bartlett, DSC, RN). The submarines were escorted by HMS Loch Monteith (T/Lt. K.W. Richardson, RNR).

Submarine USS Finback: USS Finback (Lt.Cdr. J.A. Tyree, Jr.) sank a Japanese sampan with gunfire off Truk in position 08°22'N, 151°41'E.

Submarine HMS Ursula: HMS Ursula (Lt. A.G. Davies, RN) arrived at Dundee.

Submarine HMS Sibyl: HMS Sibyl (Lt. E.J.D. Turner, DSO, DSC, RN) arrived at Holy Loch.

Submarine HMS Storm: HMS Storm (T/Lt. E.P. Young, DSC, RNVR) ended her 3rd war patrol (2nd in the Far East) at Trincomalee.

Submarine HMS Shalimar: HMS Shalimar (Lt. W.G. Meeke, DSC, MBE, RN) arrived at Holy Loch to begin a period of training.

Submarine HMS Tactician: HMS Tactician (Lt.Cdr. A.F. Collett, DSC, RN) picks up an Allied fighter pilot that was shot down off Sabang. Tactician was providing air/sea rescue duties during 'Operation Cockpit'. (All times are zone -6.5) 0530 hours - Tactician was in position 06°00'N, 95°10'E and remained, as ordered, patrolling on the surface. 0645 hours - Several formations of aircraft were seen approaching Sabang. The next 20 minutes all hell broke loose in Sabang. Large fires were seen. 0705 hours - An aircraft was seen to crash bearing 100 about 5 nautical miles away. Tactician immediately closed the position at full speed. 0725 hours - A Japanese Chidori class torpedo boat was seen to leave Sabang harbour and proceed along the coast to the North-East for the next 20 minutes. The torpedo boat steadily got closer until he was only 11000 yards away. It appeared that he was going to beat us in the race towards the crash position. Shortly afterwards the torpedo boat was attacked by Allied aircraft and changed course to the South-East. 0740 hours - Tactician arrived at the crash position to look for the pilot. 0822 hours - The pilot was spotted and picked up from the water. Meanwhile Tactician had been taken under fire by a shore battery. The shells landed very close and Tactician was hit by shrapnel. 0824 hours - Dived and proceeded to the North-West.

Submarine HMS Trespasser: HMS Trespasser (Lt.Cdr. R.M. Favell, RN) departed from Aden bound for Suez.

Submarine HMS Tantalus: HMS Tantalus (Lt.Cdr. H.S. Mackenzie, DSO and Bar, RN) sank a Malaysian tug Kampung Besar (300 GRT) with gunfire in the Malacca Strait in position 03°03'5N, 99°59'5E. (all times are zone -6,5) 0522 hours - Dived in position 03°21'N, 99°55'E 1400 hours - In position 03°09'N, 100°02'E sighted the masts of a convoy of five small ships, Tantalus was unable to get into attack position as she was too far off 1700 hours - In position 03°06'N, 100°00'E sighted one small ship approaching from the south-east 1715 hours - Commenced attack on this vessel that turned out to be a medium sized tug of about 300 tons towing a couple of barges. The tug was keeping close inshore 1747 hours - The tug was seen to alter course to the westward and in so doing increasing range most likely to enter Kampung Besar anchorage (position 03°05'N, 99°52'E) to spent the night there. As Tantalus was bumping along the bottom at periscope depth it was decided to surface and engage with the deck gun 1750 - Surfaced in position 03°03'5N, 99°59'5E and opened fire from 2800 yards. The third round was a hit and brought the target to a standstill 1800 hours - Fire was checked after 44 round with 14 hits and the target was seen to be on fire. As Tantalus was in very shallow water with fishing vessels all around Lt.Cdr. Mackenzie decided to retire to the seaward 2315 hours - In position 03°35'N, 100°32'E sighted a destroyer or torpedo boat one nautical mile away and coming towards. Dived to 150 feet. HE was not heard after 0035/20th

Submarine HMS Uproar: HMS Uproar (Lt. L.E. Herrick, DSC, RN) departed Gibraltar for Plymouth.

Submarine HMS Unruly: HMS Unruly (Lt. J.P. Fyfe, RN) sank two sailing vessels with gunfire and scuttling charges in the Gulf of Izmir, Turkey

Submarine HNoMS Ula: While on patrol off the Boknafjord near Stavanger, Norway, the Norwegian submarine Ula (Lt. S. Valvatne) fired a spread of 4 torpedoes towards U-974 at the range of about 1200 meters. One of those hit the boat just aft of the conning tower causing a major explosion which shook the Ula which crash dived and during that dive they could hear the U-974 break in two as it sank in position 59°08'N, 05°23'E. U-974 was escorted by an M-class minesweeper and two other escorts were patrolling nearby. After the attack Ula was attacked with 18 depth charges, some of these were very close. Ula eventually escaped by diving underneath a minefield.


Destroyer Escort USS Buckley: German U-boat U-548 was sunk in the North Atlantic south-east of Halifax, in position 42°19'N, 61°45'W by depth charges from the American destroyer escorts USS Reuben James and USS Buckley.

Destroyer Escort USS Reuben James (ii): German U-boat U-548 was sunk in the North Atlantic south-east of Halifax, in position 42°19'N, 61°45'W by depth charges from the American destroyer escorts USS Reuben James and USS Buckley.

Destroyer Escort USS Reuben James (ii): During the action when U 548 was sunk the Reuben James played only a supporting role as the DE that was conning the Buckley to the target. Reuben James fired no weapons of any kind as the target was sunk by 3 hits with the initial salvo of 24 hedgehogs fired by Buckley. First contact was at 0650 hours, Hedgehogs fired at 0729 hours, Reuben James noted 3 explosions at 0730 hours and logged a severe explosion at 0730. At this time contact. Reuben James can only claim an assist in this action. DE's 700 800 were present guarding the perimeters during the sinking. Much debris was collected by whaleboat over the next 5 hours and turned over to Buckley.

Destroyer USS Tolman: USS Tolman is grounded off Nagunna Reef.

Submarine USS Cero: USS Cero (Lt.Cdr. R. Berthrong) sank the Japanese guard boat Isuzu Maru no.3 (74 GRT) with gunfire south of Honshu, Japan in position 30°42'N, 136°42'E.

Submarine USS Silversides: USS Silversides (Lt.Cdr. J.C. Nichols) sank the Japanese guard boat Kairyu Maru (180 GRT) with gunfire east of the Bonin Islands in position 32°57'N, 145°03'E.

Submarine USS Pogy: USS Pogy (Lt.Cdr. J.M. Bowers) is mistakenly attacked an American aircraft as Pogy approaches a Japanese convoy south-east of Honshu, Japan in position 32°59'E, 139°58'E.

Submarine USS Sunfish: While operating off Shizunai, Hokkaido, Japan USS Sunfish (Cdr. J.W. Reed) torpedoed and sank the Japanese sinking auxiliary gunboat Kaiho Maru (1093 GRT) in position 42°22'N, 142°16'E, and the Japanese merchant cargo ship Taisei Maru (1948 GRT) in position 42°22'N, 142°13'E.

Submarine USS Dragonet: USS Dragonet (Cdr. J.H. Lewis) departed from Pearl Harbor for her 2nd war patrol.

Submarine USS Sennet: While operating off the Kii Suido off the south coast of Kyushu, Japan, USS Sennet (Cdr. G.E. Porter) torpedoed and sank the Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser Cha 97 (130 tons) in position 33°32'N, 135°23'E and the Japanese merchant cargo ship Hagane Maru (1901 GRT) in position 33°35'N, 135°23'E.

Submarine HMS Turpin: HMS Turpin (A/Lt.Cdr. J.S. Stevens, DSO and Bar, DSC, RN) left dock.

Submarine HMS Strongbow: HMS Strongbow (Lt. J.A.R. Troup, DSC, RN) departed Trincomalee for her 6th war patrol (5th in the Far East). She was ordered to perform a weather reporting patrol in the Bay of Bengal and just South of the Bay of Bengal. Capt. S.2, of the Submarine Flotilla Strongbow was a member of, considered her fit for operations after her repairs. The Admiralty however decided otherwise. Strongbow was sent on a weather reporting mission before proceeding back to the U.K. for refit. In fact the refit would never materialise and she was sold for scrap after the war. For the daily positions of HMS Strongbow during this patrol see the map below. HMS Strongbow 6th war patrol click here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Scythian: HMS Scythian (T/Lt C.P. Thode, RNZNVR) ended her 3rd war patrol (2nd in the Far East) at Trincomalee.

Submarine HMS Statesman: HMS Statesman (Lt. R.G.P. Bulkeley, RN) ended her 8th war patrol (6th in the Far East) at Trincomalee.

Submarine HMS Sturdy (ii): HMS Sturdy (T/Lt. F.A. Wicker, RNVR) departed Fremantle for her 8th war patrol (7th in the Far East and 5th in the South-West Pacific area). She was ordered to patrol in the Java Sea and to proceed to Trincomalee upon completion of the patrol. For the daily positions of HMS Sturdy during this patrol see the map below. View HMS Sturdy 8th war patrol in a larger map

Submarine HMS Stygian: HMS Stygian (Lt. G.S.C. Clarabut, DSO, RN) ended her 6th war patrol (5th in the Far East and 1st in the South-West Pacific area) at Fremantle.

Submarine HMS Spur: With her bow repaired HMS Spur (Lt. P.S. Beale, RN) shifted from the Scott's Shipyard at Greenock to Holy Loch to resume here training programme.

Submarine HMS Thrasher: HMS Thrasher (Lt.Cdr. M.F.R. Ainslie, DSO, DSC, RN) picks up the party that was landed two days before.

Submarine HMS Thule: HMS Thule (Lt.Cdr. A.C.G. Mars, DSO, DSC, RN) ended her 5th war patrol (4th in the Far East) at Trincomalee.

Submarine HMS Tantivy: HMS Tantivy (Lt. P.S. May, RN) departed from Portsmouth bound for Sheerness.

Submarine HMS Totem: HMS Totem (Lt.Cdr. M.B. St. John, RN) ended her 1st war patrol at Lerwick.

Submarine USSR ShCh-309: While operating in the Pillau area, at 0502 hours, ShCh-309 fires two torpedoes against ' what is identified as ' an auxiliary minesweeper. Both torpedoes missed their target.

Submarine USS Trutta: USS Trutta (Cdr. A.C. Smith) sank the Japanese merchant vessel Kaiyo Maru (approx. 400 GRT) and the Japanese merchant fishing boats Kinshu Maru and Mitsuyama Maru with gunfire in the Yellow Sea in position 37°52'N, 122°24'E.

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