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29 August

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This page is our compilation of data from several different databases. All data shown here is dynamic, but is accurate according to the information we have right now. Although content is still being added daily, more than 75% of the launched and commissioned data is already in place, so this section is almost complete.

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The Shipyard Report

Laid down (29)

1917: Submarine L 23 (N 23)

1934: Submarine M-86

1938: Boom defence vessel Bownet (Z 90)

1941: Minesweeper Rohilkhand (J 180) - Minesweeper BYMS 2004 (J 804) - Minesweeper Padstow (J 180) - Escort destroyer Rockwood (L 39) - Submarine Kingfish (234) - Submarine chaser SC-636 (SC-636) - Minesweeper YMS-112 (YMS-112)

1942: Landing craft tank LCT 148 (LCT 148) - Patrol craft PC-1082 (PC-1082) - Patrol craft PC-1126 (PC-1126) - Patrol craft PC-1196 (PC-1196) - Motor torpedo boat PT 160 - Motor torpedo boat PT 255 - Minesweeper YMS-138 (YMS-138) - Minesweeper YMS-321 (YMS-321)

1943: Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-476 (LCI(L)-476) - Landing craft tank LCT 527 (LCT 527) - Landing craft tank LCT 528 (LCT 528) - Tank landing ship LST 50 (LST 50) - Tank landing ship LST 51 (LST 51)

1944: Landing craft support LCS(L)-18 (LCS(L)-18) - Medium landing ship (rocket) LSM(R) 194 (LSM(R) 194) - Medium landing ship (rocket) LSM(R) 195 (LSM(R) 195) - Tank landing ship LST 800 (LST 800) - Tank landing ship LST 949 (LST 949) - Destroyer Norris (DD 859)

Launched (42)

1911: Submarine Depot Ship Alecto (J 10)

1912: Gunboat Friso (i)

1918: Minesweeper Curlew (AM 8)

1927: River gunboat Tern (T 64)

1931: Destroyer Kondouriotis (D 99)

1934: Destroyer Saskatchewan (H 70) - Destroyer Fortune (H 70) - Submarine ShCh-122

1935: Submarine Narwhal (N 45)

1940: ASW Trawler Sarabande (T 125)

1941: Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 308 (MTB 308) - Steam Gunboat SGB 3 / Grey Seal (S 303) - Motor torpedo boat PT 50

1942: MS Trawler Lundy (T 272) - Motor minesweeper MMS 178 (J 678) - Motor minesweeper MMS 251 (J 751) - Destroyer Escort Doherty (DE 14) - Oiler Enoree (AO 69) - Patrol craft PC-1081 (PC-1081) - Patrol craft PC-1193 (PC-1193) - Motor torpedo boat PT 99 - Submarine chaser SC-679 (SC-679) - Submarine chaser SC-735 (SC-735) - Minesweeper YMS-103 (YMS-103)

1943: Submarine Guavina (362) - Landing craft tank LCT 575 (LCT 575) - Tank landing ship LST 276 (LST 276) - Destroyer Marshall (DD 676) - Destroyer Escort Merrill (DE 392) - Patrol craft PC-1216 (PC-1216) - Patrol craft PC-1221 (PC-1221) - Destroyer Escort Snyder (DE 745)

1944: Destroyer Escort John L. Williamson (DE 370) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-804 (LCI(L)-804) - Landing craft tank LCT 1287 (LCT 1287) - Landing craft tank LCT 1347 (LCT 1347) - Medium landing ship LSM 225 (LSM 225) - Tank landing ship LST 598 (LST 598) - Tank landing ship LST 724 (LST 724) - Minesweeper Roselle (AM 379) - Destroyer Willard Keith (DD 775)

1945: Tank landing ship LST 3525 (LST 3525)

Commissioned (23)

1918: Minesweeper Robin (AM 3)

1934: Submarine M-19

1941: Motor Launch ML 286 (ML 286) - Corvette Eglantine (K 197)

1942: Minesweeper Stratford (J 310) - Minesweeper BYMS 2020 (J 820) - Submarine Trooper (N 91) - Landing craft tank LCT 332 (LCT 332) - Landing craft tank LCT 333 (LCT 333) - Landing craft tank LCT 418 (LCT 418) - Landing craft tank LCT 419 (LCT 419) - Patrol craft PC-624 (PC-624) - Motor torpedo boat PT 127 - Motor torpedo boat PT 97 - Destroyer Saufley (DD 465)

1943: Minesweeper BYMS 2284 (J 1084) - Destroyer Escort Atherton (DE 169)

1944: Motor Torpedo Boat S 7 (MTB 426) - Tank landing ship LST 591 (LST 591) - Tank landing ship LST 935 (LST 935) - Motor torpedo boat PT 485

1945: Tank landing ship LST 3029 (LST 3029) - Motor torpedo boat PT 720


Laid down means that the ship's construction was officially started by laying down the keel (often just a single steel beam but could also mean the first of many pre-fabricated sections).

Launched means that the ship was launched from its shipyard, it then began its fitting out period (installation of smaller systems, weapons etc.) - in many yards the ships were launched very complete and needed little work afterwards.

Commissioned is when the navy takes the ship officially over and gives command of it to its new captain.

War Losses on 29 August (0)

No allied warships were lost in action on this date.

More information on Allied Warships losses.

General Events on 29 August


Submarine HMS Triton: HMS Triton (Lt. G.C.I.S.B. Watkins, RN) is docked at Rosyth.

Submarine HMS Triad: HMS Triad (Lt.Cdr. G.S. Salt, RN) departed from Rosyth for Gibraltar. As no log is available for this period it is not possible to display Triad's daily positions (on a map).

Minesweeper HMS Gleaner: HMS Gleaner (Lt.Cdr. H.P. Price, DSO, RN) picks up 20 survivors from the British merchant Astra II that was torpedoed and sunk by German U-boat U-100 148 nautical miles north-west of Bloody Foreland in position 56°09'N, 12°14'W.

Corvette HMS Clematis: HMS Clematis (Cdr Y.M. Cleeves, DSO, DSC, RNR) picks up 17 survivors from the British merchant Dalblair that was torpedoed and sunk by German U-boat U-100 148 nautical miles north-west of Bloody Foreland in position 56°06'N, 13°33'W.


Submarine HNMS O 14: HrMs O 14 (Lt.Cdr. G. Quint, RNN(R)) arrived at Dundee.

Submarine HMS Ursula: HMS Ursula (Lt. A.J. Mackenzie, RN) departed Malta for her 23th war patrol (10th in the Mediterranean). She was to patrol South of Lampedusa. Later she was sent to guard the Eastern approaches to Tripoli, Libya. An important fast Italian troop convoy had departed Naples for Tripoli that day. For the daily and attack positions of HMS Ursula during this patrol see the map below. HMS Ursula 23th war patrol click here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Thunderbolt: HMS Thunderbolt (Lt.Cdr. C.B. Crouch, DSO, RN) departed from Alexandria for her 7th war patrol. This is her 1st war Mediterranean war patrol. She is to patrol in the Gulf of Sirte. For the daily positions of HMS Thunderbolt during this patrol see the map below. HMS Thunderbolt 7th war patrolclick here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Triumph (i): During the day HMS Triumph (Cdr. W.J.W. Woods, RN) arrived back off Torrente Furiano. Shortly before dusk periscope reconnaissance was carried out. She withdrew to seaward upon completion.

Submarine HMS Upholder: HMS Upholder (Lt.Cdr. M.D. Wanklyn, RN) departed Malta for her 16th war patrol (14th in the Mediterranean). She was ordered to patrol on the convoy route Messina - Tripoli to intercept an important troop convoy to Tripoli. For the daily and attack positions of HMS Upholder during this patrol see the map below. HMS Upholder 16th war patrol click here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Urge: HMS Urge (Lt. E.P. Tomkinson, RN) fires three torpedoes against the Italian troop transport Victoria (13098 GRT, built 1931) about 10 nautical miles South-East of Capri Island, Italy in position 40°25'N, 14°25'E. All torpedoes missed their target altough the British thought to have obtained one hit. According to Italian sources the other ships were Oceania (19507 GRT, built 1933) and Neptunia (19475 GRT, built 1932) escorted by the destroyers Aviere, Antonio da Noli, Camicia Nera, Vincenzo Gioberti, Antoniotto Usodimare and Emanuelle Pessagno. (All times are zone -2) 1200 hours - Sighted three large liners with a destroyer escort going south through Bocca Piccola. Once clear they altered course to 215° and formed two columns. The far column consisted of two Oceania type lines and the nearest one was believed to be Duilio type. Three destroyers were seen to be escorting. No aircraft were seen. Started attack on the two funnelled liner in the Port column. 1214 hours - The Port wing destroyer came nearer. Went to 50 feet to evade as it was thought Urge had not been detected so far. 1216 hours - Returned to periscope depth after the destroyer had passed. 1218 hours - In position 40°25'N, 14°25'E fired three torpedoes from 4000 yards. 1221 hours - Heard one hit. 1224 hours - Depth charging started but none came very close. 1228 hours - Heard one heavy explosion. 1229 hours - Heard another heavy explosion. 1230 hours - Heard explosions as of ships boilers bursting. 1236 hours - A very heavy explosion occurred which shook the whole boat. 1255 hours - The last depth charge was dropped. In all 26 had been dropped. Urge withdrew to the South-East. Later the sole remaining torpedo was loaded.

Submarine USSR ShCh-402: At 0535 hours ShCh-402 fires a torpedo against ' what is identified as ' a tug at the entrance of the Laksefjord in position 71°00'N, 26°50'E. The torpedo missed it's target.


Submarine HNMS K XV: HrMs K XV (Lt.Cdr. Baron C.W.T. van Boetzelaer, RNN) departed East London for Simonstown.

Submarine HNMS O 23: HrMs O 23 (Lt.Cdr. A.M. Valkenburg, RNN) was undocked.

Submarine HNMS O 14: HrMs O 14 (Lt.Cdr. H.A.W. Goossens, RNN) was undocked.

Submarine HMS Truant: HMS Truant (Lt.Cdr. H.A.V. Haggard, DSO, DSC, RN) is docked again at Colombo.

Submarine HMS Thrasher: HMS Thrasher (Lt. H.S. Mackenzie, DSO, RN) departed from Port Said for her 12th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol off Tobruk and Derna. For HMS Thrasher daily (1200 hours) positions and sinkings during this patrol see the map below. HMS Thrasher 12th war patrol daily positionsclick here for bigger map

Sloop HMS Leith: HMS Leith (Lt.Cdr. E.C. Hulton, RN) picks up 68 survivors from the Dutch merchant Zuiderkerk that was torpedoed and damaged the previous day by German U-boat U-566 west-north-west of Lisbon, Portugal in position 40°20'N, 16°02'W. The Zuiderkerk was finally sunk with shallow set depth charges by HMS Erne.

Sloop HMS Erne: HMS Erne (Lt.Cdr. E.D.J. Abbot, RN) scuttles the Dutch merchant Zuiderkerk with depth charges. The Zuiderkerk was torpedoed and damaged by German U-boat U-566 west-north-west of Lisbon, Portugal in position 40°20'N, 16°02'W.


Submarine HNMS O 24: HrMs O 24 (Lt.Cdr. W.J. de Vries, RNN) ended her 20th war patrol at Colombo.

Submarine HNMS O 15: HrMs O 15 (Lt.Cdr. A.J. Schouwenaar, RNN) conducted exercises with HMS Tantivy (Cdr. M.G. Rimington, DSO, RN).

Submarine USS Sturgeon: USS Sturgeon (Lt.Cdr. Charlton Lewis Murphy, Jr.) departed from Midway for her 8th war patrol.

Submarine USS Wahoo: After shooting al it's torpedoes to no avail due to malfunctions USS Wahoo (Cdr. D.W. Morton) ended her 6th war patrol at Pearl Harbor.

Submarine HMS Trident: HMS Trident (Lt. P.E. Newstead, RN) attacks the Japanese training cruiser Kashii (offsite link) with eight torpedoes North of Sumatra just East of Pulau Weh in position 05°55'N, 95°30'E with a spread of eight torpedoes. All eight torpedoes miss their target. (All times are zone -6.5) 0736 hours - In position 05°55'N, 95°30'E sighted a Japanese warship. This was later seen to be a light cruiser of the Kashii-class. Started attack. 0759 hours - Fired 8 torpedoes from 7500 yards. 0804 hours - Sighted an aircraft coming straight towards, following the torpedo tracks. The cruiser was still in the same course. Went deep. 0807 hours - Heard one explosion 8 minutes and 7 seconds after firing the first torpedo. 0827 hours - Returned to periscope depth. Nothing in sight. Retired to the North.

Submarine HMS Trespasser: HMS Trespasser (Lt.Cdr. R.M. Favell, RN) departed from Beirut for her 6th war patrol (4th in the Mediterranean). She is to patrol in the South-East Aegean, in the Kos / Rhodos area. For the daily positions of HMS Trespasser during this patrol see the map below. HMS Trespasser 6th war patrolclick here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Uproar: HMS Uproar (Lt. L.E. Herrick, DSC, RN) ended her 21th war patrol (16th in the Mediterranean) at Malta.


Destroyer USS Allen M. Sumner: USS Allen M. Sumner (Cdr. N.J. Sampson) transits the Panama Canal.

Submarine USS Jack: USS Jack (Lt.Cdr. A.E. Krapf) torpedoed and sank the Japanese minesweeper W-28 (650 tons, offsite link) and the Japanese army cargo ship Mexico Maru (5785 GRT) northwest of Menado, Celebes in position 02°15'N, 122°50'E.

Submarine USS Shark (ii): USS Shark (ii) (Cdr. E.N. Blakely) ended her 2nd war patrol at Pearl Harbor.

Submarine USS Blackfin: USS Blackfin (Lt.Cdr. G.H. Laird, Jr.) transits the Panama Canal.

Submarine HMS Surf: HMS Surf (Lt. D. Lambert, DSC, RN) was undocked.

Submarine HMS Shalimar: HMS Shalimar (Lt. W.G. Meeke, DSC, MBE, RN) arrived at Malta.

Submarine HMS Spirit: HMS Spirit (Lt. A.W. Langridge, RN) conducted exercises off Trincomalee.

Submarine HMS Sturdy (ii): HMS Sturdy (Lt. W.St.G. Anderson, DSC, RNR) reconnoitred Christmas Island. Nothing of interest was seen.

Submarine HMS Stygian: HMS Stygian (Lt. G.S.C. Clarabut, DSO, RN) departed Trincomalee for her 2nd war patrol (1st in the Far East). She was ordered to patrol off the West coast of Siam off the Mergui Archipaligo. For the daily and attack positions of HMS Stygian during this patrol see the map below. HMS Stygian 2nd war patrol click here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Supreme: HMS Supreme (Lt. T.E. Barlow, RN) was undocked.

Submarine HMS Selene: HMS Selene (Lt.Cdr. H.R.B. Newton, DSC, RN) departed Scapa Flow for Holy Loch. She made the passage together with HMS Torbay (Lt. C.P. Norman, DSO, RN).

Submarine HMS Trusty: HMS Trusty (Lt. L.E. Herrick, DSO, RN) left dock. She immediately departed Rosyth for Dundee where she arrived later the same day.

Submarine HMS Tantalus: While transiting the Andaman Sea HMS Tantalus (Lt. J. Nash, DSC, RN) has a narrow escape when she is attacked by a Japanese aircraft in position 07°23'N, 96°17'E. (all times are zone -6.5) 0858 hours - In position 07°23'N, 96°17'E crash dived when an aircraft was spotted. The aircraft was spotted very late and when it passed over HMS Tantalus the Officer of the Watch was still on the bridge. For some reason unknown it did not drop a bomb or fired it machine guns probably thinking we were Japanese as we did not dive. When the aircraft turned round it dropped a bomb when Tantalus was at 70 feet. The bomb was close enough for the navigational lights on the bridge to be smashed. The aircraft kept patrolling the area until almost three hours later. A narrow escape 1156 hours - Surfaced in position 07°15'N, 96°27'E 1302 hours - Aircraft sighted, crash dived 1330 hours - Surfaced in position 07°07'N, 96°27'E and proceeded to the eastwards as it was now impossible to arrive in the Penang area at dawn 1423 hours - Dived for aircraft in position 07°06'5N, 96°39'E 1445 hours - Surfaced


Destroyer USS Gwin (ii): USS Gwin enters Tokyo Bay.

Destroyer USS Robert K. Huntington: USS Robert K. Huntington puts into Tokyo Bay.

Destroyer USS Soley: USS Soley (Cdr. J.S. Lewis) departed from Pearl Harbor bound for Kwajalein.

Submarine USS Jack: USS Jack (Lt.Cdr. A.S. Fuhrman) ended her 9th war patrol at Midway.

Submarine USS Segundo: USS Segundo (Lt.Cdr. S.L. Johnson) encounters the Japanese submarine I-401 off the northeast coast of Honshu, and after negotiations placed a prize crew on board the Japanese submarine. Both submarines then proceeded to Tokyo Bay.

Submarine HMS Thrasher: HMS Thrasher (Lt.Cdr. M.F.R. Ainslie, DSO, DSC, RN) departed from Trincomalee bound for the U.K.. The first leg of the trip is to Aden.

Submarine HMS Terrapin: HMS Terrapin (Lt. R.H.H. Brunner, DSC, RN) departed from Gibraltar bound for Portsmouth.


Net tender USS Pinon: The USS Pinon was decommissioned at San Diego 5 March 1946, and was struck from the Navy List 20 March 1946. Sold and placed in merchant service as the Alaska Reefer, she was sunk on 29 August 1961. She now lies in 15'-50' of water south of the Ammunition Dock on Indian Island, Port Townsend Bay, Washington, US. ( - Puget Sound wrecks).

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