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This page is our compilation of data from several different databases. All data shown here is dynamic, but is accurate according to the information we have right now. Although content is still being added daily, more than 75% of the launched and commissioned data is already in place, so this section is almost complete.

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The Shipyard Report

Laid down (35)

1924: Heavy cruiser Suffolk (55)

1939: Submarine S-19 - Submarine S-20

1940: Corvette Battleford (K 165) - Destroyer Quail (G 45) - Submarine M-104

1941: Submarine Taurus (P 339) - Submarine rescue vessel Coucal (ASR 8) - Submarine rescue vessel Florikan (ASR 9)

1942: Corvette Lindsay (K 338) - Submarine Flasher (249) - Destroyer Escort J. Richard Ward (DE 243) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-339 (LCI(L)-339) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-78 (LCI(L)-78) - Landing craft tank LCT 210 (LCT 210) - Landing craft tank LCT 220 (LCT 220) - Landing craft tank LCT 256 (LCT 256) - Landing craft tank LCT 257 (LCT 257) - Landing craft tank LCT 299 (LCT 299) - Landing craft tank LCT 349 (LCT 349) - Landing craft tank LCT 470 (LCT 470) - Landing craft tank LCT 61 (LCT 61) - Tank landing ship LST 461 (LST 461) - Minesweeper YMS-192 (YMS-192) - Minesweeper YMS-283 (YMS-283)

1943: Corvette Denbigh Castle (K 696) - Tank landing ship LST 292 (LST 292) - Destroyer Samuel N. Moore (DD 747) - Minesweeper YMS-426 (YMS-426)

1944: Frigate Thurso Bay (K 640) - Landing craft tank LCT 1394 (LCT 1394) - Landing craft tank LCT 1443 (LCT 1443) - Landing craft tank LCT 1444 (LCT 1444) - Tank landing ship LST 957 (LST 957) - Escort carrier Saidor (CVE 117)

Launched (79)

1905: Coastal defence ship Lemnos

1913: Battleship Lorraine

1914: MS Trawler Ben Gulvain (FY 1680)

1916: MS Trawler Helvetia (4.86)

1918: Destroyer Babbitt (DD 128)

1924: Armed Merchant Cruiser Antenor (F 21)

1926: MS Whaler Busen 7 (FY 1854)

1931: Submarine Rubis - Destroyer Ottawa (i) (H 60) - Destroyer Restigouche (H 00) - Light cruiser Luigi Cadorna

1935: Barrage / Gate vessel Ludgate (Z 45)

1936: Submarine Sunfish (N 81) - Submarine V-1

1939: Motor torpedo boat PT 2

1940: Escort destroyer Brocklesby (L 42) - Escort destroyer Farndale (L 70) - Submarine Urchin (N 97) - Submarine Sokol (N 97)

1941: Motor minesweeper MMS 105 (J 605) - Motor minesweeper MMS 106 (J 606) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 315 (MTB 315) - Motor torpedo boat PT 57 - Minesweeper YMS-66 (YMS-66)

1942: Minesweeper BYMS 2038 (J 838) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-213 (LCI(L)-213) - Landing Craft Tank LCT 581 (LCT 581) - Motor minesweeper MMS 231 (J 731) - Motor minesweeper Ameland - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-213 (LCI(L)-213) - Landing craft tank LCT 151 (LCT 151) - Landing craft tank LCT 320 (LCT 320) - Landing craft tank LCT 465 (LCT 465) - Tank landing ship LST 449 (LST 449) - Minesweeper Oracle (AM 103) - Patrol craft PC-1252 (PC-1252) - Submarine chaser SC-681 (SC-681) - Minesweeper YMS-146 (YMS-146) - Submarine M-105

1943: Minesweeper BYMS 2257 (J 1057) - Aircraft Carrier Colossus (15) - Sloop Hind (U 39) - Landing Craft Tank LCT 1013 (LCT 1013) - Landing Craft Tank LCT 946 (LCT 946) - Motor minesweeper MMS 1002 (FY 1002) - Mooring vessel Moorhen - Submarine Sturdy (ii) (P 248) - Destroyer Cushing (ii) (DD 797) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-475 (LCI(L)-475) - Landing craft tank LCT 518 (LCT 518) - Landing craft tank LCT 584 (LCT 584) - Landing craft tank LCT 585 (LCT 585) - Tank landing ship LST 281 (LST 281) - Tank landing ship LST 492 (LST 492) - Destroyer Rowe (DD 564) - Minesweeper YMS-257 (YMS-257) - Minesweeper YMS-305 (YMS-305) - Minesweeper YMS-479 (YMS-479)

1944: Landing Craft Tank LCT 1211 (LCT 1211) - Tank landing ship LST 3010 (LST 3010) - Destroyer Douglas H. Fox (DD 779) - Destroyer John W. Thomason (DD 760) - Landing craft tank LCT 1269 (LCT 1269) - Landing craft tank LCT 1270 (LCT 1270) - Landing craft tank LCT 1404 (LCT 1404) - Landing craft tank LCT 1440 (LCT 1440) - Medium landing ship LSM 230 (LSM 230) - Medium landing ship LSM 91 (LSM 91) - Medium landing ship LSM 92 (LSM 92) - Medium landing ship LSM 93 (LSM 93) - Medium landing ship LSM 94 (LSM 94) - Tank landing ship LST 813 (LST 813) - Tank landing ship LST 830 (LST 830) - Tank landing ship LST 884 (LST 884) - Tank landing ship LST 886 (LST 886) - Tank landing ship LST 949 (LST 949) - High speed transport Walter X. Young (APD 131) - Minesweeper YMS-433 (YMS-433) - Minesweeper YMS-435 (YMS-435)

Commissioned (70)

1920: Destroyer Hunt (i) (DD 194) - Destroyer McFarland (AVD 14)

1930: Submarine Saphir - Heavy cruiser Dorsetshire (40)

1931: River gunboat Falcon (T 74)

1935: Minesweeper Speedwell (J 87)

1937: Light cruiser Brooklyn (CL 40) - Aircraft carrier Yorktown (i) (CV 5)

1940: Corvette Cyclamen (K 83) - Light cruiser Dido (37)

1941: Harbour Defence Motor Launch HDML 1057 (ML 1057) - MS Trawler Hildasay (T 173) - Motor Launch ML 291 (ML 291) - Motor Launch ML 300 (ML 300) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 221 (MTB 221)

1942: Escort Carrier Attacker (D 02) - MS Trawler Bern (T 294) - MS Trawler Damsay (T 208) - Motor Gun Boat MGB 109 (MGB 109) - Motor minesweeper MMS 103 (J 603) - MS Trawler St. Kilda (T 209) - Landing craft tank LCT 152 (LCT 152) - Landing craft tank LCT 199 (LCT 199) - Landing craft tank LCT 20 (LCT 20) - Landing craft tank LCT 320 (LCT 320)

1943: Motor Launch ML 823 (ML 823) - Frigate Aylmer (K 463) - Minesweeper BYMS 2061 (J 861) - Minesweeper BYMS 2142 (J 942) - Landing Craft Tank LCT 639 (LCT 639) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 363 (MTB 363) - Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 372 (MTB 372) - Frigate Shiel (K 305) - Minesweeper Buoyant (AM 153) - Destroyer Hailey (DD 556) - Destroyer Hopewell (ii) (DD 681) - Destroyer Escort Joyce (DE 317) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-471 (LCI(L)-471) - Tank landing ship LST 42 (LST 42) - Submarine tender Orion (AS 18) - Patrol craft PC-820 (PC-820) - Destroyer Remey (DD 688) - Submarine chaser SC-1354 (SC-1354) - Submarine chaser SC-1371 (SC-1371) - Destroyer The Sullivans (DD 537)

1944: Frigate Cap de la Madeleine (K 663) - Minesweeper Rockcliffe (J 355) - Harbour Defence Motor Launch HDML 1336 (ML 1336) - Landing Craft Tank LCT 1213 (LCT 1213) - Destroyer Gwin (ii) (DM 33) - Landing Craft Infantry LCI(L)-821 (LCI(L)-821) - Landing craft support LCS(L)-17 (LCS(L)-17) - Landing craft support LCS(L)-18 (LCS(L)-18) - Landing craft support LCS(L)-34 (LCS(L)-34) - Landing craft support LCS(L)-53 (LCS(L)-53) - Medium landing ship LSM 176 (LSM 176) - Medium landing ship LSM 177 (LSM 177) - Medium landing ship LSM 226 (LSM 226) - Medium landing ship LSM 325 (LSM 325) - Medium landing ship LSM 79 (LSM 79) - Tank landing ship LST 726 (LST 726) - Tank landing ship LST 767 (LST 767) - Tank landing ship LST 943 (LST 943) - Salvage vessel Safeguard (ARS 25) - Submarine chaser SC-1487 (SC-1487) - Destroyer Shea (DM 30) - Minesweeper Strength (AM 309)

1945: Tank landing ship LST 3522 (LST 3522)

1946: Destroyer Sluys (R 60)

1947: Submarine M-206


Laid down means that the ship's construction was officially started by laying down the keel (often just a single steel beam but could also mean the first of many pre-fabricated sections).

Launched means that the ship was launched from its shipyard, it then began its fitting out period (installation of smaller systems, weapons etc.) - in many yards the ships were launched very complete and needed little work afterwards.

Commissioned is when the navy takes the ship officially over and gives command of it to its new captain.

War Losses on 30 September (6)

1940: MS Trawler Comet

1941: MS Trawler Star of Deveron

1942: Motor Gun Boat MGB 18 (MGB 18)

1943: Landing craft tank LCT 2231 (LCT 2231) - Tank landing ship LST 79 (LST 79) - Motor torpedo boat PT 68

More information on Allied Warships losses.

General Events on 30 September


Submarine HMS Thistle: In the evening on 30 September 1939, HMS Thistle (Cdr. R.W. Stirling-Hamilton, RN) encountered the Swedish steam merchant Gun which had been stopped by U-3 about 30 miles northwest of Hanstholm. While investigating the ship, the submarine was attacked and missed with one torpedo by the U-boat, although the attack was not noticed and she soon left the area. 2115 hours - Sighted lights bearing 030°. Closed. Soon sighted a stopped merchant ship in position 57°27'N, 07°55'E. 2225 hours - Sighted a small dark object which might have been a submarine about 3 nautical miles away. Closed to about 0.8 nautical mile of the merchant ship. The dark object was not seen again. 2300 hours - Altered course away from the merchant ship. 0000 hours - Sighted a light near the merchant vessel again. Dived and closed again but nothing else was seen. 0110 hours (1 October) - Surfaced and proceeded. 0113 hours - Sighted a small boat making an SOS signal. Closed. This was a boat from the Swedish merchant Gun. They were ordered to leave their ship by a German submarine. They were ordered to return to their ship that was still afloat.

Submarine HMS H 34: HMS H-34 (Lt. B.T. Simons, RN) fires two torpedoes at what is thought to be a German U-boat 15 nautical miles north of Kinnaird Head. Both torpedoes missed. As there was no German U-boat in the area the attack appears to be bogus.


Submarine HMS Triumph (i): With her repairs and refit completed HMS Triumph (Lt.Cdr. W.J.W. Woods, RN) departed from Chatham Dockyard for Sheerness where she arrived later the same day.

Submarine HMS Upright: HMS Upright (Lt. F.J. Brooks, RN) arrived at Portsmouth.

Sloop HMS Rochester: HMS Rochester (Cdr. G.F. Renwick, RN) picks up 7 survivors from the British merchant Mabriton that was torpedoed and sunk on 25 September 1940 by German U-boat U-32 west-south-west of Rockall in position 56°12'N, 23°00'W.

Destroyer HMAS Stuart: The Italian submarine Gondar was sunk west off Alexandria by the Australian destroyer HMAS Stuart (Lt. N.J.M. Teacher, RN) and a British Sunderland aircraft (Sqdn. 230).

Patrol vessel HMS Mallard: HMS Mallard (the Hon. V.M. Wyndham-Quin, RN) is mined near Harwich. She is badly damaged. Repairs last to May 1941.


Submarine HMS Trident: HMS Trident (Cdr. G.M. Sladen, DSC, RN) fires three torpedoes against the German hospital ship Birka (1000 GRT, built 1937) in the Breidsundet about 4 nautical miles north-west of Hav?ysund, Norway in position 71°03'N, 24°34'E. All three torpedoes missed their target but only just missed the escorting R-boat R-154. (All times are zone -3) 0945 hours - Sighted a merchant vessel of about 4000 tons rounding Gavloden Point Westwards. It was escorted by two R-boats. 1001 hours - Fired three torpedoes from 7000 yards. No hits were obtained. One of the R-boats dropped two depth charges a long way off. Trident now retired seawards to return to base. This convoy was made up of the vessels mentioned above. German sources only mention the R-154 as escort.

Submarine HMS Uproar: HMS P 31 (Lt. B. Kershaw, RN) departed Dundee for Gibraltar. She was escorted by HMS Cutty Sark (Cdr.(retired) R.H. Mack, RN) until Bishops Rock. Passage towards Scapa Flow was made together with HMS P 35 (Lt. S.L.C. Maydon, RN). Off Scapa Flow joined HrMs O 10 (Lt. D.T. Mackay, RNN) for passage towards Oban. At Oban HMS H 32 (Lt. J.W.D. Coombe, RN) joined for the passage South through the Irish Sea as she was to proceed to Portsmouth.

Submarine HMS Umbra: HMS P 35 (Lt. S.L.C. Maydon, RN) departed Dundee for Scapa Flow. She made the passage together with HMS P 31 (Lt. B. Kershaw, RN) that was to proceed to Malta. They were escorted by HMS Cutty Sark (Cdr.(retired) R.H. Mack, RN).

Destroyer HMS Gurkha (ii): Around 1030hours on 30 September 1941 the Italian submarine Adua (offsite link) was sunk north-west of Algiers in position 37°10'N, 00°56'E by the British destroyers HMS Gurkha (Cdr. C.N. Lentaigne, RN) and HMS Legion (Cdr. R.F. Jessel, RN).

Destroyer HMS Legion: Around 1030hours on 30 September 1941 the Italian submarine Adua (offsite link) was sunk north-west of Algiers in position 37°10'N, 00°56'E by the British destroyers HMS Gurkha (Cdr. C.N. Lentaigne, RN) and HMS Legion (Cdr. R.F. Jessel, RN).

Submarine USSR D-3 / Krasnovgardeyets: Around 1400 hours D-3 attacked a merchant of the Tanafjord without result.


Submarine HNMS O 15: At 0630 hours HrMs O 15 (Lt.Cdr. G. Quint, RNN(R)) arrived at Scapa Flow. At 1200 hours she departed for Dundee escorted by the British ASW trawler HMS Loch Monteith (T/Lt. K.W. Richardson, RNR).

Submarine USS Growler: USS Growler (Lt.Cdr. H.W. Gilmore) ended her 2nd war patrol at Pearl Harbor.

Submarine USS Guardfish: USS Guardfish (Lt.Cdr. T.B. Klakring) departed from Midway for her 2nd war patrol. She was ordered to patrol in the East China Sea.

Submarine HMS Saracen: HMS P 247 (Lt. M.G.R. Lumby, RN) was docked at Gibraltar. No log for October 1942 is available therefore it is not known when she was undocked.

Submarine HMS P 222: HMS P 222 (Lt.Cdr. A.J. MacKenzie, RN) departed Gibraltar for her 5th war patrol. She was ordered to reconnoitre the landing beaches East of Oran for Operation Torch. For the daily positions of HMS P 222 during this patrol see the map below. HMS P 222 5th war patrol click here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Tribune: HMS Tribune (Lt. N.J. Coe, DSC, RNR) ended her 14th war patrol at Lerwick.

Corvette HMS Cowslip: The British merchant Empire Avocet is torpedoed and sunk by German U-boat U-125 about 300 nautical miles southwest of Freetown in position 04°05'N, 13°23'W. HMS Cowslip (Lt. F. Granger, RNR) later picks up 24 survivors.

Submarine USS S-30: With repairs completed, USS S-30 (Lt. F.W. Laing) Dutch Harbour again to resume her 2nd offensive war patrol.

Submarine USSR ShCh-310: At 0028 hours ShCh-310 fires four torpedoes against the German merchant Annelis Christophersen (1581 GRT) about 35 nautical miles north-west of Stolpm?nde. All four torpedoes missed their target.

Submarine USSR S-12: S-12 fired torpedoes against ' what is identified as ' a German Schlesien-class battleship off Klaipeda, Lithuania. S-12 claimed a sinking. In reality a small German auxiliary minesweeper was attacked but missed !!!


Submarine USS Gato: USS Gato (Lt.Cdr. R.J. Foley) departed from Tulagi to patrol south of Truk.

Submarine USS Barb: USS Barb (Lt.Cdr. J.R. Waterman) departed from Pearl Harbor for her 6th war patrol. She was ordered to patrol in the East China Sea.

Submarine USS Trigger: USS Trigger (Lt.Cdr. R.E. Dornin) ended her 6th war patrol at Midway.

Submarine USS Harder: USS Harder (Cdr. S.D. Dealey) sank the Japanese trawler Shosei Maru No.3 with gunfire in the North Pacific in position 34°10'N, 150°45'E.

Submarine USS Pogy: USS Pogy (Lt.Cdr. G.H. Wales) torpedoed and sank the Japanese army transport Maebashi Maru (7005 GRT) about 300 nautical miles east of Palau in position 06°01'N, 139°08'E.

Submarine USS Bowfin: USS Bowfin (Cdr. J.H. Willingham) delivers supplies and evacuates people from Siquijor Island, Philippines. Bowfin also sank the small Japanese cargo ship Mitake Maru with gunfire in the Sulu Sea in position 05°17'N, 121°57'E.

Submarine HMS Sibyl: HMS Sibyl (Lt. E.J.D. Turner, DSO, DSC, RN) torpedoed and sank the German depot ship (Mutterschiff) Hummer (ex: M 7022, 278 GRT, former French Auguste Denise, built 1919) north-east of Bastia, Corsica, France in position 42°43'N, 09°40'E. (All times are zone -1) 1400 hours - Sighted the masts and funnel of a ship leaving Bastia harbour. Enemy course was 075°. Started attack. 1416 hours - Identified the target as a large trawler, camouflaged and packed with enemy troops. 1426 hours - In position 42°43'N, 09°40'E fired two torpedoes from 1100 yards. One hit was obtained. 1428 hours - Sighted that the enemy had been hit and had sunk. Several survivors were seen on a raft, others were swimming in the water. Set course to the North to clear the area. We do not know the number of casualties and survivors, if any, from this vessel.

Submarine HMS Sickle: HMS Sickle (Lt. J.R. Drummond, DSO, DSC, RN) attacked a small coaster with 3 torpedoes near Portofino, Italy. No hits were obtained. This was actually a convoy consisting of Dominante (1100 GRT, built 1891) and Campomisano (344 GRT, built 1917) on passage from Leghorn to Genoa escorted by the German minesweepers R 10 and R 12. (All times are zone -1) 0740 hours - Sighted a small coaster followed by an E-boat. Started attack. 0818 hours - In position 165°, Portofino Light, 1,5 nautical miles, fired 3 torpedoes from 2500 yards. 2 Explosions followed but as the enemy was seen to be afloat there were most likely torpedoes hitting the shore. The E-boat dropped two depth charges so Sickle went deep. Soon 6 more depth charges were dropped and these were rather close. The torpedoes had indeed missed, the two German minesweepers dropped depth charges on the submarine.

Submarine HMS Tuna: HMS Tuna (Lt. D.S.R. Martin, DSO and Bar, RN) departed from Scapa Flow bound for Holy Loch.

Submarine HMS Trooper: At 2130 hours HMS Trooper (Lt. J.S. Wraith, DSO, DSC, RN) lands Colonel Diamantopoulos of the Royal Hellenic Artillery (code name 'Toby') of SOE (Operation ERÜPTION) with 2nd Lt. Vey and wireless operator 'Thomas' of ISLD (Operation CANTON) with 400 kgs of stores in Kalamos Bay (Euboa).

Submarine HMS Tactician: HMS Tactician (Lt.Cdr. A.F. Collett, DSC, RN) departed from Aden bound for Colombo. For the daily positions of HMS Tactician during this passage see the map below. Ver HMS Tactician passage Aden - Colombo click here for bigger map

Submarine HMS Trespasser: HMS Trespasser (Lt.Cdr. R.M. Favell, RN) arrived at Port Said.


Destroyer Escort USS Fessenden: German U-boat U-1062 was sunk in the central Atlantic by the US destroyer escort USS Fessenden.

Submarine HNMS Zwaardvisch: HrMs Zwaardvisch (Lt.Cdr. H.A.W. Goossens) topped off with fuel at Exmouth Gulf.

Submarine USS Sealion (ii): USS Sealion (ii) (Lt.Cdr. E.T. Reich) ended her 2nd war patrol at Pearl Harbor.

Submarine USS Besugo: USS Besugo (Cdr. T.L. Wogan) topped up with fuel at Midway.

Submarine USS Blackfin: USS Blackfin (Lt.Cdr. G.H. Laird, Jr.) departed from Pearl Harbor for her 1st war patrol. She was ordered to patrol in the Philippines.

Submarine USS Ronquil: USS Ronquil (Lt.Cdr. H.S. Monroe) departed from Majuro for her 2nd war patrol. She was ordered to patrol off Honshu, Japan.

Submarine HMS Satyr: HMS Satyr (Lt. T.S. Weston, DSO, DSC, RN) attacked the Norwegian merchant Lofoten (1571 GRT, built 1932) with 4 torpedoes off Bodo, Norway. No hits were obtained. (All times are zone -1) 1442 hours - Sighted a small merchant vessel coming Southwards. Commenced attack. 1448 hours - In position 67°12'1"N, 14°07'5"E fired 4 torpedoes from 1400 yards. Two torpedoes were heard (and seen) to explode on the beach. No other explosions were heard or seen and the target steamed on as if nothing had happened. Satyr now set a course to seaward. It was thought that no hits were obtained due to the speed of the target being estimated incorrectly.

Submarine HMS Stoic: HMS Stoic (Lt. P.B. Marriot, DSO, RN) was put back in the water.

Submarine HMS Stratagem: HMS Stratagem (Lt. A.R. Profit, DSC, RN) bombarded buildings and warehouses on Great Coco Island. (All times are zone -6.5) 1729 hours - Surfaced off Ford Bay, Great Coco Island and bombarded targets on the shore. 1735 hours - Dived and retired to seawards.

Submarine HMS Spirit: HMS Spirit (Lt. A.W. Langridge, RN) was undocked.

Submarine HMS Statesman: The First Lieutenant of HMS Statesman, T/Lt. R.F.N. Strouts, RNVR developed symptoms of appendicitis during the previous 24 hours. HMS Statesman set course to return to Trincomalee and sent a signal informing Capt. S 2 of this.

Submarine HMS Sturdy (ii): After fuelling HMS Sturdy (Lt. W.St.G. Anderson, DSC, RNR) departed Exmouth Gulf for her patrol area.

Submarine HMS Thrasher: HMS Thrasher (Lt.Cdr. M.F.R. Ainslie, DSO, DSC, RN) arrived at Tobermory.

Submarine HMS Trusty: HMS Trusty (Lt. L.E. Herrick, DSO, RN) serves as target ship for HMS Viking (Lt. Rawdon Bannar-Martin, DSC, RN). Later Trusty departed from Dundee for Scapa Flow.

Submarine HMS Tally-Ho: HMS Tally-Ho (Cdr. L.W.A. Bennington, DSO and Bar, DSC and Bar, RN) attacks a convoy of three 500 tons coasters escorted by three escorts in the Malacca Strait in position 03°08.5'N, 99°58'E. One torpedo is fired but no hit is obtained. (All times are zone -6.5) 0730 hours - Sighted three columns of smoke to the South-East. Soon afterwards sighted two aircraft in that direction. 0845 hours - It was now sighted that it was a convoy of three coasters escorted by three submarine chasers and two aircraft. 0900 hours - Commenced attack. The coasters had been steering 315° and were then seen to alter course in succession about 30° to Port for a few minutes. Then they altered course back to Starboard and steadied on 310°. At that time there was no reason to attach any particular significance to this alteration of course. A few days later an anti-torpedo fence which stretches between and along the line of fishing stacks in this vicinity was discovered. Presumably it was at this point that the enemy turned inshore to take refuge behind the fence. Tally-Ho closed to attack until the water became too shallow to proceed any further. The coasters were seen to be of about 500 tons each. 0921 hours - In position 03°08.5'N, 99°58'E fired one torpedo at one of the coasters from 1200 yards. The torpedo exploded 1min12sec after firing. It may have been deflected or exploded when it struck the anti-torpedo fence. Tally-Ho made off for deeper water.

Submarine HMS Trump: HMS Trump (Cdr. E.F. Balston, DSO, RN) arrived at Tobermory after her work-up patrol. She proceeded to Holy Loch and then to her builders yard at Barrow-in-Furness. Afterwards she proceeded to Portsmouth.


Submarine HMS Spark: HMS Spark (Lt. D.G. Kent, RN) arrived at Alexandria.

Submarine HMS Tudor: HMS Tudor (Lt. S.A. Porter, DSC, RN) departed from Gibraltar bound for Portsmouth.

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