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Re: XI-B Revisited - New-Clarifications
Posted by: ROBERT M. ()
Date: April 29, 2004 05:47PM


I guess I'm to blame for resurrecting this discussion on 4/25/04, but
I'm glad I did. I'm also happy, thanks to your post, to bring closure
to the "mystery U-boat" beached at Jeremie.

I have a friend living in Maine who as a child living near Sandy Pt.
at the entrance of the Penobscot River, states that a young man's body, in plain German uniform clothing, was washed ashore during WWII. No one was able to identify the corpse, as there was no identification found on the body. The locals buried the corpse and put up a small stone monument, and a short statement describing the circumstances of the find.

This lady is over 80 years of age and sharp as a tack, but is not able to got traipsing about in search of this gravesite. She also claims that her parents and all the locals knew that a submarine was sunk in the deep part of the river's entrance.

I have not been able to contact anyone in the area, to discuss this
subject. I'lll just have to go visit her and take her where she used to live as a child and go from there.

Another myth? Dunno.........



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