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Re: WW2 mini-subs?
Posted by: ROBERT M. ()
Date: September 15, 2004 02:36PM


The British used Midget subs X-20 and X-23 to guide the landings of "Operation GAMBIT" just before "H" hour, on the French Coast.

They were 57 feet long; carried 5 commandos (with rubber boats), two navigation experts and Lt. George Honour as Captain.

They released automatic radio beacons, navigational markers and
used a Sonar transmitter that would automatically broadcast sound waves through the water which were picked up by underwater listening devices. They also carried a 18'' telescopic mast to which was attached a small but powerful searchlight.

X-20 was located about 20 miles south of X-23 near the French village of Le Hamel.

Hope this helps,


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