Re: U-31 Class Schematic
Posted by: ThomasHorton ()
Date: April 06, 2010 01:30AM

The only one I have is in

Rossler, E, (1981) The U-Boat: The evolution and technical history of German Submarines, (translated) Naval Institute Press

On page 29 there are four schematics of the series U-31 to U-37 with the annotation that they are similar to U-23 to U-26 and U-38 to U-41.

Some trivial trivia you might use in your book. The original deliver date for the U-31 was 1 Oct 13, but the actual delivery date was 18 Sep 14 a delay of 11 2/3 months. This was the longest delay in the U-23 to U-41 series.

In any case the end of Chapter 1 of Rossler's book talks about the U-31.

I hope this helps.

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