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On this site you will find all the German U-boats of both World Wars, their commanding officers and operations including all Allied ships attacked, technological information and much more. You can also browse our large photo gallery and thousands of U-boat books and movies. While hundreds of U-boats were lost some of the boats are preserved as museums today.

We also have a huge section covering the Allied forces and their struggle with the U-boat threat - not to mention the Pacific war. Included there are all the Allied Warships and thousands of Allied Commanding officers from all the major navies (US Navy, Royal Navy, ...) plus technical pages and information on the air forces.

What's new on this site

16 Jan
Italian submarines. New content
We just added Most successful submarines page to the Italian submarines section. Many of the submarines will now have a photo and a caption. The submarine classes page will also show photos boat photos if we have them. On top of this we are constantly improving the data in the section.

26 Dec
Italian submarines section is open
We have now opened the new Italian submarines section. Platon Alexiades done incredible work on this section building upon many years of research.

14 Nov
HMS Barham and wartime histories updates
Brian has been busy on the Wartime histories for allies warships, which now has 350 entries of warships with full wartime service histories. HMS Barham is the latest addition.

2 Mar
U-boat of the day
Loaded in the next 4 years of U-boat of the day, see the left sidebar. It had unfortunately been missing for a few weeks.

24 Dec
Merry Christmas to you all!
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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