Contact us - Gudmundur Helgason

I get a lot of mail from my various projects and this I write as a guideline for you to follow if you wish to correspond with me in some capacity. I can of course be reached both via the Internet and regular mail.

This page is NOT written to make you think twice about contacting me but much rather to assist you in reaching me more effectively.

Cases where I am probably not the right person to ask
I can probably not assist you in locating books or related material about the U-boat war. The information I can gather on such matters I collect into the Books page.

If you have a serious need to know something very specific (like on which U-boat a certain man served etc.) then I suggest you read the further information page and then maybe contact the U-boot Archiv listed there.

If I still might be of help
If you have some comments on the pages (errors, praises or suggestions) then by all means write, I enjoy getting e-mail and I do respond as fast as I can. As of early 2000 I can no longer reply to all letters sent to me - I simply do not have the time. However, all mail is being read and acted upon. You can write to me at

Asking for info or looking for something?

Before you write please check the following first:
(Simply hit the back button after each of the following links).

Please make sure that your return e-mail works so my reply to you won't rebound unread to me. Nothing is more irritating than that, I have one of those a day almost :(

  1. Try reading our Forums and see if you can find the answer there. You can also post your question there. This is a good chance for you.

  2. Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions as I might have put the info there.

Thinking about sending me photographs or images?

Then by all means convert all photographs into .tif format and get in touch with me before you send me something so I can advise on image sizes. resolutions, modes and so on. My system does not like some 10mb file that could be 500kb if properly handled :)

Electronic methods

You can send me e-mail at
(my name is written as Gudmundur in english)

When you e-mail me then please make the subject something that makes immediate sense to me like or U-boats:. When I get an empty subject line rest assured I pay little attention until the rest of the mail is taken care of :)

Physical methods

If you want to send me something, maps, books, data, tapes or something like that I can be reached at the following address:

Gudmundur Helgason
Raudalaekur 34
IS-105 Reykjavik


If you wish to phone me for whatever reasons please write me via e-mail and I'll give you the number.