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21 Apr 2000
I am a student from Cyprus. I´ve recently discovered your web page on the net and i would like to congratulate you because it´s simply the best I´ve seen for a long time.

Keep on the good work.
  Nikolaos Petrides

9 Aug 1999
This site does a great service for Germany and their sailors who gave so much.

22 Feb 2000
I think this ought to be a model for all military equipment and weapons web sites. I wish somebody would do something as well organized for each air force of W W 2. There is a wealth of information out there but nobody has done any better organizing it and few have come close.
  Tom Drennan

15 May 1999
As a big fan of Otto Kretschmer, I began to surf the web to look for info on him. When I found, I spent hours reading through all the info! Thanks for making it easy on a casual U-boat fan to enjoy your page! I have bookmarked it and I will be back!
  Rodney Davis

1 Oct 1998
Gudmundur's "U-boat Net" is one of the most extensive references to WW2's Battle of the Atlantic anywhere on the World Wide Web. It presents only the hard-researched facts regarding both the U-boats and the ASW forces, straining away the chaff from over 50 years of legends and myths. It is truly the definitive Battle of the Atlantic archive on the Net.
  WR Harris

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