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16 Sep 2002
I have a great interest in military history and this site is one of the few truly well researched and presented web-sites that I have ever seen.

I have found that your site provides a fine balance of military fact and human emotion - key factors in properly understanding warfare and the ultimate tragedy of it all.

Keep up the outstanding work.
  Deon Kopke

29 Nov 1998
I have just recently found your Web Page and I am extremely happy to use your web site as a reference page. I am a retired Senior Chief Submarine sailor from the U.S. Navy. Currently I am the editor for our United States Submarine Veterans News Letter in Minnesota call the Deep Dive News.

I have and will continue to use some of your data in our news letter. Please keep up the good work.
  Mike Kodluboy

2 Feb 1998
This website is proving to be the only source of vital information for my dive to U-701! I can not thank you enough for all the help it is providing!

[a few months later ...] As our dive on U-701 approaches, u boat net is a constant source of information that we could not do without.
  Joe Sabatini

7 Sep 1997
I am quite impressed by the quality of the site. It is, indeed, the kind of stuff that makes the Net one of the more interesting technologies around. Your site is well conceived, easy to navigate (no pun intended), graphically worthwhile; in short, I will recommend this site to whomever says that personnal pages and the like are a plague on the internet.

Keep up the (very) good work!
  Mario Cantin

18 Apr 2000
I have always been interested in U-boats and the men that took them to sea. This web site has provided me with literally days of searching and researching so many questions I had over the years. I will spend many, many more days studying the history of the U Boats and their crews, and their eventual fate. I am astounded to find so many are left in the world even at the turn of the century. My sincere respect goes to you for putting this compilation together for future generations to learn of the triumphs and mistakes made by man in wartime.

Thank you for your incredible undertaking. To all who manned the ships of all countries lost at sea in battle, may God Bless you.
  Bob Snow

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