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18 Oct 2000
Oh ! Boy.......absolutely brilliant.

I was a Shackleton "skipper" based at Ballykelly and then Malta, and I used to 'chase' Russian subs for a living !!


Well Done
  Bryn Wayt

22 Oct 2000
I have been coming to this site at least once a week ever since I first found it on the net, about one year ago. It is one of my top 5 favorite sites.

Meiriháttar síða, ég vildi óska að ég hefði meiri tíma til að skoða mig um á henni. Ég var búin að koma á þessa síðu í meira en tvo mánuði þegar ég sá að það var Íslendingur sem gerir hana út. Meiriháttar. Haltu þessu áfram.
  Magnús Einar Magnússon

10 Oct 1999
Sir....I wish to commend you and your staff for constructing an excellent World War Two historic source of information.

I am a retired US serviceman and a volunteer assisting educators in our schools, I am using your site and several others for classroom work. In fact, in two class'es one is building ship models from the Atlantic and another class is constructing WW2 in the Pacific using ship models that were involved in the Battle of Midway. These kids are really keyed up about WW2 history.....I'm sure they will remember these class'es.

I am 76 years old and would have a hell've time convincing my students about the events in WW2 if it were not for people like you constructing such a fine data-base of information.

Thank you.
  Ed Fox

30 Aug 1999
First, let me thank you for featuring my article "Heinz-Wilhelm Eck: Siegerjustiz and the Peleus Affair" from "Silent Hunters" on your site. I would add that I have used your site recently as part of a book project and have found the material provided extensive and useful.
  Dwight R. Messimer

12 Feb 2000
I stumbled onto your site 2 years ago by accident and check in weekly. I am so taken by the stories that I have passed on your web site to many, many others. Keep up the good work. Your site is the number 1 spot on my bookmarks.
  Dick Downey

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