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21 Oct 1999
Congratulations on your web site. It is the finest source of information on the U-boat war that I know of. Keep up the good work!
  Jeff Burr

10 May 2000
Great work! This is a brilliant site. Especially like the book reviews.
  Brendan Christie

24 Jul 1999
Best site I've seen.
This site is almost as good as my own library. I'm also seeing material I don't have myself, keep up the brilliant work, I hope the site gets bigger.
  John Foster-Dobson
  New Zealand

30 Aug 1997
My compliments on the excellent work, arrangement and materials contained on your web site. It is both comprehensive and informative. Best wishes.
  Glenn Shiveler

14 Jun 2000
This is truly a fantastic sight. You have a lot to be proud of.
  J.C. Mas

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