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30 Sep 2000
The best site I've come across yet. Been glued to it for hours.
  Tony Hooton

5 Nov 1997
I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on constructing one of the most thorough and thought provoking military sites on the net.

Just last night, I was given the number of a U-boat sunk by a Royal Canadian Air Force officer who happens to be in his 80's today. The boat's number was U-625, and was sunk with a bomb from a Sunderland aircraft off the coast of Ireland.

Thanks to your website, I was able to clear up some confusion he had about the fate of the crew.

Great work ... Your site is a true living history of the most compelling weapon of WWII.
  Jason Rodham

20 Sep 1998
Information obtained from U-Boat Net has enabled me to contact one of the survivors of U-715, which our aircraft engaged in 1944. Yours is a truly exceptional page which improves with every visit.
  James M McRae

9 Sep 1999
I´m so glad I found the, and all the facts it contains. I have been looking at the site for a year and I still find new stuff all the time :-) Keep up the good work.
  David Karlsson

5 Jul 1998
My father is a survivor from U-233 which sank July 5th 1944.I printed some of the material for him from He really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

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