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29 Nov 1998
Great site, excellent work!
Just happened across your site,while looking for U-boat info. Am retired USN submariner, 1951 yo 1972. Most other military units, have been highly publicised, while submarine exploits, (especially American) have had next to nothing written about them, until just recently! It's about time the story is being told. Submariners of all countries lived a very dangerous and difficult life. Unless one was there, relating to it is next to impossible! Fine job, keep up the good work. Some colourful emblem art [ done!- ed ] would compliment your fine page!
  R.A. Casey, USN,Ret.

10 Nov 1997
Compliments to the maker(s).

Both technically, information and pictures! This is what internet was made for: INFORMATION. Wow!
  Piet van Hees

16 Oct 2000
One of the best site sites on the net. As an avid but new reader on the subject of the u-boats, this is a great site to piece bits and pieces together from various literary sources. Keep it up.
  Keith Smith

7 Apr 1999
As a long time student of history specifically WWII and in particular the U-boat War---I really appreciate the effort taken here to be accurate. I can spend hours on you Web site... Keep up the great work..
  Scott Moser

11 Jul 1999
I am an avid fan/follower of WWII facts, stories and recovery of armaments/artifacts. About two years ago I had been searching the internet for information on u-boots and I came to your site and was quite impressed by your work . Now, I decided to investigate again and was glad to rediscover your tremendous site. It is always a pleasure to encounter web sites such as yours that demonstrate the incredible amount of data available on the Internet. Once again I would like to thank you for a great job and hope to see more of it. If you were to charge a fee to gain access to your data I would gladly be in favour, as this would probably be only a minor recompense for the very time consuming and exhausting work you have performed. Thanks again.
  Louis Pico

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