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3 Jan 1998
Webmasters should learn how to make web sites. This one is simply the best.
  Robert Walczynski

26 Aug 1999
This is a very good site about the "Grauen Wölfe". It´s very interesting to see this site and the the good and clear information.
  Henning Kopp, CPO, German Navu

10 Mar 1999
I was told about your net by a series of circumstances related to gathering material for my next book. "What a goldmine," I think was the exact term I e-mailed to [...], a diver on U-boat wrecks off the east coast of the States, who informed me about your set-up. It had almost everything I needed; from batteries to shipyards, to commander's records. Yes indeed, what a goldmine.!
  Steve Grabowski

14 May 2000
How do you get so much information?! Your site is the BEST for anything with U-Boats. Thank you very much for all the time you have put into this amazing website. I hope you continue to update in the future so that everyone can experience such a huge amount of great information.
  Craig Daste

13 Aug 2000
Hallo I find this site the most interesting i have visited, it answers all the questions i have ever pondered over the years. having served in the Royal Navy from 1946-1948 I find it all the more interesting. Thankyou for many hours browsing.
  Bill Matthews

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