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16 Dec 1997
I have experienced this as a wonderful and supporting site with great value to the U-boat enthusiast.
  Anton de Wit
  South Africa

4 Jul 2000
I am an Ausralian who was a boy during the second war, my father was killed at El-Alamein - I served in Vietnam in the army ---there are many sites concerning air and land forces-but I happened to find your site by accident-what a wonderful find-I can only just barely imagine your work load-I find this site incredibly informative--you have the true happenings and events-not those hysterical myths---once again I congratulate you on a magnificent informative site-----best of luck for future adventures.
  Norman Harley

23 Dec 1997
Heart felt thanks
All I can say is thank you. I'm rather speechless. You see, my grandfather was aboard the HMS Exmouth which was sunk in 1940 with all hands. It has been a life long quest of mine to find out what happened to his ship. Until a few months ago all I could find out was that it was presumed torpedoed in the Moray Firth. Today...just now, with the aid of the Web, I found a sight called Ship Losses Around Britain and learned that it was U-22 that sealed the fate of Exmouth. Your sight on U boats gave the whole ordeal closure for my family. Thank you so very much indeed for all of your hard work.
  Richard E. Thompson

14 Sep 1997
I Just stumbled onto your site and after 40 minutes of reading, could not leave without saying something. U-Boat Net is absolutely one of the most interesting, best organised, complete, and fastest sites I have ever seen; bar none. Absolutely fabulous job on every page. I intend to spread the word. I am interest in U-boats, but not to the extent that you obviously are. Again, KUDOS!
  Rick Bishop

4 Feb 1998
I ran into this web site accidentally, but after browsing around for a few minutes I knew that I had found a gem of information on U-boats..., very good! I've been interested in WWII history since I was 7 years old, (ala 1967) and your site is very informative and accurate. Total bliss! Keep up the good work.
  Dana Laude

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