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24 Jul 1999
Best site I've seen.
This site is almost as good as my own library. I'm also seeing material I don't have myself, keep up the brilliant work, I hope the site gets bigger.
  John Foster-Dobson
  New Zealand

29 Apr 2000
I've been visiting your fantastic pages about U-boat warfare for nearly one year. What a great database! Thank you very much for providing us valuable and collective information that we cannot find it somewhere else.

Keep it up the great works.

10 Nov 1997
I would just like to tell you how impressed I was with your U-Boat site. The bravery and professionalism of the U-Boat men have been a source of inspiration for many naval professionals, and particularly submariners around the world - I certainly count myself among those who have been so inspired. The meticulous and comprehensive detail which you have amassed in your site is of great interest to naval historians and interested observers alike. Keep up the good work!

12 Dec 1997
Fantastic Site!
Unbelievable! Marvelous! Fascinating! Words cannot describe the awesome depth and complexity of Helgason's I have been interested in these machines and the gallant men who served on them, survived them, and died in them. My first visit lasted two hours! Keep up the exceptional work
  Robert Jackson Jr.

14 Jun 2000
This is truly a fantastic sight. You have a lot to be proud of.
  J.C. Mas

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