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13 Mar 1998
I have been compiling information about WW II and in particular the U-boats since I was a teen. This amounts to approximately 30 years. Your site has filled in all of the gaps and omissions my research has in all of those years left un-filled. There seems very little that I can add. Thank you for it all.
  T. White

29 Apr 1999
Simply the best I have ever seen.

18 Apr 2000
This is one of the best web pages I've ever seen. for those of us interested in submarine warfare in WW2, this is an outstanding location. Thanks for all the hard work that must have gone into it.
  Robert Hamilton

1 Oct 1998
Gudmundur's "U-boat Net" is one of the most extensive references to WW2's Battle of the Atlantic anywhere on the World Wide Web. It presents only the hard-researched facts regarding both the U-boats and the ASW forces, straining away the chaff from over 50 years of legends and myths. It is truly the definitive Battle of the Atlantic archive on the Net.
  WR Harris

21 Dec 1997
Of all the web sites I've seen, your's has to be the best. It's highly comprehensive spanning all aspects of U-boats. I finally found out about U- Boat activity off the Virginia / North Carolina shore. Thanks for your efforts.
  Joe Sabaitis

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