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14 Jun 2000
This is truly a fantastic sight. You have a lot to be proud of.
  J.C. Mas

19 Apr 2000
Good Lord....I have been following your web page for a long time now, and it just keeps getting better. It is more than a historical reference, it is an archive that preserves an unique time period in history. This page is invaluable for generations to come.

I would place this site up there with there with documents like the Magna Charta, it preserves the feel of the period and is an invaluable vehicle for a study of the time.

Your site is one of the best, well thought out, and professioanlly executed historical sites I have ever visited, and believe me I have seen legions, from Medieval to current.

You are to be commended and I thank the maker there are people out there like you that put forth such a Herculean effort to preserve a piece of our history that otherwise might slip into oblivion to the public.
  Dean Lehr

17 Apr 1999
I have NEVER seen such a well organised website anywhere else. This is superb and you should take great pride in it.
  Charles Gruchy

24 Jun 1999
Being a member of the "Friends of the U-boat Archive," I find it very disappointing to find former U-boat seamen cannot get a formal military funeral in Germany. As this site so eloquently displays, these men were all valiant sailors and deserve the respect this website affords them, and more.
  Craig McLean

22 Feb 2000
I think this ought to be a model for all military equipment and weapons web sites. I wish somebody would do something as well organized for each air force of W W 2. There is a wealth of information out there but nobody has done any better organizing it and few have come close.
  Tom Drennan

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