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28 Dec 1998
Brilliant !!!
The title of this memo says it all. I have been personally researching Das Boot's on my own for the last fifteen years and you sir are in my opinion the "Grand Admiral" of U-Boat Research. VERY WELL DONE, EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL LAYOUT AND PRESENTATION !!! All Facts and no fluff this is Great!

This is pure heaven to go thru your web site!!! With every mouse-click I am having questions answered that I long ago gave up on finding. I am finding it very difficult to log off ...

I can only say "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" I will be returning very often.
  John R Risvold

25 Jan 1998
Your site honours all submariners......thanks for a great job..
  W. Schmidt

19 Apr 2000
Good Lord....I have been following your web page for a long time now, and it just keeps getting better. It is more than a historical reference, it is an archive that preserves an unique time period in history. This page is invaluable for generations to come.

I would place this site up there with there with documents like the Magna Charta, it preserves the feel of the period and is an invaluable vehicle for a study of the time.

Your site is one of the best, well thought out, and professioanlly executed historical sites I have ever visited, and believe me I have seen legions, from Medieval to current.

You are to be commended and I thank the maker there are people out there like you that put forth such a Herculean effort to preserve a piece of our history that otherwise might slip into oblivion to the public.
  Dean Lehr

27 Sep 1999
Absolutely fantastic and a precious help for any searcher, historian or writer! is definitely no 1. on the matter.
  Yves Dufeil

2 Jan 1998
You pages are a virtual History lesson. Thank You for this most interesting site. I visit often and am very much impressed with the information available. I have and continue to share your URL with those people who express an interest in U-boats and the German Navy during this period of our time.


Thank You Very Much.
  Bud McCall

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