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10 Nov 2000
I have just recently this year viewed the movie das boot the directors cut. I found it to be a most excellent movie, althought i saw it a little late, since its release. I developed a interest in u boats and have found your site to be the best on the boats there crews and such. Outstanding site.
  Mike Clancy

2 Jan 1998
You pages are a virtual History lesson. Thank You for this most interesting site. I visit often and am very much impressed with the information available. I have and continue to share your URL with those people who express an interest in U-boats and the German Navy during this period of our time.


Thank You Very Much.
  Bud McCall

18 Apr 2000
I have always been interested in U-boats and the men that took them to sea. This web site has provided me with literally days of searching and researching so many questions I had over the years. I will spend many, many more days studying the history of the U Boats and their crews, and their eventual fate. I am astounded to find so many are left in the world even at the turn of the century. My sincere respect goes to you for putting this compilation together for future generations to learn of the triumphs and mistakes made by man in wartime.

Thank you for your incredible undertaking. To all who manned the ships of all countries lost at sea in battle, may God Bless you.
  Bob Snow

14 Apr 1999
Just a quick note to say thank you for such a great web site. Its certainly helped to get my TV documentary research off to a coherent start. Keep up the good work,
  Dominic Gribbin

9 Sep 2000
This site is fantastic... I am just starting to read the whole in preparation for the upcoming Silent Hunter II game for PC... I must say I found quite a bit more than I anticipated...

  François Poisson

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