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4 Apr 1999
I think only one word is sufficient to describe your site - SUPERB. Frequently, I reach your pages and as far I am concerned your comments and observations are impartial. They are a real tribute for all intrepid and courageous men, in both sides of the Atlantic, whose matchless efforts deserve the praise of the world, men for whom Duty was the Holy Grail.
  Manuel Martinez

6 Feb 2000
Your site is fantastic. I just came across it accidently when running an Internet search for something else. My hope is that your work will continue and that more people interested in World War Two and naval affairs will find out about this marvelous store of information.
  Robert C Carlson

18 Oct 2000
Oh ! Boy.......absolutely brilliant.

I was a Shackleton "skipper" based at Ballykelly and then Malta, and I used to 'chase' Russian subs for a living !!


Well Done
  Bryn Wayt

21 Oct 1999
Congratulations on your web site. It is the finest source of information on the U-boat war that I know of. Keep up the good work!
  Jeff Burr

25 Nov 2002
Hi, my name is Alex,and I got to say that is an amazing site !! I use this site to find books and information on U-Boats. Keep up the great work!!!!
  Alex Marcianesi

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