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21 Sep 1999
I would like to say that your site has the most comprehensive and detailed low-down on the history of U-boats and everything connected to them. It has everything one might need to know about U-boats.
  Tamerlan Koulaev

6 Sep 1998
Gudmunder we have been in touch recently and I just want to add my congratulations on the professionalism of your website. As a retired RCN Officer and A/S Specialist the information contained in this site is absolutely superb. I seem to refer to it daily and so enjoy each visit. Many thanks for your great effort.
  Phil Booth

21 Nov 2002
Since I served as a radioman on a DE as part of a Hunter-Killler group I find your site very interesting. At our annual reunion, sailors from the U 490 (sunk but all men rescued) attend and share experiences. Several of our crew have attended the U-490 reunions in Germany. Congratulations and keep up the good work.
  Phil Hessemer

19 Oct 1997
Just found your site AGAIN. I am surprised at the information you have and have spent the better part of the night (3 hours) on it. Please try to find some insignia for the boats if you can. Thanks.

4 Sep 1999
I have really enjoyed your site, it is the most information gathering place I've been to. The dive sites are incredible, [...] it seems like every time I'm on the computer I always end up here,
  Michael Lafond

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