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21 Apr 2000
I am a student from Cyprus. I´ve recently discovered your web page on the net and i would like to congratulate you because it´s simply the best I´ve seen for a long time.

Keep on the good work.
  Nikolaos Petrides

14 Jun 2000

Like so many, I grew up during WWII. Submarines have always been a fascination, and your site gives great attention to detail, in every facet of this unique form of vessel and warfare. Like many of your supporters, I have respect, admiration, and almost a reverence, for those men of all nations who served aboard submarines. Their courage transcends political and military dogma.

Thank you for the best site on the World Wide Web.
  Gerald E. Dexter

19 Oct 1997
Just found your site AGAIN. I am surprised at the information you have and have spent the better part of the night (3 hours) on it. Please try to find some insignia for the boats if you can. Thanks.

18 Nov 2002
As a very keen U-Boat fan, I can honestly say that this is the best site on the subject on the web. I have even set it as my home page. Keep up the good work.
  Brian Waring

24 Jul 1999
Best site I've seen.
This site is almost as good as my own library. I'm also seeing material I don't have myself, keep up the brilliant work, I hope the site gets bigger.
  John Foster-Dobson
  New Zealand

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