uboat.net sources

Listed below are some of the main sources we use for uboat.net. This list is not complete and none of those sources listed below is responsible for any omissions or mistakes we might make. We spent considerable amount of time re-checking the sources we obtain for mistakes (nothing is perfect) and rarely accept something from just one source.

No one source can be considered the source, we triple-check everything.

We also have a number of things here that are not available anywhere in print.

U-boat Profiles

Niestlé, Axel, German U-boat Losses during World War II
This is probably the best source on fates there is, it draws heavily on Niestlé's own research plus extensive work by groups like the British Naval Historical Branch of the Ministry of Defence. Read our review.

Kemp, Paul; U-boats Destroyed
This is a good book that covers both world wars and usually has some good text description of each loss. There are some bugs in it but overall this is an excellent book. Read our review.

Busch & Röll; Der U-Boot Krieg, vol 1 & 2
This body of work contains invaluable information on U-boat patrols, commanders, fates and many other items.

Gröner, Erich; German warships 1815-1945, vol 2
This was the bible on fates but has since been replaced by newer sources.

We also rely on material from the U-Boot Archiv in Cuxhaven, accounts from survivors and material from respected researchers and the diving community to name a few sources.

Personnel information

Dörr, Manfred, Die Ritterkreuzträger der U-Bootwaffe

Busch & Röll, Der U-Boot Krieg
volumes 1 & 2

We also use various books and accounts, published and not, written by the men themselves about their actions in the war and also material from other researchers.

Technical Information

Gröner, Erich, German Warships 1815-1945
vol 2

Rössler, Eberhard, Geschichte des deutschen U-Bootbaus
Band 1 & 2

The Vom Original zum Modell: Uboottyp XXI series:

We also use many other sources of material for the technologies section.

Fighting the U-boats

This is the most complex section to document as far as sources go. We use both English and American sources from a number of people and or organisations.