Frequently Asked Questions

The U-boats
  Are any German U-boats left today?
  How many ships did the U-boats sink?
  What U-boat sank the last ship in the war?
  What was the biggest ship sunk by a U-boat?

The men
  How can I locate a certain crewmember?
  How many men died on the U-boats?
  How were the U-boat commanders trained?
  Who was the oldest commander?
  Who was the youngest commander?

  Can you help me find U-boat collectibles?
  Did any of you serve on a U-boat in the war?
  How can I obtain a certain book?
  How can I obtain the war diary (Kriegstagebuch, KTB) for a specific boat?
  Will you be including other navies or periods?

This is a small collection of the vast amount of questions we've been getting at for the last 6 years or so. We hope we can expand this section to truly reflect the wide scope we cover.

U-boat myths and stories
You might also want to check out our page on myths and stories for something you might have missed on this page.

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