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Hundreds of U-boats displayed emblems in the war, much like many other services from all sides of the war. They varied from typical war emblems (swords, axes, torpedoes etc.) to humorous (Mickey Mouse on U-26) coincidental (the horseshoes on U-99) and many other reasons prompted an emblem. One of the more interesting is the Olympic rings seen on many boats.

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Random Emblem

Bird on Pole

The bird in this emblem is a sparrow, and U-309 was occasionally known as 'U-Spatz' (Berlin slang for sparrow). The bird is perched on the Luftzielsehrohr (sky, or aircraft, periscope).

1 U-boat displayed this emblem

Most popular Emblems on U-boats

This page shows the 15 most popular Emblems as seen on U-boats.

Flotilla emblems

Most of the 30 U-boat flotillas had emblems. They are all visible on this page.

Crew emblems

U-boat crews (one batch of officer cadets) often chose their own emblem or insignia. On this page I'll list them all.

U-boats with emblems

Over 840 U-boats spotted an emblem at one time or another. On this page you can see them all.

U-boats without emblems

According to our sources the boats on this page did not display an emblem of any kind. Please check this page out and contact us if you find a boat here that did in fact have an emblem since that would be new information.

Coat of Arms

Many U-boats displayed a Coat of Arms of a city, town or region. You can see them here.

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About these emblems
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Additionally there are 600 emblems that have been described but are as of now without actual image. This is done to try to give as complete picture as possible (instead of showing 2 emblems for boat that had 4 we can at least describe these 2 missing).

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