Special Sections

On these pages we'll collect various special groups of pages and articles that do not necessarily belong to other sections.

These very exiting pages cover the interesting and often entertaining U-boat Emblems. Hundreds of boats displayed them in the war.

U-boat Videos

Here you can find war-time propaganda videos and U-boat commander interviews.

U-boat related Myths

Our collection of interesting and often amusing U-boat Myths & Stories.

Computer Games

What U-boat related games are available out there?

U-boat Attack Analysis

An interesting analysis of number of attacks and their successes depending on weapons used etc.

Further Information

Listing of sources I feel might be helpful to you should uboat.net not be able to help.

Check out this fantastic new section! Already it contains over 160 movies in detailed form including how to obtain the movie in question.


Here we'll gather lots and lots of information on modelling our favorite boats!

Museums, memorials and graveyards

Our new database of those interesting but often hard-to-find locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

An attempt to collect the most frequently asked questions and answer them.


The amazing U-Boot-Archiv in Cuxhaven, Germany is a MUST see!