U-boat Videos

German propaganda videos in french language

These videos were produced and presented during the German occupation of France in WWII. On the following pages you can download the videos and read a transcript of what's narrated on them.

French title Length Launched
Barrage anti sous-marin 1:39 14 Jan 1944
Bataille en mer 3:48 22 May 1942
Formation des équipages de sous-marins 2:13 11 Dec 1942
Guerre en mer 1:29
La guerre des convois 2:54 26 Feb 1943
Le mur de l'atlantique 2:17 11 Jun 1943
On board 4:42 2 Jan 1942
Revue navale 1:24 17 Dec 1943

Length is shown as minutes:seconds.

U-boat commander interviews

For interviews with 4 U-boat commanders: Erich Topp, Otto Kretschmer, Reinhard Hardegen and Helmut Schmoeckel go to this page.