U-boat Emblems

U-boats without Emblems

According to our sources the boats on this page did not display an emblem of any kind. Please check this page out and contact us if you find a boat here that did in fact have an emblem since that would be new information. Also if you spot a boat missing from this list.

A great number of the boats seen here below were training boats only and they did not have emblems (apart from training insignias).

U-boats without emblems:

       U-4, U-5, U-6, U-11, U-12, U-15, U-16, U-21, U-27, U-35,
       U-41, U-42, U-45, U-54, U-55, U-90, U-102, U-104,
       U-122, U-127, U-139, U-140, U-144, U-157, U-166,
       U-179, U-186, U-197, U-222, U-229, U-232, U-240,
       U-243, U-248, U-250, U-252, U-254, U-259, U-272,
       U-279, U-280, U-284, U-288, U-298, U-303, U-304,
       U-316, U-317, U-319, U-326, U-327, U-336, U-339,
       U-342, U-343, U-346, U-349, U-361, U-366, U-367,
       U-368, U-374, U-384, U-388, U-392, U-398, U-401,
       U-417, U-420, U-424, U-430, U-449, U-452, U-464,
       U-469, U-470, U-476, U-478, U-479, U-485

       U-503, U-517, U-523, U-530, U-540, U-542, U-580,
       U-583, U-585, U-602, U-603, U-612, U-619, U-620,
       U-623, U-631, U-633, U-637, U-638, U-639, U-644,
       U-648, U-649, U-655, U-656, U-658, U-661, U-670,
       U-673, U-676, U-681, U-683, U-705, U-713, U-718,
       U-719, U-738, U-750, U-762, U-765, U-767, U-768,
       U-774, U-779, U-792, U-795, U-803, U-804, U-822,
       U-827, U-842, U-846, U-855, U-856, U-859, U-866,
       U-876, U-879, U-881, U-883, U-903, U-904, U-922,
       U-925, U-929 - U-930, U-962, U-973, U-980, U-983,
       U-987, U-988, U-994, U-1000, U-1001, U-1021, U-1025,
       U-1052, U-1054, U-1055, U-1057, U-1061, U-1065,
       U-1102, U-1106, U-1107, U-1109, U-1132, U-1161,
       U-1163, U-1165, U-1166, U-1168, U-1169, U-1170,
       U-1191, U-1193, U-1194, U-1196, U-1198, U-1204,
       U-1207, U-1226, U-1272, U-1273, U-1274, U-1275,
       U-1278, U-1307, U-1405

       U-2321, U-2322, U-2323, U-2324, U-2331, U-2333, U-2338,
       U-2340 - U-2347, U-2349, U-2351, U-2366, U-2368, U-2371,
       U-2501, U-2503, U-2504, U-2505, U-2508, U-2510, U-2511,
       U-2515, U-2523, U-2526, U-2528, U-2531, U-2535, U-2539,
       U-2540, U-2542, U-2545, U-2548, U-2552, U-3005, U-3007,
       U-3009, U-3016, U-3018, U-3021, U-3026, U-3031, U-3035,
       U-3037, U-3038, U-3503, U-3505, U-3507, U-3508, U-3509,
       U-3511, U-3518, U-3527, U-3529, U-3530, U-4702, U-4704
       and U-4710

Foreign U-boats without emblems
UB, UC-2, UD-1, UD-2 and UF-2.

U-boats that possibly had an emblem
       U-158 (yellow & red shield), U-171, U-805,
       U-977 and U-3528