Contributors wanted

The crew is looking for a few good people to help us expand this site into new and much uncharted waters. We are doing this spare-time right now and thus cannot focus on everything at the same time. We have a very complete list of what we want to install here to make this site just perfect. If you believe you can help us out then by all means let me know and we'll talk.

Here below are just some of the areas we'll chart in the nearest future and could use some help with to speed up the process. If you see something here and want to help us out by all means let me know before you start writing something as I don't want many people doing the same page :) All articles will of course be installed, once approved, with full credits.

The items below are of course very wide in scope and some will only require a small but well researched page while some of the other sections will be considerably larger.


If you can contribute to the graphics on this site that is always most welcome! :) Maps, charts, animations and ... is always needed :)

Operational areas

Gulf of Mexico
Arctic Waters 1939-1945
Black Sea


Sonar technology
Range finders (hydrophones)
Mines and mine-laying operations

Again, this is not something we're unable to do ourselves, but if a few people could help us out on this that would probably speed things up considerably.