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The motor merchant Cedarbank, hit by U-26 (Heinz Scheringer) on 21 Apr 1940.

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Number of incidents: 3,474
Number of vessels: 3,304

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Allied Warship lost to U-boats

See a list of all the Allied Warships hit by German U-boats during WWII.

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See a list of all the Allied Warships hit during WWII.

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There were over 650 Allied convoys hit by German U-boats during World War Two.

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Note: All times in this database are given in MEZ/CET (Mitteleuropäische Zeit / Central European Time), respectively in MESZ/CEST (Mitteleuropäischer Sommerzeit/Central European Summer Time). Therefore the dates and times can differ from other (mostly Allied) sources, especially when ships were hit in distant areas.

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