Allied Ships hit by U-boats

Sources and Thanks

This is a listing of sources that have been instrumental in helping us compiling and improving this section.

U-boat successes:
Book: Jürgen Rohwer - Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two (1998)
Thanks to Thomas Weis of the Library of Contemporary History, Stuttgart, who makes it possible for us to have the newest revised success assessments for the book of Rohwer.
Book: Rainer Busch/Hans-Joachim Röll - Der U-Bootkrieg 1939-1945 (Band 3)
Book: Herbert Ritschel - Kurzfassung KTB deutscher U-Boote (Band 1 - 11)
Book: Daniel Morgan and Bruce Taylor – U-boat Attack Logs
Many thanks to Klaus-Peter Pohland for provide informations from his U-Bootarchiv and to Axel Niestlé.
Thanks to Jerry Mason of
Thanks to the staff of The National Archives (TNA), Kew

Merchant vessels:
Roger W. Jordan - The World's Merchant Fleets 1939
Thanks to Roger W. Jordan for his help to clear some major questions about merchant vessels.
Book: Erich Gröner - Taschenbuch der Handelsflotten 1939
Book: Erich Gröner - Die Handelsflotten der Welt 1942 und Nachtrag 1944
Book: Lloyd’s Register of Ships

Convoy information
Book: Arnold Hague - The Allied Convoy System 1939-1945
Thanks to Mike Holdoway of

American Merchant vessels:
Book: Robert M. Browning Jr. - US Merchant vessel War Casualties of World War II
Book: Arthur R. Moore - A Careless Word ... A Needless Sinking

British Merchant vessels:
Book: Alan J. Tennent - British and Commonwealth Merchant Ship Losses to Axis Submarines 1939-1945
Book: W.H. Mitchell & L.A. Sawyer - The Empire Ships
Book: W.H. Mitchell & L.A. Sawyer - British Standard Ships of World War I

Dutch Merchant vessels:
Thanks to Jan Visser (Visje) for translate and send us informations about Dutch ships from the book: K.W.L. Bezemer - Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Koopvaardij in de Tweede Wereldoorlog
Many thanks to Jos Rozenburg ( for sharing his own research in the Nationaal Archief (Dutch National Archives) and other Dutch sources with us.

Many thanks to Jos Rozenburg for sharing his own

Norwegian Merchant vessels:
Siri Lawson and her excellent site helped out a great deal.
Many of the photos belong to Mr. Roger W. Jordan

Finnish merchant vessels:
Thanks to Harry Jaäskeläinen and Jukka Mikkola for translate and send us informations from the book: Helge Heikkinen - Vaarallisilla vesillä

Soviet vessels:
Thanks to Kirill Klementuev and Miroslav Morozov for translate and send us informations from several Russian books and archives.

Thanks to Brian Watson for his permission to use photos from the Allen Collection.
Thanks to the Danish Maritime Museum.

Crew lists
Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC):
Casualty Lists of the Royal Navy and Dominion Navies:
Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office.
Sjømennenes Minnehall:
Book: Arthur R. Moore - A Careless Word ... A Needless Sinking
Book: Axel Axwik - Svenskt sjöfolk i krig och fred
Book: Konstantinos Paizis-Paradelis - To Timima Tou Polemou

Thanks to Jan-Olof Hendig, Josef Pijáèek, Theodor Dorgeist and many other visitors of for sending data and informations about the U-Boat successes and their valuable work to check our database for spelling errors and mistakes.

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