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The Allied Convoy System 1939-1945

Its Organization, Defence, and Operation

By Hague, Arnold
2000, United States Naval Inst.
ISBN 1557500193
Hardcover, 200 pages

Descripton: The development and operations of Allied convoys has never been so well described as in this new book. Arnold Hague, an experienced naval officer and longtime researcher on the staff of the historical section of the U.K. Ministry of Defence, has assembled what is probably the largest collection of convoy records in existence. From these records he has written a work that is the most comprehensive and detailed available. His book explains how the convoy system was organized and what provisions were made for its protection. There are descriptions and illustrations of escorts, escort oilers, rescue ships, salvage tugs, and escort aircraft carriers. Tactics and weapons of the U-boat war are explained. A huge appendix lists every North Atlantic-related convoy, with sailing and arrival dates, points of departure and arrival, number of vessels involved and number lost. There is also an invaluable index of ships lost. This remarkable reference work fills a significant gap in World War II literature and is an essential work for all those with an interest in how the war was won on the lonely wastes of the world oceans.

From the review: Hague, a retired Royal Navy Lieutenant-Commander, author of The Towns: Destroyers for Great Britain, Sloops 1926-1946, co-author of Convoys to Russia, and a former sub-editor of Jane's Fighting Ships has here produced nothing new ...
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