Errata in Books

We have opened up a new and very exciting database called Errata in Books. This system will collect and display known mistakes/bugs in published books. This system is of course only meant to help out researchers and is in no way meant to "go after" any books or authors in any way.

We've done our very best to make sure these mistakes have been properly identified and corrected and matching the revision of the title in question shown on the site (we'll not list bugs found in older prints but fixed in later editions).

Enough said, check out the Errata listings!.

You know of a mistake in any book? Submit it!
You can submit your own errata information on this page. Any information that passed through that form will be closely looked over by our team, and if proven a bug we'll post it to the main database.

Please note: We do not claim that itself is error-free. If you know of a problem in our pages please let us know.

You can now subscribe to our weekly e-mail listing all the new errata information added to the database.