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Fips - Legendary U-boat Commander

By Brooks, Geoffrey
2000, United States Naval Inst.
ISBN 1557502862
Hardcover, 224 pages, illustrations

Descripton: From the publisher: "Werner Fürbringer (Fips) became one of the most successful U-Boat commanders in WW1 through a blend of skill, daring and, by his own typically modest admission, sheer luck. This vivid memoir, never before published in English, makes compelling reading. This is an inspiring and chivalrous story; it is ironic then that, when finally sunk by the Royal Navy off the East Coast of England, Fips was machine-gunned in the water, contrary to repeated Government denials of such behaviour."

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From the review: While the U-boat campaign of World War II has been well documented, there are by comparison relatively few books in print that deal with German submarines and submariners of World War I. The release of Werner Fürbringer's memoirs in English in ...
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