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Der Abschied

by Lothar-Günther Buchheim
(The Parting)
2002, Piper Verlag, München
ISBN 3492235727
Paperback, 560 pages
This novel describes the journey Buchheim and Lehmann-Willenbrock make on the nuclear research vessel Otto Hahn from Rotterdam to Cape Town. It is the last journey for the ship - which will be scrapped - as well as for the captain, der Alte, who will retire after this mission. The book is interesting for Das Boot or Die Festung readers, because it wraps up the story of the friendship between Leutnant Werner (Buchheim) and der Alte (Lehmann-Willenbrock). The description of their chats in the evenings gives a nice insight into the life of Lehmann-Willenbrock during the last stages of the war and the time after that. This book is a must for every Das Boot fan, although it is not as exciting as Das Boot or Die Festung.



by Kent, Alexander
(Grey Wolves)
1989, Ullstein-Verlag, Berlin
ISBN 3548221513
270 pages
Fair written novel about a submarine commander 1944


Das Boot

by Buchheim, Lothar-Günther
(The Boat)
1998, Piper Verlag, München
ISBN 3492021751
Hardcover, 603 pages
This well-known novel, stemming from the author's experiences as a war correspondent on U-96, describes a single U-boat patrol from beginning to end. The long periods of boredom punctuated by bursts of tension and excitement typical of a U-boat patrol are described from the correspondent-narrator's point of view. This novel was the basis for the famous movie of the same title. First published 1973.
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Duell mit dem nassen Tod

by Maasch, Erik
(Duel with wet death)
1999, Ullstein
ISBN 354824632X
Paperback, 330 pages
A novel about a Fähnrich zur See who ships aboard a U-boat as a last-minute substitute in 1944.


Eine Frau war an Bord

by Lebert, Norbert
(A woman was on board)
1981, Heyne Verlag, München
ISBN 3453014847
268 pages
Fictionalized account of the famous 66-day submerged snorkel cruise of U-977 to South America after the war.



by Harris, Robert.
1995, Heyne Verlag, München
ISBN 3453115937
378 pages
A really good novel dealing with the Enigma code-breaking effort of the Allies at Bletchley Park.
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Ernstfall in der Tiefe

by Kent, Alexander
(Emergency at depth)
2001, Ullstein-Verlag, Berlin
ISBN 354825215X
Paperback, 446 pages


Das Geheimnis von U 180

by Higgins, Jack
(The secret of U 180)
1997, Bertelsmann Verlag
ISBN 3442437458
346 pages
Story of a British intelligence agent diving on a mysterious U-boat found in the Caribbean. The commander’s briefcase, believed to hold incriminating documents listing prominent families supporting the Nazi party, is believed to be on board. As with all Jack Higgins novels it is fast-paced, and this one makes you want to go search for the sunken boats!
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Haie und kleine Fische

by Ott, Wolfgang
(Sharks and little fishes)
1996, Ullstein-Verlag, Berlin
ISBN 3548239285
505 pages
This highly acclaimed novel realistically describes the life of a German U-boat officer in WWII. The first 300 pages focus on minesweepers, at which point the main character transfers to U-boats. His commander is hard and bitingly sarcastic, feared by the crew, but has already racked up 100,000 tons of shipping sunk and bears a grudge against the British because he once observed through his periscope a British surface ship machine gunning survivors of a sinking U-boat. The remainder of the book is a succession of hellish experiences - North Atlantic storm, Caribbean heat, on shore a gruesome revenge attack by the Maquis, torpedo tubes used as not-so-cold storage for the bodies of fallen crewmen, and various mutilations suffered by the crew in the line of duty. A movie based on the book was released in 1957.
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Die Insel

by MacLean, Alistair
(The island)
1980, W. Heyne, München
ISBN 345300647X
303 pages
This novel deals only indirectly with U-boats, with the action taking place a quarter century after the end of World War II. Since it is a mystery novel, it wouldn't do to spoil the plot... First published 1974. A movie loosely based on this book deals more with U-boats.
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Konvoi 1943

by Forester, C. S.
(Convoy 1943)
1970, Eduard-Kaiser-Verlag
416 pages
This is a novel about a 37-ship convoy escorted across the Atlantic by three destroyers (American, Polish and British) and a Canadian corvette. The American commander of the USS Keeling (Mahan-class) is also the escort commander and encounters U-boats at virtually every turn.
It was first published in 1955 and Life Magazine called it "The greatest adventure story to come out of World War II." -- from the cover of the original English version of this book.
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Das letzte U-Boot nach Avalon

by Guenter, C. H.
(The last U-Boat to Avalon)
1996, Ullstein-Verlag, Berlin
ISBN 3548246346
Volume I: Einsatz im Atlantik (patrol in the Atlantic)
ISBN 3548239250, 240 pages, (12,80 DM)
Volume II: U-136 in geheimer Mission (U-136 on secret mission)
ISBN 3548239269, 240 pages, (12,80 DM)
An awful science-fiction novel.



by Lehnhoff, Joachim
U- Boot mit tödlicher Fracht
1998, Bastei Lübbe, Bergisch Gladbach
ISBN 3548244750
415 pages
Tells the story of the last patrol of U-859, its sinking off Penang and its raising in the 1980s. Well-written novel where firsthand information from the only surviving officer of U-859 came to use. Originally published in 1984.



by Collins, Max Allan
2000, Heyne Verlag, München
ISBN 3453178742
Paperback, 255 pages
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Die U-boot-Jäger

by Kent, Alexander
(The U-boat hunters)
1999, Ullstein-Verlag, Berlin
ISBN 3548246370
Paperback, 367 pages
A novel about a British destroyer, the Gladiator, which is on a mission to sink the U-234.

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