Convoy Battles

A Convoy in the Caribbean (US National Archives #104063)

On these pages you can view the most famous convoy battles, read about the convoy routes and see the entire list of convoys hit by U-boats in the war.

Greatest Convoy Battles

From the OB-4 in Sept 1939 to the RA-66 in April 1945 we have all the major convoy battles here, in time each one of them will have their own page with all the details. We have over 30 convoy battle pages already in our files.

Most Successful Convoy Attacks by a U-boat

There were a number of highly successful convoy attacks by U-boat - while apart of a Wolfpack or acting alone - and this page shows them. Also includes 10 of the most successful convoy attacks after fall 1942 when convoy battles were much harder than before.

The Convoy Systems

This is a page which illustraits in detail the convoy system as used by the allies, this system was vast to say the least with over 200 routes in progress during the war. Here can also find list of all intercepted convoys during the war on each route (this is not complete yet, we have over 20 convoy system pages ready.)

All convoys hit by U-boats

This page shows all the convoys ever hit by U-boats. From this page you can then view each and every convoy and see its losses.

All Allied merchants hit by U-boats

We have a complete listing and details on attacks on all the allied merchants hit by German U-boats in WWII. We also have the database for Allied ships hit by U-boats in World War One.

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