U-boat fates

U-boats that surrendered at the end of the War

This listing includes both U-boats that surrendered at sea and those who surrendered in German controlled ports.

This list is the result of a very serious study by Derek Waller and Dr. Axel Niestlé in late 2010. See the article regarding the German U-boat surrenders.

Surrender by location or Surrender by U-boat number or Surrender by date

New: Map of these boats and their surrender locations

BoatTypeDateSurrender location
U-143IID5 May 1945Heligoland, Germany[DL]
U-145IID5 May 1945Heligoland, Germany[DL]
U-149IID5 May 1945Heligoland, Germany[DL]
U-150IID5 May 1945Heligoland, Germany[DL]
U-155IXC5 May 1945Baring Bay near Frederica, Denmark[DL]
U-170IXC/409 May 1945Horten, Norway[DL]
U-190IXC/4014 May 1945Bay of Bulls, Canada
U-218VIID12 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-234XB19 May 1945Portsmouth, USA
U-244VIIC14 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK[DL]
U-245VIIC9 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-249VIIC10 May 1945Portland, UK[DL]
U-255VIIC17 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK[DL]
U-278VIIC9 May 1945Narvik[DL]
U-281VIIC9 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway[DL]
U-291VIIC5 May 1945Cuxhaven, Germany[DL]
U-293VIIC/4111 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK[DL]
U-294VIIC/419 May 1945Narvik, Norway[DL]
U-295VIIC/419 May 1945Narvik, Norway[DL]
U-298VIIC/419 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-299VIIC/419 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway[DL]
U-310VIIC9 May 1945Trondheim, Norway
U-312VIIC9 May 1945Narvik, Norway[DL]
U-313VIIC9 May 1945Narvik, Norway[DL]
U-315VIIC9 May 1945Trondheim, Norway
U-318VIIC/419 May 1945Narvik[DL]
U-324VIIC/419 May 1945Bergen, Norway
U-328VIIC/419 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-363VIIC9 May 1945Narvik, Norway[DL]
U-368VIIC5 May 1945Heligoland, Germany[DL]
U-369VIIC9 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway[DL]
U-427VIIC9 May 1945Narvik, Norway[DL]
U-481VIIC9 May 1945Narvik, Norway[DL]
U-483VIIC9 May 1945Trondheim, Norway[DL]
U-485VIIC12 May 1945Gibraltar[DL]
U-510IXC9 May 1945St. Nazaire, France
U-516IXC14 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK[DL]
U-530IXC/4010 Jul 1945Mar del Plata, Argentina
U-532IXC/4013 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK[DL]
U-539IXC/409 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-541IXC/4012 May 1945Gibraltar[DL]
U-637VIIC9 May 1945Stavanger, Norway[DL]
U-668VIIC9 May 1945Narvik, Norway[DL]
U-680VIIC5 May 1945Baring Bay, near Fredericia, Denmark[DL]
U-712VIIC9 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway
U-716VIIC9 May 1945Narvik, Norway[DL]
U-720VIIC5 May 1945Heligoland, Germany[DL]
U-739VIIC13 May 1945Emden, Germany[DL]
U-764VIIC14 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK[DL]
U-773VIIC9 May 1945Trondheim, Norway[DL]
U-775VIIC9 May 1945Trondheim, Norway[DL]
U-776VIIC16 May 1945Portland, UK[DL]
U-778VIIC9 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-779VIIC5 May 1945Cuxhaven, Germany[DL]
U-802IXC/4011 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK[DL]
U-805IXC/4015 May 1945Portsmouth, USA
U-806IXC/406 May 1945Aarhus, Denmark[DL]
U-825VIIC13 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK[DL]
U-826VIIC11 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK[DL]
U-858IXC/4014 May 1945Lewes, Delaware, USA
U-861IXD29 May 1945Trondheim, Norway[DL]
U-868IXC/409 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-873IXD216 May 1945Portsmouth, USA
U-874IXD29 May 1945Horten, Norway[DL]
U-875IXD29 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-883IXD/425 May 1945Cuxhaven, Germany[DL]
U-889IXC/4013 May 1945Shelbourne, Canada
U-901VIIC15 May 1945Stavanger, Norway[DL]
U-907VIIC9 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-926VIIC9 May 1945Bergen, Norway
U-928VIIC9 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-930VIIC/419 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-953VIIC9 May 1945Trondheim, Norway
U-956VIIC13 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK[DL]
U-968VIIC9 May 1945Narvik, Norway[DL]
U-975VIIC9 May 1945Horten, Norway[DL]
U-977VIIC17 Aug 1945Mar del Plata, Argentina
U-978VIIC9 May 1945Trondheim, Norway[DL]
U-991VIIC9 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-992VIIC9 May 1945Narvik, Norway[DL]
U-994VIIC9 May 1945Trondheim, Norway[DL]
U-995VIIC/419 May 1945Trondheim, Norway
U-997VIIC/419 May 1945Narvik, Norway[DL]
U-1002VIIC/419 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-1004VIIC/419 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-1005VIIC/4114 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-1009VIIC/4110 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK[DL]
U-1010VIIC/4114 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK[DL]
U-1019VIIC/419 May 1945Trondheim, Norway[DL]
U-1022VIIC/419 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-1023VIIC/4110 May 1945Weymouth, UK[DL]
U-1052VIIC9 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-1057VIIC9 May 1945Bergen, Norway
U-1058VIIC10 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK
U-1061VIIF9 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-1064VIIC/419 May 1945Trondheim, Norway
U-1102VIIC13 May 1945Hohwacht Bay, Germany[DL]
U-1103VIIC/415 May 1945Cuxhaven, Germany[DL]
U-1104VIIC/419 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-1105VIIC/4110 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK
U-1108VIIC/419 May 1945Horten, Norway
U-1109VIIC/4112 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK[DL]
U-1110VIIC/4114 May 1945List, Sylt, Germany[DL]
U-1163VIIC/419 May 1945Kristiansand, Norway[DL]
U-1165VIIC/419 May 1945Narvik, Norway[DL]
U-1171VIIC/419 May 1945Stavanger, Norway
U-1194VIIC9 May 1945Cuxhaven, Germany[DL]
U-1198VIIC8 May 1945Cuxhaven, Germany[DL]
U-1202VIIC9 May 1945Bergen, Norway
U-1203VIIC9 May 1945Trondheim, Norway[DL]
U-1228IXC/4017 May 1945Portsmouth, NH
U-1230IXC/405 May 1945Heligoland, Germany[DL]
U-1231IXC/4013 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK
U-1233IXC/405 May 1945Baring Bay, near Fredericia, Denmark[DL]
U-1271VIIC/419 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-1272VIIC/4110 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-1301VIIC/419 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-1305VIIC/4110 May 1945Loch Eriboll, UK
U-1307VIIC/419 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-1406XVIIB5 May 1945Cuxhaven, Germany
U-1407XVIIB5 May 1945Cuxhaven, Germany
U-2321XXIII9 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway[DL]
U-2322XXIII9 May 1945Stavanger, Norway[DL]
U-2324XXIII9 May 1945Stavanger, Norway[DL]
U-2325XXIII9 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway[DL]
U-2326XXIII14 May 1945Dundee, Scotland
U-2328XXIII9 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-2329XXIII9 May 1945Stavanger, Norway[DL]
U-2334XXIII9 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway[DL]
U-2335XXIII9 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway[DL]
U-2336XXIII15 May 1945Kiel, Germany[DL]
U-2337XXIII9 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway[DL]
U-2341XXIII5 May 1945Cuxhaven, Germany[DL]
U-2345XXIII9 May 1945Stavanger, Norway[DL]
U-2348XXIII9 May 1945Stavanger, Norway
U-2350XXIII9 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway[DL]
U-2351XXIII5 May 1945Flensburg, Germany[DL]
U-2353XXIII9 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway
U-2354XXIII9 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway[DL]
U-2356XXIII5 May 1945Cuxhaven, Germany[DL]
U-2361XXIII9 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway[DL]
U-2363XXIII9 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway[DL]
U-2502XXI9 May 1945Horten, Norway[DL]
U-2506XXI9 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-2511XXI9 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-2513XXI9 May 1945Horten, Norway
U-2518XXI9 May 1945Horten, Norway
U-2529XXI9 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway
U-3008XXI11 May 1945Kiel, Germany
U-3017XXI9 May 1945Horten, Norway
U-3035XXI9 May 1945Stavanger, Norway
U-3041XXI9 May 1945Horten, Norway
U-3514XXI9 May 1945Bergen, Norway[DL]
U-3515XXI9 May 1945Horten, Norway
U-4706XXIII9 May 1945Kristiansand Süd, Norway
UD-5O 21 - 279 May 1945Bergen, Norway

156 surrendered boats (plus U-760), 116 ended up in Operation Deadlight (counting U-760 interned in Spain in 1943 and not shown on this list).

Map showing surrender locations of U-boats

indicates locations where 10 or more U-boats surrendered.