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operation deadlight

6 Type XXI U-boats

What was Operation Deadlight?

A paper on what this operation was, for where it took place and historical information related to this operation.

Where were these boats scuttled?

Here you can see a pretty accurate map of the known scuttle locations based on the information I've managed to collect.

List of U-boat scuttled

Types II - VII - IXC

94 conventional German U-boats were scuttled during Operation Deadlight, they were of types IID, VII, IXC and IXD.

The Elektro boats

The 22 Elektro boats that became victims to this operation. 4 of the larger type XXI.

Related News!

Did you know that the British government has awarded a salvage contract for these boats? So you might see them raised from the water bed in the near future, but then again, you might not.

Article published on 7 Nov 2010
Mr. Derek Waller has written a very comprehensive article about the Operation Deadlight.

U-boat fates