U-boat Operations

U-46 under Kptlt. Endrass returning from patrol. He did not quite make these lists though.

Special operations

Pages on German agents landing on US soil, weather stations in North America etc.


A set of pages on one of the most effective tactical method available to the German U-boats.

Most Successful U-boats

A page on the most successful U-boats and the commanders that put them in that position.

Operational Areas

The Monsun U-boats

U-boats fighting in the Far East, even going as far as Sydney, Australia.

The Mediterranean

Over 60 U-boats were sent to fight in the Mediterranean from 1941 thru 1944.

Convoy Battles

The biggest and most decisive convoy operations of the war. Kriegsmarine's biggest victories but also its worst losses. See all convoys hit by U-boats and also the entire convoy route system.

Most Successful Patrols

The parols which racked up the largest tonnage score in the war.

Operation Paukenschlag

Operation Drumbeat was the U-boat offensive in US and Caribbean waters in 1942.

Minelaying operations

Almost 100 Allied ships were hit by mines laid by German U-boats during the war.

Operation Regenbogen

The code name of the last minute scuttling of over 200 U-boats in May 1945.

Operation Deadlight

Scuttling of unwanted German U-boats by the British in 1945-1946.

Midget submarine operations

Biber, Molch and Seehund operations 1944-1945.