U-boats discovered since their loss

The following map shows all known U-boat wrecks discovered since their loss. The known positions are either dive sites, not suited for diving or have been raised since their discovery.

This map shows positions of discovered U-boat wrecks. The map is clickable and zoom-able (with the mouse-wheel).

Has been raised () A known dive site () A discovered wreck ()
An unknown wreck (1).

U-boats shown on this page
U-19, U-20, U-23, U-33, U-74, U-85, U-155, U-166, U-167 (raised), U-168, U-171, U-176, U-215, U-218, U-251, U-260, U-263, U-281, U-297, U-309, U-322, U-325, U-346, U-352, U-362, U-390, U-480, U-511, U-513, U-534 (raised), U-550, U-581, U-637, U-678, U-679, U-701, U-711, U-741, U-767, U-772, U-778, U-843 (raised), U-853, U-854 (raised), U-861, U-864, U-869, U-966, U-1009, U-1014, U-1018, U-1020, U-1021, U-1063, U-1104, U-1105, U-1195, U-1271, U-1273 (raised), U-1277, U-2344 (raised), U-2359, U-2365 (raised), U-2367 (raised), U-2506, U-2511, U-2513, U-3503 (raised), U-3523

Discovered sites

Sites which are marked known but not marked as dive sites are usually due to their depth (U-864 and U-486 off Bergen, Norway come to mind) or somehow not suited to diving.

Raised U-boats
We are probably missing a few raised U-boats on this map, East Germany raised a few of them from the Baltic after the war, for example. This does not attempt to show the over 200 scuttled and then raised boats from Operation Regenbogen in the Baltic in May 1945.

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