Late war U-218
Posted by: Der Held ()
Date: October 12, 2010 02:41PM


This is a great website with lots of info. However I was unable to find a specific type of information that I really need. And its about the U-218 a Type VII D. I am planning on building a 1/72 scale model of it…Late war version, I already have the Model kit from Revell (Wolf Pack). And now I have 3 Questions for you guys.

1)Did the late war Type Ds have 2x Single 20mm AA guns or 2x Twin 20mm AA guns?

2)Where can I get a 1/72 conversion kit for the Type 3 conning tower (aka Turmumbau 3)

3) Last and the hardest question is: What did the Platform look like that the 37mm was placed upon???. I know that the Platform covered 2 of the 5 mine silos, but what did it look like? And how was it placed on top of the Silos?. Does anybody have any pictures or blueprint of what it looked like?

If any of you could help me that would be great, since I haven’t found anything on google about the late war Type Ds.

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