German binoculars
Posted by: Sgt Art ()
Date: October 21, 2003 07:26PM

I have a set of huge German binoculars that were mounted to a stand of some sort similiar to the type used in the surface raid in "Das Boot". They are pea green in color, measure 18.5 inches long from rear lense to front, the fronts have 5.5" flip up hollow tubes with drain holes in the bottom and port hole doors on the very front. There are several adjustment knobs; one says "augenabstand (viewing distance), another says farbflaswechsler (color glass change-over switch - it goes clear to yellow) then there a screw driver knobs that say trocken patrone. A leave that has nacht and tag (day and night). They have a large rubber forehead rest which can be flipped up or down. The rear lens measures about 1 3/8 " diameter while the fronts measure about 3 1/4 inches. They are pretty heavy and the only other marking I see is "T" which from reading I take to mean treated lenses. It apprears there was a plate attached to the rear which has been removed.

Any idea what these are? Thanks,


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