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Type IX hatch 'rods' and 'bars' question
Posted by: Bob Tomlin ()
Date: December 14, 2016 11:17AM

Hi Gents,
I'm new here so I apologise if this has been covered anywhere before (I searched but couldn't find anything on it).

I'm asking if anyone knows what these items are that I've attached here in a rough sketch please (or knows where I might be able to find a good photo of them)?

The top thing looks like a 'rod' of some sort which appears on the decks of type IX boats. It straddles the flap hatches on some boats (quite a few in photos), especially the set of flaps on the foredeck midway between the tower and bow and also just in front of the magnetic compass housing.
It looks 'T' shaped in cross section with handles on the top and has 'arms' which protrude out on both sides.
I'd love to know what these are exactly and how they work, but for modelling purposes (I'm doing the U-889) I guess I only need to see what they look like.

The bottom thing looks like a 'bar' of sorts that goes across the edge of the domed hatches which are found on the fore and aft decks of some boats (IXC 40 U-889 included - also on the IXD2 U-181 among others).
It looks as though it might pivot at one end and lock into a bracket at the other perhaps?
The sketches are only rough approximations based on what's visible in photos and will need amending if more information comes to light. I didn't want to breach copyright rules with photos, hence the sketch.

Many thanks if anyone could either let me know what these are or point me in a direction to a photo which shows the details better.
Much appreciated, Thanks, Bob.

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Type IX hatch 'rods' and 'bars' question Bob Tomlin 12/14/2016 11:17AM

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