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Date: March 18, 2003 08:00AM

<HTML>According to 'British Vessels lost at Sea 1939-45' trawlers lost at this time were:
THOMAS BARTLETT 28 May by mine off Calais
THURINGIA 28 May by mine, North Sea
CALVI 29 May by aircraft bombs off Dunkirk
POLLY JOHNSON 29 May by aircraft bombs off Dunkirk
ST. ACHILLEUS 31 May by mine off Dunkirk
ARGYLLSHIRE 1 June by e-boat off Dunkirk
STELLA DORADO 1 June by e-boat off Dunkirk

The following drifters are listed as being lost at this time off Dunkirk:
GIRL PAMELA 29 May by collision off Dunkirk
NAUTILUS 29 May at Dunkirk
FAIR BREEZE 1 June struck wreck off Dunkirk
LORD CAVAN 1/2 June by gunfire off Dunkirk


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