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Posted by: Marek Twardowski ()
Date: April 04, 2003 07:42AM


According to "Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships 1922-1946" Bulgarian Navy had 4 obsolete pre-WW1 torpedo boats (DRZKI class, used as patrols), 2 obsolete (WW1) patrol boats of French SC class, four modern German-built S-boats (built 1939) and two former Dutch MTBs, built ca. 1941 and transferred by Germans to Bulgaria in 1942.
There was also a sprinkle of auxilliary and harbour craft.
Certainly no submarines.

Bulgaria had a submarine in 1918 for a short time, when German U18 was transferred in May 1918, but in February 1919 she was surrendered to French, towed to Bizerta and BU there (see CATHWFS 1906-1921).

After WW2 Bulgaria got 3 M-class coastal submarines only in early 1950s (see CATWFS 1947-1995).


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