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Date: April 28, 2003 02:04AM

<HTML>Hi Marek,
Adm Lemonnier in his memoirs indicates that Mogador & Volta were reputed good for 39 kn at sea, but des not say for what kength of time or at what load. On the other hand, the Malin sustained 39 kn for about 2 hrs during a mission in the Skagerrak in early 1940.
The Italian DDs were not designed (strangely, considering the cruisers were) to be speed breakers, their designed trial speeds were in the order of 39 kn at negligible loads, but the Soldati class were reputed to be good for 35 kn at normal war load, Oriani and Strale classes about 33, Maestrale and Navigatori 32 and decreasing with age by class.
Ref. Fraccaroli, Jachino, Lemonnier et al
HTH, Brian</HTML>

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