Navy Record
Posted by: Janet Warburton ()
Date: January 17, 2004 04:14PM

<HTML>Hi All
Can anyone help me with my dad's naval record, unfortunately he died when I was a child and none of the family can understand his record.

The part which we are having trouble with is the record of ships, it says "Name of ship (tender to be inserted in brackets)" my dad's reads

Collingwood - We know that is training
Victory - also training
What appears to read - Janet (Ness)
What appears to read - Philoctelas (Ness)
Cormorant (Ness)
Cormorant (Brilliant)
Pembroke IV (Brilliant)
Victory II (Brilliant)
Forth (Brilliant)

Can anyone tell me anything about what ships my dad was on and what the ship in brackets means?

Thanks in anticipation

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