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Date: January 18, 2004 09:30AM

You do not give any dates, but I presume it is World War 2 and it would help if I knew which branch your father was in, but . . .

'Janet' makes no sense, I can find no trace of any ship or establishment by that name.

Ness was a River class frigate, built in 1942; scrapped 1956.

Brilliant was a 'B' class destroyer, built 1930 scrapped 1947.

'Philoctelas' probably means Philoctetes (nicknamed by the crew 'flock of fleas') she was a merchant ship purchased in 1940 for use as a depot and repair ship for destroyers and frigates, and was based at Freetown, west Africa in 1942. She paid off in 1946

Cormorant was the name of an old sloop (1889) which served as the base ship at Gibraltar.

Pembroke was Chatham naval base, the 'IV' part indicates the accounting section that held the accounts and books for destroyers.

Victory was Portsmouth naval base, the 'II' part was again the section that held accounts and books for ships.

Forth was a depot and repair ship. She was based in the Clyde 1942 - 47 and the Mediterranean 1948 - 60.

To summarise, I would suggest that your father was trained at Collingwood and Victory, then served on the frigate 'Ness' and then the destroyer 'Brilliant'. The accounts and books for ships were held at various shore establishments, dependant on the ships whereabouts - Philoctetes, Cormorant, Pembroke, Victory and Forth.

I hope this helps


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