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Date: February 06, 2004 03:30PM

<HTML>The RN had experimented with Cierva autogyros, and did attempt to interest the US Navy in them, but the liaison team saw the protoype for what became the Hoverfly, and thought that showed more potential. A landing pad was built on SS Daghestan, and one of Sikorsky's early prototypes was operated from it. There's an account in Poolman's book "The Catafighters"Caribbean Privateer wrote:
> Thanks! I still think if a bid was put out for a
> purpose built Autogyro(inclosed cockpit) with a very
> powerfull air cooled engine something positive could've been
> developed after all some depth charges could've been used
> I'am thinking about the small "hedgehog" types that were
> "impact detonated"?
> Also the inventor of the Autogyro was killed in a airplane
> crash in the UK in 1936, its quite possible if he had lived
> to see the 2nd WW the UK could've used his know how to help
> such a possibility along. (I don't think the Brits did ANY
> research into rotary wing aircraft during the war unlike the
> Americans and Germans, in fact the US army did deploy a small
> helicopter to Burma with the so called "Air Commando" unit)
> By the way I'am from Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies
> and during the War one U-boat(615) was sunk by the Royal Navy
> near our coast I've been looking for ages to get some info on
> it and then I came apon this site great help its been, many
> older ppl back there still talk about that sinking in fact I
> was watching a war documentary on A&E some yrs ago about
> U-boats when it was mentioned also newspaper articles by
> locals home had reported about the Sub's sinking since the
> after the war, But what really blew me away was the fact that
> the German crew who survived the sinking was picked up by the
> UK navy ships and held on a POW camp in our Island! this I
> never knew until I'd seen it on A&E, the captured crew was
> then sent to CANADA only after spending a few months or weeks
> on the Island those Germans must've sure freaked out cuz
> Canadian winters are nothing to joke about!
> Also during the War 30,000 US military personnel was
> stationed on our Island, two US bases one Navy and one Army
> mostly Air Corps, the Americans got the land to use because
> of the famous 50 destroyer deal between President Roosevelt
> and Prime Minister Churchill in fact the highway that once
> linked the two bases is still called the Churchill Roosevelt
> HWY which was built by the US Navy's seebees along with the
> bases, locals swear it's still the best constructed road in
> the Island!
> again thanks for the info and links
> Robert.</HTML>

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