Posted by: Marek Twardowski ()
Date: May 12, 2004 10:45PM

Thanks, Brian.
So far it is the best photo of VASILISSA OLGA I have seen.

If it is OLGA.
The camouflage pattern resemble that of HERMES in 1942 very much. See [] (15 November 1942). The ship seems to be more or less in original configuration.
There is a photo of OLGA in a Greek book and she seems to be rebuilt: the mainmast and Y gun are stricken, the X gun is probably replaced by a twin 4" and there is something strange (a superstructure??) in lieu of aft torpedo tubes. A Type 271 RDF is probably mounted atop the forward superstructure. Unfortunately the photo shows just a black silhuette and no camouflage pattern can be seen. No date of photo is given.

I would like to hear or see more about OLGA very much.

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