Fate of UB119
Posted by: Nick T ()
Date: January 15, 2022 10:23AM

There seems to be three theories as to the fate of this Submarine what evidence is there to support each? Particularly when was her last WT message and has a wreck been located given that positions are available for theories 2 and 3?

1 Mined after 25 May on return from Irish Sea Patrol to Flanders
2 Rammed by Green Island on 5th May between Rathlin Island and Irish Coast
3 Depth charged by British Airships and US Destroyers on 19 May

To which I submit a fourth that she was rammed by Green Island but only suffered minor damage primarily loss of W/T and minor damage to fuel tanks, but survived and was considered still by her captain to be operational however leaking oil was later seen by the airships who called in the destroyers.

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