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Posted by: jcrt ()
Date: January 28, 2014 01:38PM

I tried several years ago to resolve the periods of command with this boat, but with no data surfacing, I try again. The details as the period in command dates I am concerned with are [Scholtz 22.10.40 until 14.10.42 - Wolfram 15.10.42 until 16.10.43], also ObltzS Hilsenitz is listed as being in command during October 42 as well. So as the dates stand now meant Hilsenitz would have to be in command at the same time as Scholtz or Wolfram or both. Which to me seems unusual.
With Scholtz having returned U108 back on September 10th 42, to then leave the boat to take a shore posting, but is still named as her C/O until October 14th 42, while Wolfram a newly trained U-Commander, being named as C/O from October 15th 42, he didn't take her out until October 25th. Which gives a window between September 10th to October 25th.
I would have thought Scholtz on his return would have either taken leave or gone straight on to his new duties on his return, while Wolfram would surely have arrived several days to familiarise with his boat & crew before sailing. As for Hilsenitz, he being a W/O previously on U108, had himself just completed his U-Commander training in August/October 42. Therefore would it be reasonable to assume Wolfram had already been appointed C/O for U108, therefore Hilsenitz knowing the boat was given the job of overseeing her overhaul until Wolfram arrived to assume command. Thus giving Hilsenitz a clear period of Acting C/O from September when Scholtz left until Wolfram arrived.
Questions: Why would Scholtz still be named C/O until Oct 14th?, he would need some leave between leaving U108 and taking up his new position?. Was Wolfram, who finished his U-Commander training in Sep 42 take leave before he took up his position on U108?, and finally Hilsenitz from just qualifing, when was he permitted to assuming command of U108?. Hope this make sense John

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U108 jcrt 01/28/2014 01:38PM

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