The Sea Chase.
Posted by: Vin ()
Date: April 01, 2004 03:19AM

Movie: The Sea Chase.
1958/59, John Wayne, Lana Turner.
Anyone remember this movie?
I`ve just watched it.
John Wayne is the captain of the German freighter,
Ergenstrasse. Lana Turner was a spy who had to get
out of Australia,just as WW2 was declared.
The Ergenstrasse slipped out of Sydney during a
very foggy night with the Royal Navy in hot pursuit.
They made it to Sth America after cutting down half
the trees of an island to use as fuel for the ship!
Almost made it back to Germany but the RN caught up
with them. Ergenstrasse was sunk but no sign
of John Wayne & Lana Turner, did they survive????
Regards, Vin.
PS: Where was the Royal Australian Navy,
having a beer or three?:-))

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