Naval Warfare Movies

U-Boote Westwärts!

Director: Günther Rittau
Starring: Ilse Werner, Herbert Wilk, Heinz Engelmann, Jochen Brennecke

Published: 1941
Country: Germany
Length: 96 min.
Keywords: WWII, Feature

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This feature follows a successful U-boat and its crew through shore leave adventures and an exciting mission.


Dönitz plays himself in this propaganda film intended to promote national policies and advertise the successes of the U-boat arm in these early months of World War II. A crucial moment occurs when, after capturing a Dutch vessel carrying contraband and ordering the Dutch crew into lifeboats preparatory to scuttling the merchantman, the U-boat is surprised by a British destroyer. The U-boat's commander is forced to torpedo the Dutch vessel although a party of U-boat men is still on board, illustrating the eternal wartime conflict between personal feelings and duty to country.  With beautiful photography and martial music, this film provides not only an entertaining story, but a portrait of the U-boat arm as the most courageous and honorable branch of the armed services. The title is taken from Hashagen's memoir of U-boat warfare in World War I.

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