Naval Warfare Movies

The Mystery of the Missing U-Boat

To the Ends of the Earth
Published: 1999
Country: UK
Length: 60 min.
Keywords: WWII, Documentary

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"On Labour Day in 1991, professional diver JOHN CHATTERTON was spending his weekend exploring the ocean bottom for fun. But things turned deadly serious when he discovered a sunken German U-boat from World War II lying undetected only 60 miles off the New Jersey Shore, its lethal torpedoes and the bodies of its crew still aboard!

This programme follows Chatterton and his diving partner, RICHARD KOHLER, in their quest to learn the identity of the mysterious U-boat found so close to the American shore and the story of how it came to be there."

This documentary is about U-869. About one third of the program consists of archival footage. The remainder of the program includes film of the wreck taken by divers, and interviews with Erich Topp and others connected with the U-boat war or with this particular boat.


This was shown in the US as Hitler's Lost Sub. A web site is available at